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August 1998

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Matt Drudge's Key Source Identified

By Alex Constantine


Any reputable political reporter will protect a source who does not wish to be identified, and that is as it should be - so long as the information is accurate. But the word "reputable" does not enter into the vocabulary of Matt Drudge, whose sole reason for protecting his sources is to avoid exposing himself as a journalistic charlatan.

The key source for Matt Drudge's bludgeonings of Bill Clinton is one George T. Conway III. Conway, apart from his role as a secret adviser to Paula Jones, is a partner in the prestigious law firm of New York's Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen and Katz, where he became a millionaire at the age of 34. When he was subpeopned by Robert Bennett to explain his part in the Paula Jones case, Conway packed up and left town. Even his own firm made excuses for him, but reportedly turned on Conway for evading the subpoena. Bennett was fishing for evidence of collusion between Conway and independent prosecutor Kenneth Starr predating the appearance of Monica Lewinski. Starr and Conway have common professional interests: both represented the Philip Morris Corporation at precisely the same time, and both prepared briefs for the attorneys of Ms. Jones debunking any claim to executive privilege that Clinton might make to derail the case.

Conway is also the key source to Matt Drudge, who claims fatuously that he "never heard of the guy," on matters relating to Bill Clinton and Co.. Conway, for example, supplied Drudge with his exclusive in October, later discredited, that a distinguishing characteristic of Clinton's physiognomy was a curvature caused by Peyronie's disease that did not exist.

But Conway is not the only representative of the fascist Right to feed information to Matt Drudge. Another is Lucianne Goldberg, former aide to Linda Tripp in the Clinton administration, and Mark Fuhrman's agent. Drudge also draws on "FBI people," he acknowledged in an interview recently, and Kenneth Starr's staff. When a reporter asked Drudge about his recent meeting with Conway in New York, Drudge replied, "Do you have people, like, spying on me or something?" After three repetitions of the question regarding his association with the powerful attorney, Drudge said, "Ummmm..." and asked if his phone was tapped. Conway has been referred to in The Drudge Report as "an East Coast legal source." Perhaps Matt Drudge should identify his source as "an East Coast attorney for Philip Morris who constantly feeds me erroneous information." Drudge often changes the subject when asked about Conway, but has no problem running a slew of "exclusives" that mix fact and fantasy in such a way as to do injury and skirt responsibility for the half-truths and pure buncombe he is foisting off on the public.

Matt Drudge Is A Homo!!

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