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August 1998

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Matt Drudge Is A Homo:

A Second Source!!!

I've been scratching my head for quite a while, wondering when someone else was going to pick up this story. I've heard this from friends who are in the homosexual community, and they don't make this stuff up (when someone is gay, it is known throughout the gay community.) The sources I have, incidentally, didn't have it out to get Drudge, and thus the info wasn't politically motivated.

Of course, beyond just my good sources on the subject, there's another fact: JUST LOOK AT THE GUY!!!! Jesus, I haven't seen anyone this obvious since Paul Lynde was on "The Hollywood Squares".




Inside Matt Drudge's Closet

Matt Drudge is back in the news big time with his titillating tale of Monica masturbating with Bill's cigar while the commander in chief jerked off. And Yasir Arafat was left waiting. Politically, it's a good thing for Clinton that it wasn't Benjamin Netanyahu who was cooling his heels. The Drudge Report describes the cigar scene as shocking telling his readers: "Warning: Contains Graphic Description." Drudge adds that these details "threaten to completely disgust the American electorate." Hmm, not the Masher.

Drudge loves the exposé, dragging people's private lives into the open. But the contradiction here is that Drudge has his own closeted life. Media Mash sources in New York and Washington confirm that Drudge is gay and very much uptight about it. Usually the Masher doesn't believe in gratuitous outings -- and being a gay gossip columnist is certainly not news, nor a personal indictment -- but here the hypocrisy is too juicy to ignore. One source said that Drudge was trying to spread the word that he was having an affair with right-wing pundit Laura Ingraham.

And Matt leaves a paper trail along the way, as he apparently is fond of writing love letters to his beaus. But behind the scenes, word is that the compulsive Drudge just can't relax when he gets down. He may have loose lips in the gossip arena; but when it comes to smooching, he is very closed mouth.

Matt Drudge Is A Homo!!

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