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February 2003

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Abuse Your Illusions:

The Disinformation Guide to Media Mirages and Establishment Lies

Edited by Russ Kick

Published by the Disinformation Company

Projected street date: May 2003.

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Preface | Richard Metzger



Exile on Mainstream: Why an American Reporter Had to Leave the Country to Report the News | Greg Palast

Watergate Redux: The Washington Post and the Party Line | Jim Hougan

Mainstream Media: The Drug War’s Shills | Michael Levine

Why UN Inspectors Left Iraq in 1998 | Jim Naureckas

Unanswered Letters: Setting the Record Straight Regarding Tailwind | April Oliver



The Pentagon’s New Biochemical Warriors | The Sunshine Project

Cuban Political Prisoners ... in the United States | William Blum

How I Crashed a Chinese Arms Bazaar With a Rifle That Doesn’t Exist | Jakob S. Boeskov

The Mysterious Decline of Men on Campus | Philip W. Cook and Glenn J. Sacks

The Kwangju Uprising and the US | Nick Mamatas

Mystery in Memphis: The Troubling Death of Microbiologist Don Wiley | Wayne Madsen

The Warren Report: Believe It or Not | William W. Turner

Belgium: The Pedophilia Files | Sandra Bisin

Suitable for Framing: Wayne Williams and the Atlanta Child Murders | Michael Newton



Speer: What Albert Speer Can Teach Government Officials About Accepting Responsibility | Daniel Ellsberg

The Underside of De Beers Diamonds | Janine Farrell-Roberts

Corporations Claim the "Right To Lie" | Thom Hartmann

Dirty Players of World Finance | Lucy Komisar

The Enemy Within: Rape and Sexual Harassment in the US Military | Terri Spahr Nelson

Operation Pipeline: Pulling Over Minority Motorists as an Excuse to Search Their Cars | Gary Webb

Invasion of the Child-Snatchers | Diane Petryk-Bloom

The Agency and the Atom: The CIA’s Radiation Weapons Programs and Experiments on Humans | John Kelly

The White House Campaign Against Drug Reform Initiatives | Daniel Forbes

The Man Who Invented Normal | Lucy Gwin

Are Secrecy Oaths a License to Lie? | Daniel Ellsberg



What Is a Terrorist? | Jeff Cohen

Pieces of the 9/11 Puzzle | Russ Kick

War Against Terrorism or Expansion of the American Empire? | William Blum

The Others: Mourning the Dead, Wherever They May Be | Howard Zinn

US Homeland Security: A Bridge From Democracy to Dictatorship | Ritt Goldstein

US Constitution, R.I.P. | Nancy Talanian



Creating Panama for Funds and Profit | Ovidio Diaz-Espino

"A Truth So Terrible": Atrocities Against German POWs and Civilians During and After WWII | James Bacque

Inside Science's Closet | Richard Zacks

Our Back Pages: The Nostalgia Industry and "Good Old Days" Mythology | Mickey Z.

The Secret Behind the Creation of the United Nations | Stephen Schlesinger

One Giant Leap--Backward: America’s Forgotten Female Astronauts | Stephanie Nolen



The Lilly Suicides | Richard DeGrandpre

The Rise and Fall of ADD/ADHD | Fred A. Baughman, Jr., M.D.

The Fluoridation Fraud | Robert Sterling

Straight Talk About Suicide | Thomas S. Szasz, M.D.



Did Jesus Really Rise From the Dead? | Dan Barker

Islamic Censorship: How Allah Has Nipped Your Right To Know | Howard Bloom

The Virgin of Medjugorje: A Shrine for the Twenty-first Century | Jonathan Levy

L. Ron, Sirhan, Manson, and Me | Paul Krassner

Mormon Racism: Black Is Not Beautiful | Richard Abanes

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