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KON4M 99
April 1999

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::: Armen Victorian's Response: John Alexander on MILABs :::

From: Jack Sarfatti <>


Memorandum For The Record

I have not been following this at all. I do not know how I got in the middle of it. But I have no real interest in it myself. I am too busy reverse engineering alien technology. :-)

We need to remember Thucydides "History of the Peloponnesian War" with Sparta fighting Athens as the Persians were on the march.

I have had my own "contact":

Frankly my dear I don't give a damn about all this infighting.

I have a job to do "Making Star Trek Real" and I am doing it and making amazingly rapid progress with an international team of physicists and engineers including some top Russian physicists who were high up in the Soviet counterpart to our own Strategic Defense Initiative that I played a small but significant catalytic behind the scenes role in in 1981.

"Crank er up and see how she runs." Ad Astra.


A. Victorian wrote:

Often I am a silent by-stander, but with regards to an on-going debate involving Alexander, his wife Victoria Lacas, Helmut Lammer [for his forthcoming book on MILAB - "UFO Abductions"], I make the following comments:

After reading the current exchanged correspondence [e.amils] between the parties, there are a number of issues necessitating clearance;


1. John Alexander in his rebutal of Lammer's book makes some unwitting confessions, confirming his status in his current employment position, underpinning his lack of access to pretinent information;

a) He lacks clearance to access material under the pyramidial classifications.

b) Denial to such access is based on Background Investigation (BI) findings both by DoD and DoJ. Granting of clearance is reviewd every three to six months.

c) He has access to classified material under linear classification category.


2. His comments on Lammer's book clearly demonstrates these facts.


3. Some of the relevant technologies referred to in a braod sheet manner in Lammer's book based on (c) are accessible to Alexander; e.g. his involvment in DNA's [former Defense Nuclear Agency] programs to safeguard nuclear sites using novel technologies. Alexnader denies this. But, I will reveal this shortly based on actual government documentations.


4. Both Alexander and his wife maintained silence when I asked their opinion on some "abduction" cases; e.g. one about a USAF Colonel, where actual military personnel were present as guards, and some "examiners" were in white coats.


5. Alexander also maintained silence when he was questioned about the removal of a suspect object, as documented in Dr. Leir's book "The Aliens and the Scalpel", [program partially funded by NIDS]. The case in question contrary to the book's analysis findings as being of alien origin, is in fact man made. The case history has been in my archives, long before Leir and Sims glorified it as an alien related case.


6. Alexander, contrary to his immature behavior for issuing a threatening "Memorandum in Confidence" against me in LANL [copy in my archives], and upon his wife's request not long ago [1996-97] was saved from an embarassing expose with my help [taped conversations with Victoria Lacas].


CONCLUSION: Such technology exist, and I would disclose concrete documentary official evidence to that effect in my forthcoming second book.

Armen Victorian

::: John Alexander on MILABs :::

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