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KON4M 99
July 1999

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Sob, Poor Kirby

Frank Schnabel

As one of the few purveyors of truth on the Internet, Kirby has, over the years, been targeted by a number of groups. Most of these groups are not powerful enough to get near Kirby, but you can rest assured that many of them will try to claim credit. Keep in mind, however, that none of the groups who claim responsibility are the actual perpetrators. The villains who had Kirby put to death would rather not draw attention to themselves because this would automatically lend support to Kirby's claims. This leads to the question: who did it?

Over the years, Kirby has been instrumental in exposing a wide variety of corporate, military, and government misdeeds. This has made him very unpopular. The location, near Area 51, implies that this was a military operation. We cannot, however, rule out their pawns in the government. On the contrary, the most plausible scenario is as follows:

Denver has been very prominent in many military activities (mind control experiments, killings, and that really disturbing airport) and Kirby has been instrumental in bringing these activities to the public's attention. The military, in order to silence Kirby, ordered their puppets in the government (or, more probably, one of their subsidiaries - FBI, CIA, etc.) to do their dirty work. The government, in their ongoing power struggle with the military, decided to deflect attention back to the military - ergo, the body was dumped in a motel room near Area 51. The FBI, being the organization best able to suppress the actual facts of the event, are most likely to have pulled the trigger (figuratively and, possibly, literally).

These are the indisputable facts.

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