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April 2000

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In Defense of Jesus Christ:

The Christ Conspiracy

Book Review

Jaye C. Beldo

In Acharya S.'s controversial tome The Christ Conspiracy recently released by Adventures Unlimited Press, she sets out to prove that Jesus Christ never existed, that the God Man/Man God was simply a bit of stagecraft caprice, a mere fabrication of the Roman Aristocracy to keep the unwashed masses down as well as out for the count of their long lasting reign. She surely provides an impressive smorgasbord of erudite evidence supporting her claim . Acharya's obviously fecund and thorough scholarship serves to back up her forensic claim that Christ's resume is probably fraudulent. One of my favorite etymological nuggets in the book that bolsters Ms. S's polemic against the messiah: 'The pagan Savoyards called Christians 'idiots' hence crétin, 'idiot' descended from Chretian, 'Christian'. German pagans coined the term bigot, from bei gott, an expression constantly used by the monks.'

I suggest, to counter the stake in an ultimate Christ Hoax where the Lamb of God's wool has been pulled over our eyes for the last 2K years, is that if Jesus was indeed a mere fabrication, we should then give profound thanks to the fabricators and not despise them as cavalier perpetrators of a great lie. No, we should not thank them for the institutionalized horrors that 'Christ-Insanity' have generated over the centuries, such as the Catholic Church and its inhumane inquisitions, but rather for the wily hatchers's profoundly brilliant if not deliciously nefarious imaginations. I doubt you or I could ever conjure up such a tale, even on our best tall tale day out on the back porch with a pint of whiskey, a two by four and a whittling knife. It would take one hell of a sophisticated imagination to pull the Christ story out of the air of heaven, let alone to disseminate the information in a convincing way and make it seem so dramatically real. If it really was so that they pulled off the con, then kyrie kudos to those crooks!

One need only to appreciate the art, music, poetry and literature that the Christ Mythos has generated over the centuries ranging from Bach's 'Jesu: The Joy of Man's Desiring' to El Greco's 'Assumption of the Virgin' to the vibrant Byzantine Mosaics to the breathless grandeur of 12th C. French Cathedrals. One need only to meditate for a few quiet moments on Leonardo's St. Anne, Virgin and Child or the works of Hieronymous Bosch which depict Christ and his tormentors or even Holbein's stark cartoon The Body of the Dead Christ in the Tomb. How about considering the little shop of horrors found in the visions of Colette of Corbie, the 15 C. Fransican reformer, where Christ appeared to her as a dish of 'carved-up flesh like that of a child.' (see this described in the work 'The Female body and Religious Practice in the Later Middle Ages' by Caroline Walker Bynum in ZONE Fragments for a History of the Human Body Part One) Without the Christ cozenage, we would have virtually none of these masterpieces of art and vision. History, as well as our hearts, would be pretty barren places without them.

No mere conspirators bent on world control could inspire artists, poets, troubadours, bards and musicians for so many centuries if there wasn't something so catalytically spiritual in the Christ Mythos itself. Or perhaps, more importantly, the artisans who chose to work with the Christ archetype were attempting to counter the fraud by instilling spirit if not life into the savior. Perhaps this is the pearl of irony that has been hidden away for so long and thanks to Acharya's efforts has now come out. I suggest that a little bit of light, something spiritually genuine, purely inspired, came out of these Imperial damage control dispatches Acharya convincingly describes and miraculously insinuated itself into the official storyline like the descent of the Dove into the lord at the Baptism of Jesus himself. It would help not to dichotomize the Christ mystery but rather to find the potential reconciliation within its folds.

After all, no cabal could compel people aspiring to love and freedom to align themselves to the Christ archetype in so many astonishingly strange and esoteric ways and risk facing persecution by the official church. No Tyrant spin doctors could have created such things as charity, forgiveness, the ability to ward off evil, the desire to help others if the light hadn't escaped through the chink in their propaganda armor to not only expose them but to benignly betray them as being highly vulnerable to their own game. I sense that these apocalyptic engineers will someday resurrect if not liberate themselves if we let them simply by acknowledging the favors they have unintentionally given us. I already see the ascent of the PR thugs at Hill and Knowlton.

On the other hand, I must admit that one morning during meditation, I was offered a much different take on the Christ story on the inner plane. I actually saw the archaic CEOs, i.e. the Freemasons, behind the official savior story, as grey, mean and bottom line as your average contemporary bankers or politicians. " Damn it....maybe Acharya's right." I thought to myself desparingly. I felt my crown chakra starting to distort. For those of you unfamiliar with the chakra system of our etheric body, the crown chakra contains our wisdom, biorhythms and time lines, very much different than the Gregorian calendar scheme of time which has been imposed upon us for so long (and hopefully will be dissolving soon). Using my yogic best, I detached from the distortion and then saw the zodiac spinning around my head. It felt false, manipulative and I tried to dissolve the zoo. I saw Mithras killing the bull and other uneasy images representing the precession of equinoxes. My stomach tightened up. I felt something deeply evil hovering around. Something that wanted to crucify me. Something that didn't want me to make the precession from fear to love, to access the 'kingdom of heaven is within.' Christ. My higher self was actually allowing me to see the manipulators and/or perverts behind the state approved Christ story. I must confess that it wasn't a pleasant experience and I had to come out of meditation prematurely because of it. I had never confronted a paradox quite so compelling and embedded within my psyche. Here I was given insights into the secret socieities that manipulated the Christ story and yet through a kind of unexpected reconciliation, that very night, I saw goddesses, mostly of the Roman variety, although some were far older, floating around my bed, with these kind of amniotic swimming pools in their stomachs. They would recline nonchalantly in the air, invite me to dive in, giving me the opportunity to wash the last two thousand years of sanctified bullshit out of my soul or at least a chance to re-birth into the next millenium. For reasons still not clear, I declined the invitation.

Reading The Christ Conspiracy for me, activated these bizarre archetypes cum catalystic redeemers which still haunt me, still inspire me, reminding me of the responsibility we all have to cultivate them, in order to give birth to something more positive and life affirming in the future far beyond the fire and brimstone confines of our apocalyptic evangelists and fear hucksters.


Jaye C. Beldo is a writer, intuitive counselor and spiritual anarchist. He can reached at

The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold

The House Of Blasphemy

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