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Mary & Hathor

Here's the quote on the Madonna picture at your House of Blasphemy site by famed theologian Max Müller:

"In the earliest and purest days of Christianity, if we were to believe the most enlightened of the heathen writers, the Christian religion consisted of the worship of animals. This idea possibly arose from the fact that the earliest pictures of Mary nursing Christ show the cow's horns of the Egyptian goddess Sati on her head, and sometimes the horns of Hathor."

Hathor, the Mother aspect of the triple-goddess Isis, was depicted with a cow's head, and so was Mary, because "Mary" is also one of the three faces of Isis, one of the Egyptian "Meris" or "Maris." Again, Meri/Mary represents the Mother aspect of Isis. She is also the Queen of Heaven and the Goddess of the Sea, as "mar" or "mer" refers in many languages to the ocean or sea. The Virgin Mary is NOT a historical character by any stretch of the imagination but is an very ancient motif found in numerous other religions thousands of years prior to the Christian era. The story of Mary in the NT is found in detail in the mythologies of many other cultures, as is that of Jesus, etc., et al., ad infinitum.

Also, Christ "himself" was depicted in early days with a donkey's head on the crucifix. Although orthodox scholars will insist that those images were only created by detractors, the fact is that the ancient Hebrews were not only Yawhists but Sethians, and Set/Seth was associated with the ass. As Barbara Walker says:

"One of Egypt's earliest deities was the ass-headed god Set (biblical Seth), an alter ego of Horus and a crucified sacred king. Palestine was named for the same deity under his Roman title of Pales, who was sometimes said to be both male and female and was identified with Vesta as a guardian of flocks and herds. Palestine's God was once given the same form as Pales or Set, a man's body with an ass's head. The Hebrew version of the Messiah, Iao, was said to be Set under another name."

When the Hebrews were in Egypt - living as Egyptians, worshipping the Golden Calf of Horus, etc. - they also worshipped Horus's "twin," Set, whence comes Satan. Where Horus is the Golden Sun in the Age of Taurus the Bull, Set represents the Serpent of the Night, i.e., the night-time sky. The battle between Horus/Jesus and Set/Satan represents the struggle between day and night for supremacy.

When in Exodus Moses not only prohibits the worship of the golden calf but instead sets up the brazen serpent to be worshipped, he is restoring the stellar cult of Set, or raising it above the solar cult of Horus. Set is not only the biblical Seth, son of Adam and Eve, but also, as the Supplanter, the biblical Jacob. The twelve tribes of Israel ("Isis-Ra-El") are the twelves signs of the Zodiac.

For more on this, you're going to have to wait for my book. :)

Acharya S

Archaeologist, Historian, Mythologist, Linguist

Member, American School of Classical Studies at Athens, Greece


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