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KON4M 99
June 1999

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The Klinton Kill Kount

An omen of things to come?

William Jefferson Clinton has been called many things: a draft-dodger, a pot inhaler (or worse, a non-pot inhaler), a liar, an adulterer, a rapist, a socialist, a liberal, a crook, a traitor... The list goes on and on, and many of the accusations are certainly true.

Still, there is one charge that really seems to interest people, particularly those on the internet: is Bill Klinton a mass murderer?

The short answer, of course, is that most certainly he is. After all, he has ordered and caused thousands of deaths from bombings, so like it or not, he certainly is a killer.

Okay, but that's really evading the real question. There sure seems to be a bunch of people who have hung are Kommander Klinton who have wound up dead. And many of them appear to have information that could implicate Slick Willie in serious criminal activity. Could there be a connection between these two facts?

To be fair, to pin all this on Klinton is a bit simplistic and unfair: Klinton after all, has many supporters that are involved in criminal activity big time. With this in mind, Klinton is a mere puppet, and certainly not the mastermind. The dead bodies which litter his path are just a sign of the nasty trail you must go on in order to get to the top.

Further, the body kount lists are a bit myopic in view: certainly there are lists just as large (if not greater) for Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George Bush. The promoters of the Klinton death lists always seem to forget that fact.

Then again...

Oh, what the hell. Who are we kidding? HE'S GUILTY!!!

With that in mind, here is our page devoted to links to showing Bill Klinton as the murderous, diabolical mastermind that is hidden behind his smarmy, smiling facade. We encourage you to send more, and keep checking in for more anti-Klinton outrage.

The President Clinton Scandal - Beyond Vince Foster

From Linda D. Thompson. The original recipe.



Courtesy of Michael Rivero.


The Progressive Review's Arkansas Casualty List

Sam Smith, a progressive with a vengence.


They've Been Arkansided: Clinton Body Count Internet Conspiracy Theories

Joseph Farah of WorldNetDaily with an article on the subject.


Clinton Body Count


The Body Count


From Parascope:

Clinton Scandal Archive Documents

Clinton Scandal Weblinks


Clinton Lies and Scandals Links


William Jefferson Blythe Clinton: TRAITOR



Joseph Farah's online news service. Lots of deserved Klinton bashing.



Chris Ruddy's website: another great source for a healthy heaping scoop of Klinton slams.

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