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October 2002

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Bon Jovi: An Intuitive Perspective

Jaye Beldo


On October 8th, washed-up former hair metaler Bon Jovi will test market a sugar coated form of fascism. Purchasers of the upcoming Bounce can opt to have their personal information automatically registered into a data base via a PIN code stickered onto the CD. The promoters of this ploy, Island Records, are calling it 'The American XS Serialization Program.' The supposed benefits of enlisting in the program include 'first in line' concert tickets and other so called promotional perques. Bon Jovi, a corporate rock musician of questionable talent, allegedly inspired by the upcoming release of Bounce, wants to 'give back to his fans' and 'reward' them for going out and purchasing the album.

What came to mind when I first read about this potentially sinister gimmick was a front page photo I saw a few years ago of two elderly women getting their 'flu' shots at a turnpike tollbooth. The caption hinted at how convenient drive thru inoculation would become in the near future. What better way to get the public to accept a mandatory mass vaccination program than to present it as something benignly innocuous? The same goes with under the skin tracking devices in which a person's location can instantly be monitored via satellite. The sub-dermal computer chips are currently being marketed as an effective way to find lost pets and children. Never mind the fact that once people grow used to this application, the devices may very well become a mandatory addition to the human body. Nobody will bother to protest such an invasion of privacy, for they won't even notice.

The marketing strategy for Bounce is no different really. The XS program is merely one more way of getting the public to fully accept the invasion of privacy, Homeland Security style, under the guise of entertainment. The most effective way to promote a New World Order agenda is to present it as something desirable, fashionable and more importantly, easily consumable. Getting people to purchase their very own oppression over the counter, while willingly compromising their first amendment rights is the ultimate corporate dream come true. Herr Jovi, currently residing in double platinum heaven, must be quite moved that he's now the designated trans national corporate messiah most likely to make the surveillance cum 'reward' program a success.

During some channel surfing recently, I happened across a segment of the Bounce video, depicting the Jovi band interacting with the Masai people of Africa, near a giant satellite dish. For me this was a blatant promotion of the techno-colonization of third world countries. If there is anything that Jovi should give back to the people, it is the massive profits Island Records will make off of Bounce. Bon should consider giving the capitalo back to imperiled third world countries such as Africa, currently ravaged by AIDS, civil war, economic strife and starvation. I honestly believe that the XS Serialization program can be used in a positive way. Give back to Bounce consumers information on how they can help improve the quality of life of the communities they live in. Increase their awareness of environmental issues, drug abuse, domestic violence, etc. However, at this point, considering the vampiric music industry that controls the promotion of such entities as Jovi, it is unlikely to happen any time soon. For now, I recommend boycotting the Bounce album, at least until the PIN stickers are removed. Or if you simply cannot help yourself, put in false information in the Island Records data banks such as: Mr. George W. Bush, Presidential Thief and Progeny of the Skull and Bones Society. Or: Mr. Kenny Boy Lay, Enron CEO and contributor to Bush campaign for election. Maybe the suits at Island will then start to get a clue about what they are doing and start really giving back to Bon Jovi fans.

On an intuitive level, the intended manipulations behind the XS program are obvious. Upon arrival at the Jovi website, my solar plexus immediately knotted up and my breathing got shallow. In the intuitive healing work I do, this kind of reaction is a red flag that some psychic manipulation is indeed taking place. The solar plexus area is associated with the third chakra, the chakra of power. BonJovi.Com depicted the sunglassed band, in front of a giant satellite dish with intermittent lightning. The intended subliminal message being, 'prepare yourself for the coming storm.' Check it out for yourself at:

Prior to going to the website however, I suggest taking a few deep breaths, grounding and centering yourself. Instead of merely watching the animation, tune into your subtle body (aura and chakras). You can then gain a better understanding of how you are being manipulated without falling into the 'entertainment' trap. (The word entertainment literally means to hold between two states- a kind of suspended animation.) You can do this with other web sites you visit, t.v. shows you watch as well as with the music you listen to. Overall, these programs are vampiric in nature, so make sure that no negative entity gloms onto you afterwards.

So far the media response has been fairly minimal, compared to the onslaught I experienced during the MKANUS debacle last March. BBC London and Red FM 104 in Ireland actually encouraged intelligent dialogue and I feel quite fortunate to have been on these stations. As per usual, the stations in America have been pretty closed minded to the possibility of the XS Serialization program promoting further erosion of privacy rights. I was on a station in Detroit that was broadcasting out of some sports bar prior to a Monday Night football game. At the suggestion of the announcers, I ended up doing a psychic reading on the ailing football team/stadium and determined that there was some kind of collective depression hovering around. The announcers informed me that someone had recently died in the stadium. I recommended that the players start meditating and doing deep breathing exercises. Oddly enough, the DJs seemed receptive to that idea. However, all of this was a way to get me away from the topic at hand and use up the remaining air time.

The worst station so far was a rock station in Georgia. During the call in segment they let some drunk guy ramble on for about five minutes. This is a familiar ploy and can be seen/heard on many talk shows on both radio and t.v. I would not doubt that these people are actually hired to call in and use up air time to sabotage anyone who tries to wake up the public to what is going on. On two stations, I was cut off mid sentence and greeted with a dial tone. On a station out of Australia, they hung up on me before I even got to say a word. Twice, as I tried to elaborate on my ideas, I was interrupted and asked to talk about something else. However, as crass as corporate media is, I've learned to endure this deliberately endorsed stupidity, knowing I would have an opportunity to promote various conspiracy websites, magazines, books, etc., to the masses. Surely there are one or two receptive ears out in corporate media land and it is with this in mind that I continue to go on the mainstream air. Call me a naive optimist but I truly believe that a positive transformation will eventually occur through corporate media. Becoming aware of the potentials for abuse via the XS Serialization program, for starters, certainly will help shift things towards the light.


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Jaye Beldo is a columnist for Paranoia Magazine. He contributes to Disinfo.Com, The Konformist, ViewZone and other venues on and off line. He can be reached at:

©2002 Jaye Beldo

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