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KON4M 99
November 1999

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Flight 990 EgyptAir Crash


Robalini's Note:

Frankly, we at The Konformist were planning on sitting this one out.

The crash of EgyptAir Flight 990 is a tragedy, no question about it. To date, there is still no strong conclusion on The Konformist editorial board as to what happened and why. And frankly, any unneccesary speculation proclaimed as the definite cause is a little reckless, in our view.

Naturally, that hasn't stopped the korporate media from doing so.

The headlines have been blaring for weeks that the supposed cause was a crazed suicidal Arab pilot, Gameel Batouti. The proof? Batouti was repeatedly making a prayer to Allah as the plane was going down.

Personally, I would be yelling "Shit!" or "Fuck!" repeatedly if I was in his shoes. Then again, I'm not a devout Muslim.

So far, there is no evidence to back this theory. It is mere speculation of the worst order. That the pilot is not alive to defend himself and his family is grieving hasn't stopped the media to stumble over itself to declare him guilty as charged after being spoonfed the theory by "official sources."

(Matt Drudge, not to be outdone by other korporate mouthpieces in journalistic recklessness, had a headline declaring "PILOT OF DOOMED FLIGHT 990 SUSPECTED OF SUICIDE!" proving he still has no shame in making unfounded, damaging accusations against others. Drudge, incidentally, is reputedly a closet homosexual - not that there's anything wrong with that.)

You'd think that Richard Jewell would have taught the mainstream press a lesson. That, of course, assumes that people in the press have any appropriate level of ethics or intelligence.

The Egyptian government is (rightfully) pissed as hell. Circulating in the Egyptian press is alternative theories as to what caused Flight 990 to crash, most focusing on the U.S. government being the guilty party. James Rubin, spokesman for the State Department (who previously had been silent about the smears of Batouti) suddenly announced, "We are concerned and troubled by speculative conclusions coming out of those in the United States involved in this general investigation. We're appealing for calm, and calm can only come if there is a minimum of speculation about conclusions in this country, and a minimum of wild, exaggerated, unfounded conspiracy theories in other media in the Middle East."

So lets see: to charge that the U.S. is complicit in the downing of a plane (something that has been done before) is wild, exaggerated, unfounded conspiracy theory, while blaming it all on a supposed crazy Arab (and there is no evidence to back up he was suicidal or psychologically disturbed) is speculation about conclusions.

Frankly, we at The Konformist have had enough. Whatever is wrong with some of the speculation that follows, none of it compares with the reckless that the mainstream press has shown. Also included are links to other sites and articles, so you can see what the establishment press has been selling on this case. Keep checking in, as this will be updated.

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