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October 2001

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Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare

Book Review


Jaye C. Beldo



In Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, Michael A. Hoffman II deftly charts out the workings of the cryptocracy, a cadre of smoke screened power mongers who attempt to control the world via a series of orchestrated events such as the Kennedy assassination, the Manson and Son of Sam murders, 2001: A Space Odyssey (both book and movie), the gunning down of John Lennon, the Oklahoma City bombing and quite possibly the recent 9-11 tragedy as well. Employing a peculiar yet engaging brand of arcane hermeneutics, Hoffman sets out to unveil how these events have been mediated in ways which manipulate the consciousness of the masses, thus easily swaying the populace into obeying the dictates of what he believes is the Freemasonically controlled state. The author fortifies his argument by citing examples of mind control not only from popular culture movies such as Videodrome and Nightmare on Elm Street but also with some erudite references to secret societies and their unsavory intrigues as well. His take on Christopher Marlowe's plays Dr. Faustus and Tamburlaine as thinly veiled polemics directed at John Dee (whose code name was 007) and his role in the creation of the British Empire via a sophisticated espionage network is something that is rarely mentioned in most mainstream books covering the Elizabethan era. The official storyline which has been fed to us for all these centuries is that Marlowe died in a 'tavern brawl'. It is more likely, according to Hoffman, that he was assassinated by Ingram Frizer, one of Queen Elizabeth's espionage agents, for daring to expose the occult origins of her magical control of the empire. Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare is peppered with such historical gems throughout. It is these kind of references that make Hoffman's book so intriguing.

Implicated in Hoffman's agile segueway from Elizabethan erudition to Hollywood crassness, is a subtle hint that mind control can come in many forms and disguises. He just as easily dissects movies such as The Matrix as well as obscure kabbalistic texts from the 15th century which describe recipes for conjuring Golems in order to make the multivaried forms of mental exploit self evident. Mark's etymological command makes his unusual tome worth reading, helping readers get to the roots of what is called 'twilight language', an occult nomenclature which only 'initiates' ever can understand, yet influences us all in the most insidious and ambiguous of ways. In the author's occult analysis of Catholicism, for example, we discover that Vatican, comes from the Latin word Vates, meaning Prophet. 'The Vatican is located on an ancient crossroads that was once the site of the temple of the oracle of Apollo, whose prophecies were called vaticinia.' Hoffman reminds us, lest we forget the true origins of Catholicism, especially considering what is going down in Rome these days.

Another standard ingredient in twilight language is, of course, the pun. Hoffman encourages us, indirectly, to pay close attention to the pun(dit) riddled newscasts, advertisements, movies and newspapers we are blitzkrieged with on a daily basis so that we can grasp the sleazy underhandness of Freemasonic indoctrination. As a grim example of twilight punning, the test site of the world's first nuclear detonation is named Trinity, just a few miles, as the raven flies from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico which can be arrived at by passing through Jornada Del Muerto via Route 66, a Freemasonically designed roadway according to the author. Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare will heighten your awareness of these manipulations and will assist you in warding off the intended malign effects of twilight language. I recommend taking a look at Mr. Hoffman's essay on the Unabomber spectacle in Apocalypse Culture II and how puns, mystical toponomies and other twilighted fare were fed the public in a way which only encouraged morbid fascination and nothing else. No doubt these very things are being used to promote the 9-11 tragedy to public at the moment.

After reading Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, you'll sincerely appreciate how subliminal manipulation goes far beyond the realms of mere skulls airbrushed into ice cubes and nubile pubescents slyly encoded in a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs. My only qualm is that there are no college courses on mystical toponomy and twilight language that I know of. Perhaps Mr. Hoffman will someday teach such fare if the Freemasonically funded universities will let him do so. Maybe then students, en masse, will abandoned the spiritually voided, deconstructionist pedants who currently plague academia with their own form of CIA funded mind control. This would be a most welcome occurrence, considering the fact that the fascism of today is coming from the left. Frederic Jameson and Monsieur Derrida take heed!

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*Please note: I was informed of Mr. Hoffman's opinions on the Nazi Holocaust after I wrote the following review, something I was unaware of at the time. My review in no way endorses or recommends subscribing to such a radical and highly questionable viewpoint. I intend to steer clear of such dangerous ground, having a very different set of beliefs concerning the Holocaust for reasons I will not go into here. Yet, there are some interesting, possibly viable things Mr. Hoffman says in his book which makes it worth considering. Besides that, he's a good writer and I can't knock him for that.


Jaye C. Beldo is a writer and intuitive counselor. His articles appear on The Konformist, ViewZone, Disinfo.Com and other venues on and off line. He can be reached at:

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