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June 2001

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Trance Formation of America: The Lone Nutter Replies To Mark Phillips

Jaye C. Beldo

The Lone Nutter


Mind Controlled Sex Predator or Celibate Bhakti Yogi? Only the NSA Knows For Sure.


Trance Formation of America: Mark Phillips Replies


Greetings All,

I appreciate the responses, intelligent and otherwise, I've received concerning Mark Phillip's vitriolic letter, rife with threats to have me incarcerated for writing what amounts to a sarcastic and somewhat flippant review of Trance Formation of America (TFOA). I think the primary motivation behind Mark's humorless rabidity stems from being profoundly let down that Cathy's Mind Control Strip Tease didn't get them the acclaim and revenue they were hoping for. Apparently they didn't think out their marketing strategy very well, nor the alternative career moves needed in case their gig didn't work. From what I see now, the TFOA tour of the Porn Belt (mostly in the south where both Cathy and Mark live) hasn't succeeded very much and both of these quasi-Monarch marketeers have backed themselves into a corner they haven't the competence to get out of. They'll never get out of their self induced hell hole if they continue to respond in the borderline psychotic way that Mark did to my review. Mark's threats to myself only serve to further discredit both him and Cathy as reliable witnesses to the machinations of the CIA et. al. and amount to nothing more than a desperate attempt to veil the patent phoniness of their MK claims. Like I said in the TFOA review, I want to believe that the stuff they claimed happened actually did. I have no doubt that trauma based mind control does indeed exist. However, after receiving Mark's pathetically fulminating ditty, I'm convinced more than ever that virtually none of what they claim has happened to them ever has or ever will.

I can't believe for a minute that either Cathy or Mark were totally ignorant of the sexually vampiric forum they would step into when making their work public and how it would be taken advantage of, especially in the aftermath of the JonBenet Ramsey spectacle and other equally revolting media events. (see Apocalypse Culture II edited by Adam Parfrey for a deliciously multiplex take on this ongoing, malignant phenomena. I also highly recommend Mark Dery's Pyrotechnic Insanitarium: American Culture on the Brink for those suffering from chronic cultural ignorance . It is one of the best wake up calls you'll ever get if you take the time to read it.) After the TFOA review was originally posted on The Konformist in 1999, I received several e-mails containing URL invitations to check out MK Sex Slave web sites of many varieties as well as responses from Konformist readers such as Paul Krassner asking me where they could buy the TFOA book. I suggest to both Mark and Cathy that once they stop feigning ignorance, they should dust off their societal antennae and start picking up on the plethora of Hungry Ghosts on 24 hour prowl for the latest thrill the next time either of them mount the podium and start preaching to the perverted. Maybe then they'll integrate a little spontaneity and warmth into their MK act and not take themselves so seriously. And maybe Lone Nutters like myself will start to actually believe their claims and respond accordingly.

I'm not intimidated in the least by Mark's threats to have me jailed and sodomized by some inmate colleague of his ready to respond to his remote commands. Nor will I ever be suckered, like many of Cathy and Mark's followers into buying their 'innocent victim' routine which they attempt to hide behind, thinking it will afford them immunity to any criticism levied against them. I thought this phenomena was only to be found in the art world (Victim Art) when I used to be an art critic, but it obviously is more pervasive and persistent. The books to read are: A Nation of Victims by Charles Sykes and Culture of Complaint by Robert Hughes for a better understanding of this plight which is pretty much destroying what little remains of our culture.

For the record, separating me from society as Mark intends, would be one of the most redundant things a person could do. If Mark could view an NSA Remote Neural Monitored streaming video of myself in my day to day life, it would probably bore him to tears. After working a 9 to 5, five days a week, I spend what little free time I have avoiding people, doing yoga, meditating and reading esoteric books like The Mysticism of the Mahabharata. As far as being a sexual pathologist, I could never bring myself to titillation with the creepy brand of sleaze found in TFOA. Believe me, I did try my best to get off to it but the thought of Gerald Ford's rancid cum slithering down Cathy's svelte teenage throat rendered me terminally flaccid and with a palm all greased up with nowhere to go.

I thank Robert Sterling, editor of The Konformist for pointing out that there are people in the real world that actually do get off on that kind of stuff (Right Wing religious fanatics for the most part as he says, as well as many others of like ilk, bent on perpetually repressing their shadow sides). I must now opportunize and confess to all that I've a secret hankering for Janet Reno. I'm most excited by the prospects that she may run for Governor of Florida in 2004 since that means a welcome return to the media limelight and the chance for me to oogle, in predatory fashion, once again, over her oddly skewed visage. All I've ever wanted to do is cum all over her pockmarked cleavage. Can you blame a guy for having such desires? Regardless of what you think, I guess my uncontrollable attraction to Janet makes me fair game for incarceration and the inevitable, albeit justifiable, sodomy it would entail. So maybe Mark is right to have me put away and cornholed on a daily basis for life by some cellmate serial killer of epochal, Johnny Holmes proportions. That should teach me a lesson or two about what brand of morality I should subscribe to the next time I dare suggest to a reader of TFOA to jerk off to it, if nothing else.




Jaye C. Beldo

aka The Lone Nutter

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