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May 2001

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Blowing the Lid Off the O.K. City Bomb

By Robert Stanley


Much has already been reported about the bombing in Oklahoma City, and much has yet to be explained in the months and years ahead.

However, there are many lessons to be learned from this tragedy.

Truth is often an unwelcome guest in a room full of guilty people where honor is a virtue only spoken of in hushed tones and people live in the silence and oppression of stagnate intellectual waters.

Long ago, Christ advised us to know others by their acts, not just their words. However, the terror in a person's or group's speech and literature can be very revealing to what they are thinking and feeling deep inside. Many groups in the world today are living in fear and are unwilling to grow. Their radical, ultra conservative views only reflect their paranoid perspective of forces that are often times bigger, and more complex than any of us could fully comprehend.

This may explain the popularity of certain talk shows that tend to incite people's emotions. Every talk radio station was buzzing with news and views about the unthinkable and unforgivable crime committed in Oklahoma City. It seemed that most people were just searching for answers, while others had very strong opinions. On Friday, April 28, 1995 the former Chief of the FBI for Los Angeles, Ted Gunderson, spoke on KABC, a popular AM conservative (some say CIA) radio talk show. He warned the host Michael Jackson (a rather likeable chap) that what he had to say would sound nuts, but Jackson warmly welcomed Chief Gunderson (who had over 20 years of experience working for the FBI) to share his respected views with the rather large listening audience. Gunderson reluctantly agreed to tell what he felt were the facts. "l first became involved with this when I retired, " he began. " I was involved in some very highly controversial issues. As a result of my work (with the FBI), I brought up the issue of Satanism, and this is what I feel it (the Oklahoma bombing) is. There is an element of Satanists within our society. They are evil people. I feel that it is just a question of time before they think that they can take over the country and take over the world. We're talking about One World Government meetings that will take place in San Francisco the latter part of September through the first part of October. Look back at some of the events that have taken place: BCCI, the S&L fiasco, these people basically want a two level society for the ultimate rich and for everybody else to be poor.

"I never use the word conspiracy because it is a well established, global network. They rule through secrecy and fear. This goes back at least 200 years ago to 1776 and directly relates to the Illuminati. The Illuminati intended to organize and take over the civilizations of the world. One of the Illuminati members, a secret messenger, was killed by a bolt of lightning while en route to his rendezvous. He was found by the government to be carrying plans to overthrow the American government by a network based in Europe.

"This is well organized, in my opinion. And I have some ideas who leads it, I even have names. There is no question about it. I know their network. They have tried to kill me, they have tried several times, and they have been unsuccessful. The last attempt occurred in May 1994, while I was in Nebraska working on this case on them, trying to expose them. Somebody loosened the lug nuts on both of my front wheels. My right front wheel came off first while I was doing 65 mph down the freeway.

"My opinion of the Oklahoma bombing is that this network carefully planned to create an incident that would arouse the American people and arouse Congress so they would quickly pass anti-terrorism legislation which would further take away our civil liberties. As a matter of fact, I understand the new Crime Bill that is being rushed through allows the Justice Department to investigate crimes based on the political beliefs and associations of suspects, not subjects, but suspects who have committed crimes. This is carte blanche for them to investigate anybody in the United States.

"As to who actually carried out the bombing in Oklahoma, I think we hopefully will get some of the underlings. I don't think arrests will be made of those high up in the network who are responsible for this act. I think they will have to come up with somebody, and I feel that McVeigh was a throw-away. He was only a messenger-boy whom they could conveniently blame it on.

"I have been researching this information for 15 going on 16 years, and am confident about the statement I have made to the media as of today. If someone wanted to take 3 or 4 hours to really sit down and talk to me I could convince them, but I can't really convince anybody in just a few minutes," Gunderson concluded. While listening to the former FBI Chief's perspective, flashes of the now popular X-Files crossed my mind's eye. Could a group of X-FBI agents really have started a file on Satanists, the Illuminati and other enigmatic entities, and were they really working this case entirely off the record, fighting for truth, freedom, justice and the American way?

Agent Gunderson, in true X-fashion (despite what the media was led to believe), knew the exact level of sophistication used in making the bomb that destroyed the very large Federal Building in Oklahoma.

After consulting with explosives experts, Gunderson knew that the only fertilizer fallout from that explosion had come directly from Federal sources that were either full of their own b.s. or hiding something bigger. Gunderson had received a report from nearby seismic instruments that registered two shock wave from the blast, about 15 seconds apart. According to Gunderson, the two shock waves, which created the powerful crushing blow to the building, could only have been caused by a highly sophisticated electrostatic barometric fuel bomb. After much consideration, Gunderson decided to take his findings to the media.

This type of bomb works in two stages. The first explosions release a cloud of airborne, extremely explosive gas, which is electrostatically charged like a ball of plasma. The second explosion comes after the gas is ignited and carries a destructive force nearly equal to the effects of the same size atomic bomb.

Gunderson described how the type of bomb that destroyed the Federal Building was only the size of a pineapple. The government's spokesmen first said that they believed the bomb was 1,000 Ibs. and was delivered by a small truck, but later had to revise their estimates to 4,800 Ibs. delivered by a large truck in order to account for the massive devastation. However, agent Gunderson described how it was impossible for a large fertilizer bomb to create a shock wave sufficient to do such damage as in the World Trade Center bombing. The effects of an electrostatic fuel bomb create an extremely powerful almost instantaneous shock wave which can literally crush a building's steel and cement supports in one blow. The small size of the bomb makes it extremely desirable for terrorist activity. However, the total volume of explosive contained in this bomb is relative to its immediate surroundings such as a room, a hallway, or an enclosed parking area which, after quickly filling with fuel, ignite in one giant explosion. There were early reports of a second bomb that had been found after the explosion that was disarmed, but that story was later denied. Some have speculated that there were actually three small bombs that were designated to be used in totally destroying the Oklahoma Federal Building.

This type of weapon was first used in the '80s, during the Iran/lraq war, with devastating results. It is of interest that the FBl's number one suspect, McVeigh, was not only a veteran of the Persian Gulf War (where he received the Bronze Star), but that he quit the military shortly after being turned down for service in the elite special forces (a.k.a. the Green Beret).

On April 30, 1995, CBS' newsmagazine 60 Minutes' (tick, tick, tick goes the time bomb) lead story was about the "underground" movement within the Army's special forces and featured a secret publication called The Resistor. Although uniformed men of the special forces, from the Commanding General down to the Special Officer First Class, denied any knowledge of the movement, two other sinister spokesmen agreed only to speak from the safety of their dark shadows. They claimed that their activities were very secret and successful.

Is this what the government doesn't want to tell us? That a few military specialists have run amok in America, and are covertly preparing themselves to take command of the country while training others for a revolution? Let's hope not, because these men are dangerous and misguided. However, agent Gunderson seemed to feel that this entire madness was carefully and secretly organized with a long-term goal of creating a global monopoly. He was also deeply concerned about the changes in search and seizure laws and cited statistics that were staggering in their implications. Gunderson believes that at the current rate of Federal seizures, the Fed's would have acquired nearly all personal property by the end of the century.

An ancient formula for controlling the masses says that order comes out of chaos, and that when some of the people are looking to the extreme right and others are looking to the extreme left a minority can lead the way without the majority seeing where they are going.

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