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January 2002

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Don Ecker on Bill Cooper & Kenn Thomas

(Don Ecker is a radio host and the Director of Research for UFO Magazine)

Bill Cooper Beholds A Pale Horse Rider

While Kenn is getting all teary-eyed over Cooper, I fail to seehim mention anything on the police officer that Cooper gunned


Deputy Robert Martinez was a Sheriff's Deputy with four years on the job. A Gulf War Veteran, U.S. Marine Corp, Martinez was a tactical officer at the time of the shooting. He was one of those guys who try to make it so the rest of us can sleep safely at night. He has a wife and three children waiting for him at home.

What say Kenn? Why don't we all shed a few tears for Deputy Martinez and his family?

Well, I suppose it was inevitable. Kenn does a teary-eyed obit on Bill Cooper. After giving the likes of another charlatan ( Sean Morton ) the "benefit of doubt" with his crazy stories, I guess Kenn must be easy to impress.

I do not mourn Coopers passing. I predicted an end like this for Cooper 10 years ago. Why? Well I am doing an article on assignment for an international publication on this story so I am going to hold off for now.


Milton William Cooper was a paranoid, lying and scheming opportunist who capitalized on the ignorance of the masses. He was an alcohol abuser and the police came to his home in Long Beach, California several times for domestic disturbances when Cooper would be under the influence and abusing his wife.

This is documented. At several UFO functions he had a habit of getting into physical confrontations with people he disagreed with. He plagiarized anyone and everyone when in UFO's and later the militia movement. And he is dead because he chose to shoot it out with the police when they attempted to serve a felony warrent on him for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. A local police officer from the Apache Co. Sheriff's Dept. is now lying in critical condition, perhaps paralyzed, maybe to die because of this paranoid mad-man. The only positive I can state is that Cooper was a master at whipping up the masses just like Joseph Goebbels or Adolph Hitler. No matter how many times Cooper was caught lying or twisting the truth, he slimed his way back out of his fix because he told more and bigger lies. I am going to stop now. In the next several messages I am going to upload my Fortean Times articles I wrote for the British publication on Bill Cooper and the JFK Driver story that was world wide disinformation 10 years ago. Back in those days Cooper was the main attraction on the UFO circuit. He was a "Star"willing to die to prove evil aliens were eating us. My how times do change.


Kenn Thomas replies


Hmmm...How to defend myself without being consumed by an e-mail flame war for the next several months...

Virtually everything Don says here about Cooper has been said about Danny Casolaro, Jim Keith, David Hatcher Childress, Timothy Leary, Sean David Morton, Eric Von Daniken, Richard Nixon, Dubya Bush, all politicians, in fact, and every ufo researcher, including Don himself. If we were going to shoot down every "crazy" in parapolitical and UFO study, at the very least the circulation of Don's magazine would dwindle by half.

The feds had Cooper under surveillance from a house down the street for years. They gave up tracking him after listening to a few of his shortwave broadcasts. Looks like they figured, correctly, that the local yokel cops would take care of the problem.

I am not unsympathetic to the wounded deputy, but we have all seen time and again police operations that turn out to be more deadly than anything they were meant to prevent. I can only hope that procedures to subdue people in Eager, AZ are better thought out in the future. Cooper was under surveillance by local authorities for many years. They could have nabbed him at the grocery store, as they should have with David Koresh. That would have prevented the deputy's wounds and Cooper's killing.

If you can't mourn Cooper, then mourn the diminishing of the free speech rights of UFO crazies and tax resisters everywhere that his shooting death represents. The best response to bad information is to produce good information, and Don does that commendably with the Fortean articles -- and I would again urge people to seek out Lars Hanson's affidavit to try to get the full picture about Bill Cooper. But I am not "teary-eyed". I am dead serious that Cooper's execution was an assault on every effort at cognitive dissonance, at trying to know more about the things the authorities want covered up, at free speech itself. C'mon, we all knew the guy, read the books and heard the tapes. At worst, Cooper was a harmless crank. If he gets blown away for being that, who's next?

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