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July 1999

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Results of "Concentration Camp" Trip

David Hoffman (

Other Sites To Visit On Concentration Camps

Hello all. I just got back from my ten-day "concentration camp" tour of three states. I brought back my striped uniform and have a new tattoo on my forearm to show for it.

Seriously, I got this list of supposed camps off of Don Bradley's website ( Bradley - an author of various new age subjects - has been ranting and raving for the past year about hundreds of camps with "machinegun towers, moats, gas-chambers, and roving armed patrols."

Several of my colleagues (Robert Sterling, publisher of the alternative press, The Konformist, and a friend) went to the locations in California that Bradley ranted about (the ones with the machine-gun towers and gas-chambers) and came back laughing their asses off. To say that there was nothing there of the kind Bradley ranted about is an understatement. When Sterling repeatedly asked Bradley to come up with some facts (which Bradley had earlier promised to deliver), he failed to reply.

Yet Bradley rants on.

Following are what I found on my trip. In my estimation, Bradley - who is NOT a trained journalist and seems to possess no clue as to how to check facts (assuming he even wants to) - is a self-deluded paranoic and a pathological liar.

- D.H.




Alleged Internment Camps

Location 1: Tinker AFB: This is a civilian detention facility, all base personnel are prohibited from going near the area, and the area is under constant guard.

//// Haven't been there yet, but plan to check it out.


Location 2: McAlester (100 mi south-east of Norman): WWII German/Italian POW camp being renovated.

//// There is nothing there but a Little League baseball field! What I think FEMA is planning on doing is turning the bleachers into baricades, and using 12-year olds to hit escaping prisoners with baseball bats.

Location 3: Will Rogers Air Port: This is a newly constructed FEMA facility, and it is believed that it will be used as a primary processing center for prisoners West of the Mississippi River.

//// I've been to Will Rogers airport. It is an airport - nothing more.


Alleged Internment Camps

Location 1: Ft. Hood (just north of Austin) has a newly built concentration camp, constructed complete with towers, high fencing, and barbed wire.

//// I drove around the base and saw nothing suspicious. I also talked with a seargent who has been on the base six years, and is a tank gunner (and who hates the Army). We struck up a conversation around our mutual interest in armor. After I gained his trust, I asked him about such facilities. He just laughed. I also talked to a junior tank officer. He laughed harder. (I did have a fun time traversing the tank turret and looking through the infrared site though!)

Location 2: Forth Worth (40 mi north-west of Dallas): Federal prison under construction on the old Carswell AFB in Ft Worth, TX. Additional: The military hospital is within the compound. New buldings are being constructed at a panic rate.

//// Haven't been there, but I called them. It is a a womens' hospital and prison. There is no new construction going on "at a panic rate," according to them. (I know,I know Don, they are all part of a conspiracy of silence!)

Location 3: Beaumont Port Arthur (60 mi east of Houston) area: there were thousands of acres of federal camps already built on the order of detention camp design complete with the double row chain link fencing with the razor styled concertina wire on top of each row. Some but not all of these facilities are currently being used for low-risk prisoners who require a minimum of supervision. However, any of these facilities could be returned into an armed internment detention center within a 24-hr. period.

Additional: The area is in Beaumont off Hwy 69 south and consists of thousands of acres of barbed-wire bordered camps. Those nearest the road are kept immaculate and are occupied by juveniles while those further from the road are not quite so nice. Most of the facilities are un-occupied but have skeleton crews on duty.

//// Haven't been there, but I suppose any federal prison facility could be "returned into an armed internment detention center within a 24-hour period." What does that prove?


Alleged Internment Camps

Ft. Chaffee (100 mi east of Tulsa) Has a new runway for aircraft, new detention camp facilities with capacity of 20,000 prisoners. (Dave: Take photos of rows of barracks at Chaffee, then make your way to the back of the base (south end) and try to find the FEMA compound. It has towers near it and a large fence with wire around the top.)

//// I drove all around the base, and outside it, to the south (where the alleged FEMA facility is supposed to be), which is a residential neighborhood. The base is practically deserted. I counted two people the entire time I was there. A civilian worker told me the base is being shut down, which seems to fit in with what I saw. There are rows of old barracks, and yes, they have barbed-wire turned inwards, but they are dilapidated. They were used to house Cuban refugees during the Cuban boat lift. The worker told me they are all being torn down. There is no FEMA facility.

Blythville AFB (150 mi north-east of Little Rock): This base was closed but is now being used as a camp location. New wooden barracks have been constructed at this location. This camp is surrounded by high wire topped with barbed wire, and has guard towers.

//// The base, also transitioned as part of military base closures, was turned over to civilian commercial interests, and currently houses various companies, organizations, etc. - none with any NWO ties. It was one of the bases that was transitioned to civilian uses.

Location 2: Jerome (125 mi south-east of Little Rock): Renovated spec Interment camps for Japanese Americans WWII.

//// I was there. It has one old dilapidated guard tower remaining, and is an officially designated historical site. Pretty insidious sounding.

Location 3: Rohwer (100 mi south-east of Little Rock): Renovated WWII Japanese-American special internment detention centers.

//// After visiting Jerome, I didn't bother. Bradley and his cohorts claim that every single WWII POW and Japanese-American internment camp are being "renovated." Obviously they've never been to any of them.

Location 5: Berryville (125 mi east of Tulsa): FEMA facility located east of Eureaka on hwy 62. Mark Korneke claims that it is located near Tyson's property.

//// I was there. It is a state-run child advocacy center, with one little, single, tiny building about the size of a small house. That's it. It would be pretty hard to hide something nefarious in that area, because the two-lane highway is chocked full of hotels and restaurants and tourist shops. It is a popular tourist site with a hot-spring nearby. The local police I talked to said there is no FEMA facility. (I know Don, I know, they are all part of the great conspiracy of silence. Obviously the NSA monitored my movements. As their spy satellite tracked me, they called the police station in Berryville and alerted them that I was on my way and instructed them what to say if I asked a question. Same for the local (Oklahoma City) fencing companies I called to ask about barbed-wire turned inward, who explained that some companies and facilities do it for insurance purposes, for those idiots who try to climb the fences.)

Location 6: Omaha (150 miles east of Tulsa): FEMA facility located on Hwy 65 south of old wood processing plant. It is on an old dirt road that leads to a toxic waste dump. Note: The facility in Ms. is also located on an old toxic waste dump. Additional: located on route 65 near the junction of 14 and 65, and is about 6 or 7 miles from the Missouri line. The Omaha facility is located at a radio active waste dump site.

//// Didn't visit, but I have a trusted reporter friend who used to live there, and knows the area well. He just laughed.

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