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KON4M 99
April 1999

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::: Alex Constantine's Response: John Alexander on MILABs :::

Alex Constantine (

Mengele slurring meekly, "Ve, ahhh, deed nawthing." John Alexander is distancing himself from horrific acts of experimentation on humans, and his categorical denial - originating as it does from inside the intelligence community - is a statement for the record from the Big Boys, but there is high-handed irony in the fact that it the only position he can possibly take without incriminating himself. If he acknowldges facts that Lammer, many abductees, targetted political dissidents and other categories of abuse know by direct and indirect experience to be true, then he implicates himself in aggravated human rights atrocities.

Not one "scintilla?" I don't know what a "scintilla" is, but anyone who has been subjected to a MILAB experience would fume. Only a DoD prick would make a claim that sweeping to an audience that has pored over all scraps of research on non-lethal weapons technology available, particularly the EM variety. The torture of civilians goes on, and nit-picking over RF triangulation loci, based on the anachronistic, "mainstream" data available in the unclassified sector, is futile and disctracting. Alexander denies not only his role in, but the very existence of, the atrocities because they are every bit as black as those endured by victims of fascist war crimes.

But this is the issue here, isn't it? Alexander, the intelligence agencies you work for are beyond criminal. Journalist Penny Lernoux reported that in 1967 that the CIA dropped napalm on Guatelaman Indians because the oil companies wanted to pump the petroleum beneath their land. The native "subhumans" were burned alive, and the oil companies purchased the extraction rights from puppets in the Guatemalan government at low cost. When asked about this episode, the CIA does not shrug and admit, "Yes, we killed those Indians for the oil." The response is, "there is not one scintilla of concret evidence to support that allegation."

Alexander's denial has been circulated to some of the victims of MILAB. He would appear less a Nazi, I suppose, if he refused comment; but to expose himself, in Mengelese, as a liar snatching at the "no evidence" straw, well, only a representative from the criminalized "intelligence" services would protest too much, because any other course would expose the rot.

Why waste our time? Climb back in your hole, John Alexander, and exercise your pathologies with an understanding that many of us "out here" on the Net know you as an occultic concubine of fascist sugar daddies.

- Alex Constantine

::: John Alexander on MILABs :::

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