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January 2002

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A former listener of mine emailed me and said the the illustrious Chuck Harder was lambasting William Cooper on his national talk show program yesterday. But this is understandable because Mr. Harder is the poorest excuse of an American I have EVER found on radio...a 'form of a man' who purports to represent "WE THE PEOPLE"...a man who is one of the most unique expressions of covert government expressions of lies and half truths disseminated so as to mislead the American People I have ever heard. I consider him an agent provocateur and a coward and his words concerning William Cooper are indicative of just that.

William Cooper was indeed a bitter and lonely man...a man who laid down and sacrificed his life to expose the Satanic and diabolical aspects within and about the Government of the United States of America. He exposed the Satanic/Masonic origins of the Federal Reserve, the IRS, the FBI, ADL, KKK, GUN CONTROL and the list goes on. Whereas Mr. Carter lacks such spiritual intestinal fortitude to do such. Cooper exposed the REAL truth about WACO, the Oklahoma City bombing, and the cover-ups and lies connected to. Whereas Carter would allow Government assets and agents come on or take over as host on his program to spew outright lies and propaganda in the name of the "truth". Such individuals include J.D. Cash, Terry Reed, and others who were 'truth manipulators' whose prime purpose was to 'form the mindsets' of the listeners to conform to those predetermined 'patriotic mindsets' that were 'pre-approved' by their Masonic Masters in high places.

You see, Cooper KNEW that the spiritual force and power running this country was and is Satanically directed by those Masonic/New Age individuals making decisions in the Government whether they were Senators, Congressman, FBI, CIA, Presidents etc., but in addition to this, he was also fully aware of the FACT that these individuals in their decision making roles were but PIMPS for those in HIGHER PLACES whose inspiration came from the very THRONE OF DARKNESS so as to continue the fulfilling of those Prophecies of God unto the establishment and total control of all the "kingdoms of this world.." and which we call the "New World Order"...even the Kingdom of Satan on this earth.

Carters name is not worthy to be mentioned in the same breath as that of William Cooper for William Cooper was NOT a coward but was in fact one of the rare examples of what being a True American is. Cooper was aware of the Nazi Police State order being put in place by the "Forth Reich" of the Bush Administration...even that "New Order" which now not only defines a "terrorist" as being anyone who opposes present "Nazi New World Order Government Terrorism" but now, after "9-11", has the liberty and freedom to track down, jail, and/or execute (or bomb, starve, poison etc.) anyone who is not of the "Masonic-Nazi-Satanic-New World Order" mindset which controls this country and the world.

William Cooper was EXECUTED! And anyone who would say otherwise is either a fool or "one of them". Harder is ONE OF THEM!

One last thing. William Cooper had a place in his heart for Native Americans and what they have and presently suffer at the hands of the "United Nazi-Masonic States of America". He was a man of true compassion in spite of his outward "hardness". That was simply the result of the suffering he had endured over the years telling what he knew to be the truth while at the same time...seeing how innocent and trusting Americans were being lied to and deceived by the likes of a Chuck Harder. I know of Native Americans who have read Coopers book...and they have it next to their bedside...right next to the Bible and why? Because they are the VICTIMS of everything Cooper has testified of in his life...and now in his death. They know...they know the difference between a "Warrior" and a "woman". They have both LIVED and DIED the TRUTH of what Cooper was MURDERED for exposing and and what Harder has lied to hide. Cooper KNEW that Free Masonry was the direct representation of the Spirit of the Anti-Christ and for that he made the ultimate sacrifice.

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