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April 2000

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How to Fuck (with) Freemasons Part II

Jaye C. Beldo

Since the posting of my article How to Fuck (with) Freemasons on The Konformist, I've been subject to psychic attack of the most ghastly variety. For those of you unfamiliar with psychic attack, it is when malevolent forces from another dimension come in and try to cut your grounding, disorient you and generally bring you down as far as possible by downloading negative thoughts and feelings into your mind. This usually occurs through the back of the lower chakras or energy centers located in the body. ( See the illustration of this phenomena in David Icke's book, The Biggest Secret on pg. 198 which depicts these reptilian entities attaching to human beings and manipulating them as they please, esp. politicians) Psychic attacks are much more difficult to deal with than malevolent forces of the two legged, two armed, physical variety as it is harder to pinpoint the source(s) of the attack unless one is quite clear minded, balanced and adept at meditation or some other mature and responsible form of spiritual practice.

One night shortly after the Guerrilla Tarot article appeared and as I tried to fall asleep, several capstones like the one found in the Great Seal on the back of the dollar bill which I described in Part I of this article, hovered above me like flying saucers of some kind, trying to put me under a spell. Back and forth these capstones floated, sliding through a kind of sleazy purple ether, as if monitoring me like some kind of reconnaissance crafts from god knows where. I must admit it was creepier than reading H.P. Lovecraft that's for sure and I did not like it at all.

I tried to shoo these capstone UFOs away, but to no avail. They kept insisting on drifting above, boring into me with unblinking eyes. I avoided falling into a daze by imagining the very Tarot cards that I chose for the first part of this article: PAGE OF WANDS JUDGMENT and THE LOVERS, picturing them like holograms floating above me. The negative forces did not find this at all amusing and turned up the malefic Dial, trying to send the snake out of the LOVERS card to instantly strangle me before I could become fully proactive. Obviously the negatives were threatened by my creative instead of fearful response to their presence. I quickly abandoned this tactic, dissolved the Tarot images, tossed around a bit in bed, and continued to watch the capstones hover back and forth over me. Finally, I recalled what my intuitive development teacher, Susan Douglas, a very grounded, completely unflakey woman told me 'Astral goons hate humor...they want you to be deadly serious with yourself.' (this is why I'm always stressing conspiracy writers to lighten up a bit when they get too involved in their subject matter. Are you listening William Cooper?)

Following Ms. Douglas's advice, I envisioned the capstones appearing as guests on the Jerry Springer show. The trailer trash audience booed the capstones as they hovered above their seats on stage , hissing at them unrelentingly and shaking their fists. The bouncers were ready for any altercations and stood cross armed at the edge of the stage. Jerry paced back and forth as the capstones sweated under the camera lights.

"We have Alan Greenspan, Fed Chair back stage in a sound proof booth. You guys got any dirt on him?"

"Well I heard that he's a member of the Council of Foreign Relations amongst other things..." A capstone said. " that enough dirt?" Funny how something without a mouth could talk I thought, relaxing into this amusingly base scenario. How did he do it? Where was the ventriloquist?

" good...we need something below the belt...that's the kind of dirt we're looking for on this show! How about you?" Jerry pointed at another capstone.

"I hear he's a Moloch worshiper." The capstone confessed.

"Now...that's more of what we're looking for. Now for the details! Godspeed!" Jerry said and the audience made the Devil's sign with upraised arms as if at a Black Sabbath concert, cheering loudly in unison.

"Yes...we want the details before Al jacks those interest rates up and the IRS makes an IPO on the Dow!!" The audience instantly frothed at the suggestion.

The Camera cut to Greenspan in the soundproof booth looking blankly innocent. He stroked his briefcase unaware of the proceedings out on stage.

"I hear that he went Trilateral awhile back." Said another capstone trying to outdo the others, summoning up enough courage to betray the secrets of his very own Father/Boss.

Suddenly this sow in a cheesy pink halter top popped from her seat, climbed up on stage, opened the soundproof booth and escorted Alan out on stage. She was Roller Derby all the way. The capstones started spinning rapidly. The sow attempted to kiss Greenspan. He tried pushing her away but was quickly enveloped in her stinking cellulite. A fight ensued as the woman greatly outweighed the bouncer who tried to push her off stage. A mayhem that Geraldo Rivera would envy ensued.

Then all went black in my imagination.

I noticed that the capstones had vanished. They no longer floated above my bed. No longer was I under psychic attack. The humorous approach had worked. Instead of resisting, I managed to transform the negative presence. I slept deeply and peacefully afterwards.

I share this story with you because I'm sure there are some psychically sensitive readers who may feel uneasy in dealing with the Freemasons or any other occult/conspiratorial organization as I suggest in Part I of this article. Yet it seems that it is our responsibility to creatively deal with these negative forces instead of trying to hide from them or merely regard them with paranoid fascination as many conspiracy fans do. Doing so only prolongs their resistance to positive change.

The psychic attacks began to diminish after the above described experience. It is well known that when doing any kind of spiritual work, the more you perform something positive the more it builds up and sustains your energy field, affording you further and further protection. I began to work with other banishing techniques found in such books as 'Psychic Self Defense and Well Being' by Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips as well as 'More Simplified Magic' by Ted Andrews and 'Shouting at the Wolf' by Anderson Reed. So far I have gotten very excellent results and recommend these books. With consistent practice one can ward off the intensely negative forces behind the Freemasons and other organizations. (An interesting side note: Dion Fortune wrote a book on Psychic Self Defense during World War II and she and many others attempted to put up a wall of energy to prevent Hitler from attacking Great Britain. Who knows...things could have been worse with out the psychics's help.)

I promised that I would describe the Guerrilla Kaballah psychnique in Part II but I want to hold off on that until Part III. More developments in Guerrilla Tarot have come up which I feel compelled to share.


Using the Tarot characters as imaginary Guerrillas can assist us in gaining an essentially intuitive understanding of how we are being manipulated by the powers that be. When I say intuitive I mean that part of our mind (and hearts) which bypasses mere reason and analysis. You could say that everytime you have a hunch about something that is later on confirmed , you're using your intuition. Accessing this kind of inner wisdom is strictly verboten by the negative forces at large. This is obvious especially when assessing the quality of the education our children receive where intuitive talents are systematically squelched at an early age. "There are no monsters!!! It's just your imagination." is a good example of how parents and teachers devalue, discourage intuitive abilities in children. Through Guerrilla Tarot and other imaginal strategies, one can essentially reclaim these talents for oneself that otherwise would be lost forever.

If you have a Tarot deck please draw the cards selected below and have fun in participating in Guerrilla Tarot. Pay attention to any changes in energy that you may feel.

I decided to go even further back, far beyond the Great Seal in the Dollar bill to the speculated original sources of Freemasonry in Egypt. I selected the Tarot cards by holding the Rider Waite deck on my heart chakra (to make sure I wasn't coming from a place of ego, manipulation and control).

I chose the following cards to accompany me on the journey:

V OF Swords



Apparently a statue of Khufu was discovered in the Temple of Abydos by the 19th C. archeologist W.M. Flinders Petrie. What stands out about Khufu, is that many claim he is responsible for the building of the Great Pyramids, (I found this info. in Graham Hancock's 'Fingerprints of the Gods') What is most noteworthy however, is that Khufu, a Fourth Dynasty Pharaoh wears a cap identical to the ones worn by the high ranking Freemasons of today. Could he have been merely a fashion inspiration to the Masons? Or was there more to it than that? I sensed that perhaps, with my Tarot Guerrillas, I could get some dirt from Khufu on the origin of the Freemasons and their alleged agenda of total global control so many currently fear will occur.

For this session I placed the Tarot cards on my computer beneath the monitor and in front of the keyboard. Centering myself, I went into a trance state, first making a request for protection during this journey and then softening my focus on the images on the cards. In the SIX OF CUPS card a boy hands a girl a cup containing a flower. The flower suddenly brightened up and I imagined it in the center of my heart chakra, the very place of love and compassion. The KING OF SWORDS got off his throne and beckoned me to follow him. We then transported back to the Temple of Abydos, home of the Khufu statue. The King's sword glowed and illuminated the path in front of us in the evening light as we entered the temple. Once inside we walked down a hallway until we were before Khufu who sat on his throne. His cap was colored green, like the green in a U.S. Dollar bill. As we entered into this imaginal field in Abydos, 300 miles to the south of the Great Pyramid, I checked in with my physical body, especially the endocrine system which is a most sensitive and sophisticated barometer in many respects. I felt my thymus glands (responsible for governing the immune system) warming up, a good indication that I was coming there not to manipulate/appropriate, but rather to sincerely inquire. However, Khufu was obviously angry at our presence. Apparently he enjoyed his privacy. I remembered the flower in my heart and made sure to show it to him by allowing it to glow forth uninhibited. A vortex of negative energy swirled about in this temple (feeling much like the capstones that hovered above me as described above). The KING OF SWORDS tried to cut the energy up but it merely dodged him, reforming into kind of a perverse canopy over Khufu. The three characters found in the FIVE OF SWORDS card appeared behind us and joined hands. I sensed great tension. We were not welcome at all. My solar plexus ached.

I ask Khufu to follow us and without a word, he reluctantly got up from his throne, escorted by the FIVE OF SWORDS men. We were then transported somehow to the Egyptian Obelisk in Central Park in New York City, which Freemasons erected in 1880 on October 9th of that year. Out of his element, Khufu began to panic. Perhaps he was agoraphobic or something. I noticed that his cap had turned a darker shade of green.

"Tell us what is stored under this Obelisk." I suggested to Khufu. He kneeled in front of the Obelisk and started digging like a dog pursuing a thirteen striped prairie gopher. He pulled out a peculiar looking box and opened it. The KING OF SWORDS was amused at seeing Khufu digging with his hands and stuck his sword into the ground near the Obelisk. Somehow this gesture stabilized the energy around the Obelisk. Soon Pharaoh Khufu opened the box containing the 'Secrets of the Masons'. Pandoric entities swarmed out of the chest and filled Central Park like St. John's revelatory locust. Was this sleight of hand or one of the secrets? I took a breath and could feel my thymus glands smarting, yet my breathing was not as restricted as during previous Guerrilla Tarot sessions. I saw vampiric entities fill the air of Central Park and head off to various destinations like MTV and the offices of Marilyn Manson's agent as well as the studios of the Dr. Laura show. The children in the SIX OF CUPS card appeared, went over to the box and pulled out the 'secret symbols' and placed them in the noon's sunlight. Khufu began vomiting. Dark green. The vomit started to fill every Masonic lodge in the United States, somehow pouring out of the gold rings that high Ranking Mason's wear, pouring out of the Pyramids inscribed on the face of the rings. Khufu's vomit filled the White House, dripping out of the windows of the Oval office. A whirlpool at exactly 33 degrees latitude and 33 degrees longitude formed in the Atlantic ocean and in the widening abyss the lost continent of Atlantis appeared for all to inspect. The young girl in the SIX OF WANDS card handed Khufu a little emblem that came out of the box which read, "Preordained Disasters" engraved in a piece of solid bronze.

At this point I felt profound distortions in my physical, etheric and astral bodies. A very manipulative and dark energy pervaded yet one I was familiar with. I focused on the flower I put in my heart in the beginning (shaped like a pentagram) and started to relax as the flower's light brightened and cut through the dark energy. I thought of taking Khufu to the Jerry Springer show once his vomiting subsided, but he turned into a swarm of flies and then reconstituted back into the tiny statue that Petrie found. The young girl of the SIX OF CUPS card picked it up and carrried it with her as we left Central Park.

We then returned the effigy to Khufu's home in the Temple of Abydos and not the British Museum, god forbid. I drew one more card from the Tarot deck to seal off the Guerrilla session: FOUR OF WANDS. We all walked through the archway depicted in that card knowing that any negative energy associated with Khufu could not follow us as it would be absorbed by the wreath of flowers suspened by the Wands.

As always with Guerilla Tarot I asked that the Tarot characters return to their respective positions in their home cards, took a few deep breaths and came out of the trance state. Instead of reaching for a Tarot interpretation book which would explain/define the cards chosen for this journey, I felt content with the feeling of peace that overcame me. No longer was I anxious about the alleged, 'secrets of the masons'. The Tarot characters me enough material to work with which would only further strengthen my energy field as well as my ability to ward off psychic attack.

Feel free to enter the imaginal field created by the Tarot characters and described above. Or select your own cards and proceed forth. Ask Khufu some pertinent questions if you'd like or take him to Disney World and see what happens. Most importantly record the results of your Guerrilla mission and look for clues that hint at your own intutive/ spiritual development and how you can benefit from it in your daily life, whether at home or at the office dealing with your boss.


Jaye C. Beldo is a writer, intuitive counselor, and spiritual anarchist. He can be reached at:

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