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KON4M 99
December 1999

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The Professional Paranoid

Book Review


Jaye C. Beldo

Feral House, known for their usually ozone perforating titles such as The Octopus and Psychic Dictatorship in the U.S.A., have come up with something a bit more down to earth for us, The Professional Paranoid by H. Michael Sweeney. This practical manual thoroughly describes proven techniques on how to safely deal with potential snoops ranging from stalkers, corporate bullies, the IRS, private dicks to CIA spooks and spookettes. How to know when your being trailed, when your mail is being tampered with and if your phone is being tapped can be found in this intriguing and important survival guide. Women will find much useful information on how to avoid date rape and other forms of assault included in this very street smart book.

Reading The Professional Paranoid has awakened this reviewer to some ultimately sobering facts:

1. FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) as enacted in 1978 and later expanded by Klinton under Executive Order #12949 as a response to the World Trade and Oklahoma City bombings, pretty much annihilates our rights to privacy, protection from unreasonable search and seizure, and a right to a fair hearing. 'Seven men can meet in a secret court, with no public record kept, to decide that, because of who you may have associated with (even accidentally or coincidentally)'

2. The NSA, the largest intelligence agency in the U.S. can pretty much intercept any phone call you make, e-mail you send or receive through technology that they themselves have developed, yet are somehow mysteriously immune to the surveillance laws that the rest of us are subject to.

3. FEMA has established a 'Financial Crimes Enforcement Network' of 'supercomputers designed to track every financial transaction of every citizen' Imagine the implications if they hook up with those literal outlaws at the IRS.

4. PROMIS is a software program that enables the CIA and other federal agencies to track you online. "If you call a police department or federal agency and they enter your name into a computer, the CIA knows about it. They can even alter the information. Who knows, you might suddenly be listed as 'armed and dangerous'."

Most impressive in this work is the abundance of information found in the appendix which spells out the staggering number of CIA and other survelliance fronts at large, ranging from the AAI Corporation to Mitre to Zenith Technical Enterprises. Also in the appendix is detailed technical information on bugs and other forms of surveillance technology often employed by the snoops at large. Updated information on the telecommunications and computer industry's collusion with the NSA to make their technology more surveillance friendly is also included such as clipper chips which enable 'secret electronic entrance into digital information systems' and the like. I found the information on pertinent web sites dedicated to exposing Big Brother also highly useful as well .

I commend Mr. Sweeney for his courage as well as impressive thoroughness of the research he put into the making of The Professional Paranoid . Anyone who scoffs at the suggestion that surveillance isn't the problem its made out to be in the world of conspiracy should read and re-read this book for a much needed change of mind.

Check out and www. for more info, if you dare.


Jaye C. Beldo is a writer, spiritual anarchist and intuitive counselor. He has been published in Dream Network, FATE, Green Egg, the Konformist, Viewzone, New Vision. He can be reached at:

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