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KON4M 99
May 1999

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The Biggest Secret

David Icke

Book review

by Jaye C. Beldo (

In the book Reimagination of the World : A Critique of the New Age, Science, and Popular Culture, David Spangler makes a cogent observation about paranoia: "The classic paranoid letter, manuscript, book will always try to explain everything. Nothing must be left unconnected or open. There must be no loose areas, no suppleness, no ambiguity; everything must be totally explained in a totalizing and totalitarian theory."

Such seems to be the case in David Icke's recent foray into the realm of global conspiracy, The Biggest Secret (published by Bridge of Love). Each page of the book is crammed to the rim with conclusive facts: names, dates, genealogies of royalty, and the geopolitical nexuses where the 'Babylonian Brotherhood' , an unsavory clique of reptoidal manipulators hiding in the fourth dimension are busy working to coerce humanity to obey the dictates of an impending New World Order. One cannot help but be overwhelmed, amazed if not somewhat traumatized by the sheer mass of data pointing to this horrific network of human, quasi-human as well as totally inhuman conspirators and how they have successfully colonized our planet and our lives. There are few loose ends in this book enabling us to make our own conclusions about this conspiracy. There are few ambiguities to inspire our imaginations towards realizing something better. Suppleness is in short supply. However, one must give credit to Icke for his ability in amassing this sordid information and putting it all together in a highly convincing way. Much of it is painfully convincing, I'll admit. Yet in his understandable haste and urgency to get the message out to a slumbering humanity in a book that 'Will change the world" , he takes some rather irresponsible swipes at Hinduism, Buddhism,Christianity and an Islam headed by 'that Brotherhood stooge Mohammed' to name a few of his choice targets. Icke even takes a disheartening swipe at Sufism, the very path of the Heart as it is called, in an attempt to equate it with the New World Order agenda. I suggest he read some Hafiz or Rumi poetry or listen to the music of Kudsi Erguner or participate first hand in a Dhikr. That would probably ward off the reptoid sluts slithering about more than trying to cram the cosmos with endless facts about them.

David claims that these traditions are really fronts for the 'Babylonian Brotherhood', designed to manipulate the true believers into following the dictates of the Lizard folk. This may be obvious orthodoxically/institutionally speaking as evidenced by the perpetual narrow mindedness and violence that religious differences have generated in our time. I confess that I've even seen the Pope shape shift into a Lizard during High mass. But esoterically/spiritually, Icke's argument does not hold sufficient ground.

Icke claims that the Avis car rental company is really Siva, the Hindu god of Destruction spelled backwards, therefore, according to his logic, it falls under the category of being a New World Order corporation with ties to the Babylonian hench Lizards. I personally have met followers of Lord Siva in the Himalayas of Northern India and found them to be some of the most warm, gentle, strong, happy and fearless people I've met. Yet, on the other hand, I have seen the Siva archetype exploited by such infamous cult sleazoids as Elizabeth Claire Prophet. Perhaps this kind of misuse of an archetype is what Icke is referring to. He just needs to discriminate more clearly on these matters if he doesn't want to alienate readers in droves. He needs to clarify and elaborate the points he makes if he wants to educate us in a way conducive to warding off if not subverting the New World Order.

Yes, there are Hindu Nationalists killing Muslim Nationalists and vice versa, Protestants and Catholics killing each other, all in the name of their chosen gods/prophets. But it is crucially important to remember that the evils that Icke points out insinuated themselves, for the most part, into these originally spiritual traditions and perverted them into the religious institutions we know today, replete with mind control dogma. He needs to make more subtle distinctions instead of taking such blind swings in his pressing crusade to expose the astral mafia behind these true believer games.

In order to counter the tendency to equate religion with mind control conspiracy, it is suggested that one read works like The Mysticism of the Ramayana by Swami Jyotirmayananada. This would help in gaining a better understanding that Hindu mythology (not religion) intends to describe esoteric processes within oneself which indicate spiritual evolution. Hinduism is not just a panopticon of gods and goddesses one must blindly submit to in order to be liberated from life. The Ramayana is really an esoteric/inner version of what Icke talks about exoterically if not literally: the conquering of Demons (many who take on the form of lizards like creatures in the story) and the liberation of the individual from their clutches. Another book recommended to broaden ones perspective on the reptoid conspiracy and how to respond imaginatively/creatively to them is The Body of Myth by J. Nigro Sansonese. The author seeks to regard Greek myths as describing esoteric bodily processes one experiences during deep meditation. For example, Medusa with her snaky locks sprouting out of her head is really 'a description of the brain and its twelve cranial nerves' as felt when ones proprioceptive sensitivity is heightened.

Another strategy suggested so that one doesn't become overtaken by fear (and then seek to literalize that fear ) is to adopt the perspective of the Tibetan Buddhists who regard demons as the projections of our egos and not something purely outside of ourselves. All of these approaches would be helpful in maintaining sanity and cohesion while reading The Biggest Secret. and serve to counter Icke's equation religion = conspiracy.

Another danger, at least in the shuddersome world of conspiracy theory, is that pointing out the spellcasters as Icke does can be form of spellcasting in itself if we don't take discriminatory precautions like those mentioned above. The stuff he describes is simply too fascinating and hypnotic and is very deleterious territory, rife with all sorts of trappings and pitfalls. I frankly don't know how Icke keeps his sanity about him considering how much he tours to promote his work and all the Godzilla toes he constantly steps on. He must have something positive working for him and it is this that I wish he would share more of with us.

Icke does give us some room to breathe by including at the end of the book suggestions on how we can evolve our subtle bodies and chakras to cut through the 'prison warder' consciousness currently dominating the planet. I find this helpful, but not enough, especially after being so negatively impacted by the overwhelming data he compiles. One would best read Robert Anton Wilson, especially, The New Inquisition , as well as Science and Sanity by Alfred Korzybski before venturing into The Biggest Secret . Unless you have a mind that is as strong as corten steel or a heart as clear and open as the sky above the Tibetan plateau.

The most important thing that we can all do for now is to make sure our home/family life is harmonious and that we are well connected with friends, lovers and family. Otherwise reading a book like The Biggest Secret can suck us into a seriously disturbing world that very well may exist. More openness and warmth is needed in order to allow our imaginations and our spirit flourish.

Jaye C. Beldo is a writer, intuitive counselor and spiritual anarchist. He has been published in FATE, Green Egg, Magical Blend, Mythos Journal and Dream Network. He can be reached at

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