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December 2001

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The Shadow Over Santa Susana:

Black Magic, Mind Control and The 'Manson Family' Mythos

Book Review

by Jaye C. Beldo

aka The Lone Nutter

The Shadow Over Santa Susana

Did Charles Manson ever have to take Viagra, spray pheromones all over himself and have his membrane virilis enlarged via a Dr. Kaplan pump advertised in the back of Penthouse in order to attract the many faithful female disciples that he did? Not a chance. The 'Gardener of Flower Children' had the kind of sexual allure that could only be sustained through him by some of the more magickally gifted of his handlers in the CIA's MK-ULTRA mind control program, back when they were a class act worth paying attention to. Currently the agency has gotten a little more hackneyed in the R and D of their various MK programs. In the name of efficiency, CIA funded Satanists, complying to the dictates of market research, have inevitably become franchised (Anton LeVey being the Burger King stooge of the lower astral plane that they are required to take orders from since the author of The Satanic Bible is too afraid to take on another incarnation in order to spiritually evolve). It is a sad fact indeed that the CIA are running their various MK'd assassins through blow mold injectors like G.I. Joe dolls, creating uniformly nondescript vectors of mayhem hardly worthy of our attention, instead of taking the time to artistically craft such a macabre and idiosyncratic galaxy as found in the Manson klatch of bygone, paisley days. Instead of Quasi-Christ like Mansons with matted hair, goggle eyes and smelly feet, we get dweebs with Mark McGwire sport beards, cell phones, and Levi Cotton Dockers doing the CIA's dirty work.

Fortunately, in the much welcome exposé, The Shadow Over Santa Susana, Adam Gorightly brings the wayward and colorful Manson gaggle back to vivid, hallucinatory life in an informative and entertaining way. Published by Illuminaughty Productions, Inc. a subsidiary of the Konformist Kollective, the book follows the trail of a nightmare arabesque conjured by Manson and his bus load of drug addled, statutory nymphs, bringing to light conspiratorial information that has laid dormant for several years. Apparently old Charley had ties with Scientology (the organization denies this in spite of contrary evidence), NLP, The Process Church and other suspect covers for various mind control projects. He even had MK'd patsy Sirhan Sirhan as a next door cell mate where they whiled away their life sentences together for a time. One can only wonder about this so called 'synchronicity'! Tying together the seemingly disparate acts of calculated murder, from Tate/LaBianca to 'Son of Sam' David Berkowitz, Mark David Chapman and John Hinckley Jr., and others no doubt initially inspired by the Manson avatar himself, one starts to see the bigger picture at hand of The Family as being one vast, interlinked mind control experiment. The author speculates that such a program was initially implemented by such grey, Fabian elements as Aldous Huxley and others of his elite, Tavistockian persuasion.

Gorightly goes on to burst the rose colored bubble on the so called Summer of Love circa 1967 which inevitably seguewayed, only three failed revolutions later, into the infamous Tate/LaBianca murders on August 9th, 1969. Incidentally, the Rolling Stones's Altamont concert culminating in the murder of a young black man by a 'Hell's Angel' occurred in 1969 as well, not to mention the Apollo 11 moon walk done by an astronaut who planted a Freemasonic flag on the orb in a blatant act of occult colonization. Conspiracy researchers such as the late Mae Brussell speculated that these events, amongst many others, were part of a 'strategy of tension' to bring closure to the Woodstock era and put an indelible curse on the peace, love and understanding crowd. Reading Gorightly's book has reminded me, once again, how thankful I am for having been too young to be a part of the ill fated hippy trip (and now too old to be a part of the attention deficited Generation X). One only needs to look at what many of the so called flower children have now become to be reminded of the dire repercussions of the Curse of '69, such as Guilty/Not Guilty Sarah Jane Olsen (currently on trial, accused of putting a bomb under a police car as a part of her stint with the S.L.A.) and other ungainly psychedelic mutations now roaming about at large in search of just causes to sabotage. Speaking of sabotage, the other day, while riding my bike, I saw some flower child has been smugly waxing his Porsche Turbo Charged Carrera in the driveway of a more than upscale home, wearing a freshly ironed, tye-dyed T-shirt and Birkenstock sandals, his terminally grey hair bunched up in a pony tail. Thanks to the author's concerted efforts, The Shadow Over Santa Susana will serve to heighten the attentive reader's awareness of the prevalence of such patholgical ironies, ironies which for the most part go unnoticed by the legions of smarmy, self-satisfied baby boomers now gearing up for their golden years of unchallenged complaceny. Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Gorightly, we can further appreciate if not admire Charles Manson, swastika tattoo and all, for having some semblance of originality, talent and genuine flair in spite of his moral waywardness, qualities obviously absent yet desperately needed at present time.


Check out: for more info. on how to obtain a copy of The Shadow Over Santa Susana

© Jaye C. Beldo 2001

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