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KON4M 99
July 1999

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Kirby The Konspiracy Boy, RIP

Oh No! They've Killed Kirby!!

Konspiracy Theories

Thanks to readers of The Konformist, numerous Kirby Konspiracy theories have begun circulating. Here are the best, with the pros and con of each theory.


Theory Number One

Dear Robalini,

Kirby was killed on July 4, 1999 near Area 51 as part of a ritual sacrifice to the Elder Gods. He was then whisked away on a Pleasure Saucer attended by 500 Sex Goddesses and rematerialized in Sherman, NY to be re-killed by "Bob" on July 5, 1998 at 7 am for the Church of the SubGenius Double Cross (XX Day).

That's all I'm allowed to say at this time.

peace and slack,

Edwin Johnston, the bobbysattva (


It certainly is plausible: according to researcher Preston Nichols, the technology for such a feat does exist.


The Church of the SubGenius has long been a friend of Kirby, and many believe Kirby is the second coming of Bob. Why kill their new Messiah?


Theory Number Two


Immediately after reading that Kirby was dead, I raised my Kirby cup - filled with green tea - and toasted one of the more meaningful icons in my life.

What killed him? Too much "attention" from some very attractive,voluptuous blondes with a big "appetite." They literally sucked the life out of the young and eager Kirby. What else could it be?

Kathy Kasten (


We're for any theory that allows us to repost pictures of former Konformist Konspiracy Girls Savannah Lee and Rachel Warren. The intelligence field has long used pretty women as a bait for operations. And it sure is a great way to go.


Aw, look at the two of them. They wouldn't hurt any man, would they?


Theory Number Three

It was that CIA poisoned mug he was on so long....

SMiles (


And, from an unnamed source:

Kirby was the co-pilot and navigator for Barry Seal when he was running drugs and money for the CIA. When Barry was killed Kirby took over and continued the operation. Everything moved to Area 51 after Mena shut down. Kirby was killed while on a training mission with the extra-terrestrials brought in by the Feds. This is somewhat surprising since Kirby was meticulous when it came to flying. The fact is, Kirby knew too much and he became a liability to the government. Just like Barry, he was sacrificed. Sounds silly? You be the judge.


Kirby has long been one of the harshest critics of The CIA and George Bush. Enough was enough.


The CIA denies any role in the death of Kirby.


Theory Number Four

You Bastards!

YOU had Kirby killed just so you could estimate the size of your market for your alien sponsors at the NSA. How could you be so cold and evil?


Nobody benefits more from Kirby's death than The Konformist. Follow the money.


Even The Konformist isn't that cynical, is it?


Theory Number Five

From Stick153

Axl Rose did it.


Certainly psychotic enough to do it, and may explain his mysterious disappearance as rock's most infamous recluse, as well as the recent cover story on him in Spin Magazine.


Face it, Axl's a wuss. Kirby would laugh at him.


Theory Number Six


It's easy as ABC

From: Sean Ryan

Michael Jackson the singer died many years ago. However, because he was such a money-maker his demise was covered-up and a replacement found. To avoid the difficulty of locating an exact Jackson duplicate, a stand-in was discovered who would hide his face while in public, undergo frequent plastic surgery and gradually change his skin color from black to white. Kirby knew all this. He had just completed a series of interviews with a certain chimp once close to Jackson but now able to betray the impostor. The chimp had been trained, at Jackson's expense, by a research team to communicate in English.


Explains the bizarre self-destruction of the perverted "King of Pop" better than any other story presented. Also, Kirby is definitely MJ's type.


Kirby was no dummy. He wouldn't go anywhere near Michael at his age.


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Oh No! They've Killed Kirby!!

New Konformist Ikons

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