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January 2002

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Non-Lethals Turned on Curio

Alex Constantine

Note: For years now, "Curio" has posted documentation concerning ritual child abuse - one of the most disgusting crimes imaginable - on the Net, and was smeared for it, insulted, stressed by Dr. Michael Aquino's harassment lawsuits. She is one of the most effective RA activists on the Web and now she is under assault by unknowns with access to the DoD's classified non-lethals. She has suffered long bouts of sleep deprivation so severe that she lost her job and she is currently unemployed. Her health is in evident decline. The idiots doing this are bereft of conscience.


My name is Diana Napolis aka Karen Curio Jones

My professional background includes being a child abuse juvenile court investigator during 1990-1996 for a county agency. From the years 1996-2001 I worked with the Family Court System monitoring visitations between parents and children. Over the past 10 years I have researched satanic ritual crime networks, mind control and the ritual abuse of children. I was never a victim of this activity before but only a survivor/child advocate.

In 1995 began using the world-wide web to communicate information about my research involving these horrendous activities perpetrated against children and adults. I used an anonymous pseudonym to identify myself for safety reasons. After an extensive search conducted by those whom I believe felt threatened by the information I was providing, I was then stalked and photographed. On Sept. 24, 2000 a peculiarly biased newspaper article was written about me in my local newspaper. See my response:

In November 2000 I experienced someone making internal/psychic contact with me. In March 2001, I experienced being abducted from my home via an unknown technology. My life then drastically changed.

In approximately January 2001 a beeping sound began in my left ear and I was continually monitored in some way. Due to lack of sleep I was unable to work full time. I was then accessed by it. During the months of May and July 2001 changes were made to my body and internal structure. For a short time I experienced these changes as potentially positive in nature.

I then experienced something akin to what I had been researching - a mind control program of unknown origin that was installed in my mind. I heard low chanting sounding music in the left hemisphere of my brain and "heavenly" music in my right hemisphere. I was told I was in the Heaven and Hell program. I began "channeling" a group of people or entities. I was subjected to various "tests" and I was involved in a great deal of telepathic activity.

It appears that there were competing forces at work within me and a struggle began involving extraterrestrial intelligences. I was told this and I experienced it. I found that I was "judged" within their system and sentenced to "Hell" within their computer system. My energy field changed and my heart began behaving abnormally. My digestive system was impacted and I became thinner and thinner. What I originally thought was positive contact quickly became something else. I went to several hospitals trying to discover if assistance could be provided. I discovered that the medical mainstream community provided no answers or positive intervention.

As of August 13, 2001, my state of health has now deteriorated to a point that it is difficult to function.

I was led to believe that there were a group of competing extraterrestrials occupying the earth and they had somewhat different motivatons -- but perhaps similar means to the end.

I believe that this poses a significant threat to our world and I would ask all to reconsider what it really means to have "alien" contact. I urge all parties of interest in this phenomena in any form or fashion to realize that the human race is special because of the qualities which we can bring to our service to others and grow as beings in the spirit of love, compassion, strength and wisdom.

I believe that my state of health, which is deteriorating rapidly, is directly related to technology of unknown origin which has impacted my system and poses a threat to others.

If anyone experiences psychic phenomena of unknown phenomena, I would urge all parties to not trust the message of the original contact. I have discovered that high-tech virtual reality is being used and psychological manipulation is used to try to take control of and destroy others. I also experienced an extraction of my internal substances.

What's of particular concern about this is that in some of this imagery there are real consequences if acted upon. It appears that there is a computer program in which some of the ET's believe they are Gods and they are collecting souls.

I consider this a grave threat to society and other people need to be informed.

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