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May 2006

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A Stab in the Light

Best selling New Age author and Ikankerian cult leader Chloe Dobine is busy icing her spiritual competition, using the latest high tech weaponry from a local defense corporation in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Jason Bodel, a down and out freelance writer embarks on a quest to discover who is doing all the killing for her, only to get sucked into a world where the Love and Light players prove to be sleazier than pornographers, slimier than gun runners and even more cut throat than politicians and drug dealers. A group of anarchists, Rastafarians, a Tantric dominatrix, a Rave DJ, an Ubermensch on welfare, a massage therapist who channels the African weather goddess Oya and a petrified Hippy Berserker all help Jason to infiltrate a New Age expo at the Minneapolis Convention Center where Chloe plans to implement a hostile takeover with her CEO gigolo, Otto von Gideon and his Defense Intelligence Agency goons. Author Jaye Beldo truly delivers the goods in his satirically devastating New Age murder mystery, A Stab in the Light. Available at:

Some Notable Quotes about Jaye Beldo:


"If the aliens were really smart, they'd probe his mind instead of his anus."

-Paul Krassner editor of The Realist


"...tops our list of favorite new underground writers."

-Robert Sterling editor for The Konformist


"A pimp in a time warp."

-William Cooper author of Behold a Pale Horse


Jaye Beldo ( ) is a writer, musician, artist and intuitive healer. His work has been published in City Pages, Dream Network, Magical Blend and Paranoia Magazine. On the WWW his work can be found at such sites as The Konformist, Disinfo.Com and Viewzone. He has discussed his work on dozens of radio stations including BBC and Capital Radio London, WGN Chicago, The Gary Burbank Show on WLW Radio Cincinnati and The Howard Stern show. He can be reached at:



Available Now at:

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