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September 1998

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The Revolution®

Politics is not fought in the center: it is fought at the edges. More specifically, it is fought by defining the edges: what is labeled as "fringe" helps to shape what is acceptable. Take, for example, how rabid reactionaries have foamed at the mouth so effectively about "getting tough on crime" that now even "liberals" bend over backwards in favor of promotion for a police state. Or look at how former Klan-leader David Duke somehow made Pat Buchanan's race-baiting seem more acceptable, which led to the eventual acceptance of nearly the entire Duke-Buchanan agenda on the '96 GOP Platform. Then there is the acceptance of Martin Luther King by the mainstream, who the pundits and press found preferable to the rabble-rouser Malcolm X.

With this background we present to you The Revolution, a new political party being formed by Mondo 2000 prankster-genius R. U. Sirius. The Revolution is as audacious of an attempt to push the envelope of the political edge since Abbie Hoffman was in his heyday.

There are many people who may think that Sirius' Revolution is nothing more than a shameless, attention-grabbing joke. Knowing a little about Sirius' modus operandi, it is certainly possible that Sirius may be one of those people himself. But if it is, so what? It's no worse of a joke than what passes for mainstream politics today. And who knows, maybe the punchline to this joke is that it succeeds in changing the political landscape. If it does, R.U. Sirius will get the last laugh.

WELCOME to, the official website of The Revolution®. The Revolution is a new political party that aims to be the voice of the non-voter, the alienated, the visionaries, the rabble, and the Internet. Combining left and libertarian politics with a kind of post-political futurism and the love of a good laugh, The Revolution® intends to bring all the subcultural tribes together to wrest control of worldwide political systems from the drug warriors, the cultural ayatollahs, and the various corporate mega-destructo gangs, ranging from the military-industrial complex to the HMOs ad infinitum.

To get a full synthetic grasp of The Revolution® in its many multifaceted aspects, it is necessary to READ ALL THE DOCUMENTS IN THE "DOCUMENT" SECTION of this website. That's right. Go ahead, capture them. Print them out later. Read them on the bus while carrot juice dribbles out of the corner of your mouth and onto the pages. If you read them straight the first time, read them stoned the second time. If you read them stoned the first time, read them straight the second time. If you're always stoned, you may want to consider R.U. Sirius' law of mind alteration; "Getting high is only interesting in contrast to staying straight." But don't let me tell ya what to do. I'm just a presidential candidate.

We want to infect all media with our meme, and we want to get in on the electoral process, before it disappears. So we will be attempting to get on ballots and running candidates for office, including my own candidacy for the President of the United States. Your votes are appreciated, but your contributions are even much more appreciated. GO TO THE VOLUNTEER SECTION AND GET INVOLVED!


Victory Over Horseshit, The Revolution® webzine is COMING SOON. This will be a combination of stuff that we generate ourselves, and stuff we think is relevant that we link to around the web. We hope to have lots of updates, so check back frequently.


R.U. Sirius Makes It Official

The Revolution® Policy Platforms

15 Point Party Platform for National Politics

by R.U. Sirius

7 Point Program for Dramatically Decreasing the Threat of International Terrorism

by R.U. Sirius

5 Point Platform for the Internet and the Computer Industry

by R.U. Sirius and Cyberdawg



Revolution® Part 1 - The Post-Modern Social Contract

by R.U. Sirius (from

Revolution® Part 2 - A Political Party

by R.U. Sirius (from

Revolution® Part 3 - How to Win

by R.U. Sirius (from

Revolution® Part 4 - EMERGENCY INSURGENCY!

by R.U. Sirius (from

Revolution® Part 5 - Do I Dare To Eat Impeach?

(Or How Mr. Clinton Got Caught in his own Police State)

by R.U. Sirius (from

Revolution® Part 6 - Crass Analyses or Victory Over Horseshit! in 2000

by R.U. Sirius (from

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