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June 2001

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Trance Formation of America: Mark Phillips Replies

Hello Konformist Fans,

I recently received the following letter from "Intelligence insider" Mark Phillips in response to a review I wrote of the book 'Trance Formation of America' for The Konformist. Check out the review on the Konformist web site if you haven't already.


The Lone Nutter

aka Jaye C. Beldo



Greetings Lonely Nut,

After reading your so called "review" of our labor-of love for all humanity TRANCE Formation of America,even for vulgar sensationalist such as you..I was amazed that you would have the audacity to put our email address on your spam mail list, which promotes your web site version of unconscienable nonsense. You apparently were seeking some imaginary sexual entertainment for yourself as indicated by what you wrote if in fact you actually even have seen a copy of TFoA ..much less actually read it in it's entirety.if you had you would have requested additional supporting information directly from either Cathy O'Brien or myself. You did not..nor did you request an interview with us either in person or telephonically. This action I believe is impossible for an alledged coward such as you have been called by supporters of ours who have seen your site and subsequent suggestion to them the readers to obtain a jar of Vasaline. I would certainly welcome the opporunity to meet you in person and discuss your misgivings about the intent of our work and what it was/is that inspired you to attempt to libel yourself and discredit TFoA as conspiratorial nonsense. Oh, how much I would welcome the opportunity to actually meet you in person and at least have enough private time with you to convey the answers you apparently harbor for who I am and why I gave up my successful carreer to inform the public of the contents of TFoA.Yes I have placed you on the shortlist of potentially dangerous sexual predators, which is automatically reviewed by interested local law enforcement personal (that we are in regular professional communications with) whenever a sexual crime is commited in the area you reside. I feel that this is the only legal & ethical way with which to protect others from persons ,like yourself ,who clearly display an obvious emotional weakness for appearing as though they lack any social conscience. TFoA was actually not written for the public, it was written for members of both houses of Congress. And it certainly was never intended for literary entertainment..much less the sexual kind you admitted seeking. Whatever it is you desire to accomplish from the posting on your web site you have been successful in alerting a number of decent professional persons who vehemently oppose what/who they feel you represent. I for one, just believe you chose for yourself the most applicable personality descriptive screen name and until you are apprehended for being a physical threat to yourself & or innocent others you will remain at large but never-the-less well identified. No apologies for your behavior are expected or necessary as our egos are not fractured and/or inflated as yours appears to be. FYI, we do not usually &/or routinely respond by dignifying such trash as you posted to disturbed persons negative written/verbal attacks..however upon receipt of your spam mail to our email address was an unwanted intrusion which I felt compelled to, at very least, inform you of the inevitable consequences of your unsolicited written vulgar assaults upon Cathy O'Brien, Kelly, myself and the overall integrity of our book TRANCE Formation of America...which I am certain you could not actually read. I ask you in all decency ..please remove from your web site your comments about TFoA, stay away from contact with children and out of any county/state/federal prison syetem.As within moments from the time you may eventually be arrested for some alledged charge of illegal/immoral activities, I will be notified and will do all in my power of influence to see that you are legally seperated from society until you have had the time necessary to do what you proposed for others less appreciative of your sick "review"... to get a hold of yourself..or allow an inmate to take matters into their own hands..and change your thoughts towards acceptance of brutal criminal activity.


Sincerely, Mark Phillips


Trance Formation of America: The Lone Nutter Replies To Mark Phillips

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