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KON4M 99
December 1999

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How to Fuck (with) Freemasons

Jaye C. Beldo

'Where there is fear, we lose the way of spirit.'


Mere mention of the Freemasons in a casual conversation usually evokes a range of predictable responses: fear, dread, puzzlement, confusion as well as overt skepticism and sarcasm concerning their existence as a secret force to seriously reckon with. The bane of many a conspiracy theorist, Freemasons enjoy the privilege of hiding behind a pervasive aura of mystery and misunderstanding, using the overtly repelling quality of their otherworldly magnetism to the fullest advantage. How else could they conduct their ongoing extortion of humanity, unchecked and unharassed? One only need grasp the occult significance of such events as the recent crash of Flight 990 as well as the Kennedy and Princess Diana assassinations (see James Shelby Downard's impressive display of occult semiotics: "Sorcery, Sex, Assassination and the Science of Symbolism" in the book Secret and Suppressed published by Feral House.)

As the Freemasons work in their ultimately meshed, networked way to achieve nothing short of total world dominance, orchestrating a bombing in Israel or Palestine, a 'lone nutter' shooting in Hawaii or Seattle, yet another geopolitical earthquake in Turkey, most of us feel earnestly helpless in addressing their sinister agenda in any effective, positive and long lasting way. We can armchair speculate until we bleed to death between the pillars of Joachim and Boaz before any positive changes ever will occur. We can dig around in Hiram Abiff's trephinated skull for answers long ago hidden away under the Dome of the Rock. But to no liberatory avail. We can even attempt to expose the contingency plan of the Mason Mafioso's global protection racket, possibly at great risk to our well being if we dare do so. But why bother at something so ridiculous and futile? We have enough Don Quixotes fencing with Pentagons as it is. After all, Freemasons are merely a bunch of social clubbers that hide behind their forbidding name to drink Rothschild Lafite and Adolph Coors Beer depending upon the occassion and nothing else. Am I right?

As an intuitive, practitioner of Kriya Yoga and a admirer of Meher Baba, one of the most genuine avatars who ever graced the earth plane, I'd like to offer some heart centered, non-fear based ways on how to positively counter, perhaps even transform the energies the potential Freemasons and affiliated cabals try to hypnotically control us with. I emphasize creativity, primacy of the imagination, warmth and humor as the ingredients required to effectively ward off negatively occult energies whether real/imagined or both. As always, I overtly discourage violence, hatred and paranoia, the quite outdated and outmoded encrustations of the primitive anal-territorial neuro circuit, a circuit which should be transcended as quickly as possible before our jettison into the 21st century.

What follows are some effective psychniques which can be employed in our quest to fuck the Freemasons. Not fuck them over as they do us, but actually fuck them with our fervid imaginations, in a loving, tender, orgasmic, even orgonomically viable way in attempt to reestablish the reality of Eros/Relatedness/Compassion in our world. (By the way 33 is not an indication of ultimate advancement on the Freemasonic ladder, but rather the overall mean temperature (Farenheit) of Freemasonic genital areas as recently documented by the Bureau of Weights and Measures-Columbus division.) Now, more than ever, is the time to warm things up.

One of the most effective means to fuck the Freemasons with is via a psychnique I've devised called Guerilla Tarot. In short, Guerrilla Tarot describes how to use the Tarot deck in a proactive, benignly subversive way to address the powers that be rather than as a mere means of divination as it is usually employed. Guerilla Tarot beckons us to animate the archetypes found in the deck, such as the Priestess or Magician cards and send them off into various matrixes which attempt to retard our growth, whether it be the local bank lobby or Inverness Tower in Scotland. Please check out the article posted on the Great Speckled Bird web site:

Prior to reading the following, I suggest grabbing a dollar bill, a Rider Waite Tarot deck if you have one, and co-participating in the following Guerilla Tarot excursion into the realm of the mysterious Great Seal.

Guerilla Tarot and the Great Seal

Anyone who has studied conspiracy related material is probably familiar with the image of the pyramid with a capstone above it in which a single eye is housed, found on the back of the US dollar bill . Many conspiracy theorists believe this symbol otherwise known as the Great Seal, has direct ties with Freemasonic/Illuminati elements bent on controlling the world. Indeed, this is one of the most frequently distributed, most recognizable of images, found not only on the back of a US buck but in the logo of everything from the Art Bell radio program to the ensignia of America On Line. William Cooper and others often describe the Eye-in -the -Pyramid schematics in terms of a potential socialist-totalitarian government that may await us (Novus Ordo Seclorum = New World Order). Whether or not this happens largely depends upon if we choose to succumb to the spell of the eye (Malochia in spiritual parlance) itself.

I decided to take an imaginal voyage via Guerilla Tarot to investigate the eye in the capstone, primarily to diminish the effect of its hex , but also to gain an intuitive understanding of its unique spellcasting abilities. Making sure I was in a quiet and safe place to proceed with the inquiry, I took a dollar bill out of my wallet and held it in my hands. I took a few breaths to center myself, looked at old George Washington for a bit then turned over the bill to focus on the infamous Great Seal on the back.

The first thing that caught my eye was : In God We Trust and then ONE (One World that what we are to trust in? This seemed to be the subliminal intent within the layout design of the dollar bill itself.) On the left side of the bill was the capstone with the eye inside, the very symbol I chose to investigate. I then focused my attention upon the Great Seal and sensed how my body reacted to the image mostly via clairsentience (psychic feeling) . I felt my breathing restrict somewhat and my heart chakra close down.

I drew the following cards from the Tarot deck for the animated excursion:




I took a few more deep breaths and relaxed, making sure to focus on my heart chakra, encouraging it to open up a little bit. I meditated on the pyramid image. I paid more attention to my body as I considered the energy I was dealing with and felt a slight restriction in my throat, chest and the top of my head (around the fontanel) too. For some reason I felt that my electromagnetic energy field and the fluctuations thereof were being monitored by the NSA or some other intruding institution with sophisticated surveillance technology (or perhaps it was the archetypal NSA of my own unconscious psychological complexes I was experiencing). Instead of resisting this, I welcomed them, whoever they were, to participate in Guerilla Tarot. I flashed that the entities which composed the NSA, both within and without me, wanted to be loved, cared for and paid attention to just as much as I or any other vulnerable person did. This made much sense to me, i.e., emotional vulnerability as a National Security issue.

Relaxing, I then took the selected Tarot cards and placed them directly below the dollar bill on a table in front of me and imagined breathing my prana or life force into the symbols. The angel in the JUDGMENT card animated and began blowing her trumpet which caused the naked people beneath her to climb out of their graves as if they were being summoned by a higher power. The angel turned upwards and then blew the trumpet directly at the pyramid in the dollar bill.

I sensed the pyramid did not like this invasion. It was as if the angel was one of the trumpeters bringing down the walls of Jericho on the seventh day. I felt great tension, particularly in my hands and skeletal structure, as if the pyramid and the eye within were trying to prevent me from accessing these positive vibrations evoked by the sounding trumpet. Could this kind of restriction occur every time we come in contact with the Great Seal on the dollar bill without our being conscious of it?

For relief, I then focused on the LOVERS card. The winged figure above the LOVERS reached up into the dollar bill and took the pyramid with both hands and brought it into the LOVERS card and then set it down between what appeared to be Adam and Eve. The capstone started rotating quickly until it blurred and I could not recognize it. I sensed that the pyramid did not like being taken out of the Great Seal and put into something so primordial as the Garden of Good and Evil, alongside Adam and Eve. In response to the spinning capstone,the Eagle on the right side of the dollar bill took off and started flying over the pyramid in the LOVERS card. It dropped its cache of olive branch and arrows onto the pyramid. The serpent in the LOVERS card sprung out and bit the Eagle, pulled it down and wrapped it up with its body around the tree. Adam and Eve began laughing at this.

I asked the PAGE OF WANDS if he would like to guide me into the card. He agreed and it felt as if he opened an invisible door that I could walk through and into the Tarot landscape. He invited me to approach the pyramid between the LOVERS. I imagined doing so, checking my body for tension. It was like a war going on both within and without me. In spite of this, something I couldn't quite understand was trying to create some kind of harmony or tune me to some harmonic frequency.

When I connected with this implicate harmony, I felt like I was no longer subject to the spellcasting of the one eyed monolith in the Great Seal. I looked directly into the eye and saw a teardrop forming. The tear welled up and cascaded down all thirteen steps of the pyramid and formed a pool between the LOVERS, the PAGE OF WANDS and myself.

The angel in the JUDGMENT card stopped blowing the trumpet and the naked figures climbed out of their graves and walked into the landscape of the LOVERS card. We all formed a circle around the pyramid and joined hands.

"Where is your other eye?" said the PAGE OF WANDS to the Pyramid. "Do you have another eye? Surely you would like one, for everything thing you see must be flat. Like when a person covers up one eye with their hand."

"Would you like a mouth?" a boy from the JUDGMENT card asked the eye in the capstone. "Surely you would like to speak."

The pyramid was still uneasy with our presence. I breathed into my solar plexus region and relaxed as best I could under the circumstances of this benign interrogation.

The Snake unwound itself and let the Eagle go free. The nation's symbol soared above us all and circled up into the sun of the LOVERS card where it disappeared. The pyramid still could not speak. The PAGE OF WANDS began climbing up the steps of the pyramid and asked the rest of us to follow. Underneath the capstone, we discovered that the pyramid was hollow and filled with water. Without hesitation, we all dove in and swam around. Once inside this unusual Jacuzzi pyramid in the dollar bill, we swam about freely, happily, without expectation. The capstone floated up higher and higher, moving aside to allow the sun of the LOVERS card to shine on us. We felt refreshed and fully present. No longer were we under the control of the Great Seal as usual. The tension in my shoulders and forehead were still there as I animated the Tarot deck, but I felt this other reality starting to emerge: one based on love and not fear.

The PAGE OF WANDS pried out the corner stone of the pyramid with his wand and the water within gushed out and irrigated the land of the LOVERS card. We all flowed out of the crumbling pyramid as the rest of the stones washed away, as if we were in some kind of water ride at an amusement park.

After this alchemical solutio, the capstone returned and landed between the LOVERS. Adam and Eve started kissing the eye's eyelid. The eye didn't seem to mind at all. Eve then took the apex of the capstone into her as far as she could and came instantly, moaning in harmony with the Angel's trumpet which began sounding again. Adam started kissing the base of the capstone as his mate straddled the capstone, occassionally savoring her pudenda. So much for an exile from the Garden. The Snake and the Eagle watched all of this with great amusement. I actually felt myself getting a bit aroused by this rather bizarre but somehow believable liason. The LOVERS invited me to participate, but being a Venus in Virgo, I had my hesitations. Instead, I paid attention to my own resistances to the Great Seal orgy. Why was I reluctant to participate in eroticizing the Great Seal, even in the privacy of my own imagination? How was the Great Seal symbol manipulating me to keep my sexual energy on a low, unspiritual, market based, thoroughly commodified level? "No wonder pornography is a trillion dollar business." I thought, paying attention to the inhibitions this imaginal journey made me aware of in myself. I thanked the LOVERS for the invite but declined to enter into the triage, as tempting as it was. They didn't a mind a bit and resumed servicing the capstone until these rays of pink light began emanating from the eye's love juice covered pupil. The light pervaded the scene and I felt myself relaxing into a kind of vicarious, post coital bliss.

I felt it was time to leave, especially on a positive note and asked the PAGE OF WANDS to lead us out of the Great Seal matrix. But prior to departure this I made sure to imagine reassembling the pyramid and replacing the capstone as well. I then said good bye to the Pyramid and the eye, which was obviously satisfied. The eagle returned to its usual place in the dollar as well. The JUDGMENT angel summoned all the people back to their respective graves in her card.

I graciously thanked each of the Tarot archetypes for deepening my understanding of the Pyramid on the back of the dollar bill and the covert implications of the Great Seal. Coming out of my altered state, I put the Tarot cards back in the deck and picked the dollar bill off the table. Indeed I was holding onto something truly counterfeit but something, ironically, that somehow aspired to the truth, whatever that may have been! It was really up to me to see that it would align itself with some higher purpose beyond the realms of manipulation, deceit and perpetual debt. Perhaps the Great Seal would eventually coincide with the very harmony I felt present during the session, whether from the fucking or trumpeting or a combination of both.

I suggest trying such imaginal, heart centered psychniques as Guerilla Tarot using other Secret Society images such as found in the Skull and Bones logo, the Arc de Tiomphe in Paris, the Cross and Sun of the CIA badge, the NATO logo,blueprints of Solomon's Temple, as well as well as the United Nations logo and its proud boast of 33 degrees of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. Medicine Cards, Mother Peace and Voyager Tarot cards are also very effective means to creativly investigate the manipulative matrixes we must live in that are generated and maintained by these symbols.

For other symbols to investigate check out:


Stay tuned for Guerilla Kaballah in the next installment.


Jaye C. Beldo is a writer, spiritual anarchist and intuitive counselor. He has been published in Dream Network, FATE, Green Egg, Konformist, Magical Blend, and Viewzone. He can be reached at:

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