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Volume 1
May 1998

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The John Alexander Lecture

Encinitas, CA - May 2, 1998


May 2, 1998

California Institute for Human Science

701 Garden View Court

Encinitas, California 92024


John Alexander seminar; 1:00 to 6:00 PM


Robert Sterling (of the on-line zine, The Konformist) and I arrived approximately 1:45 PM As Big Blue (Density) was there, I will leave him to post the exact nature of the topics discussed. I was more interested in doing a profile of John Alexander. It would seem that has been my training; I am even more convinced after sitting through the seminar lecture and have a brief read of The Warrior's Edge. Yes, I am the owner of a signed copy; so I have a sample of Alexander's handwriting.

When we finally entered the room, John Alexander was at the front of the room asking for topics to be discussed. We sat in the last row, just behind Big Blue.

The topics being called out by the audience involved UFOs, Remote Viewing, Area 51. To point up the reason one of the attendees was there to hear Alexander, I noticed a gold metallic cloth "grey alien" doll about 15 inches high. Not all of the crowd was as blatant a believer as that particular gentleman.

Big Blue's lengthy question centered on the spiritual aspects of Alexander's work and his knowledge of Scientology. As I stated early, check out Big Blue's website for his reasons for requesting information on those topics and his reaction to Alexander's lecture.

Physical appearance (I am providing this for those of us who have interacted with him in one or the other programs as unwitting subjects): the most outstanding characteristic about Alexander to me is the fact that he wears hearing aids in BOTH ears. I wondered what would have caused this condition. Anybody have that background? He has seems to have undergone a great deal of changes from the 1970s. I don't mean just that he has gotten older (haven't we all), but his face has changed substantially. There must be some underlying prognosis going on. Any ideas? His body is still slim. His hair is still in tight curls; he either needed a haircut or is wearing his hair a little longer than in the 70s.

It is obvious that Alexander is well schooled in NPL; knows exactly what subjects to not allow to come up in discussion; when a "forbidden" subject does surface, knows how to "slide on by." I have two examples: I brought up the topic of "non-lethal weapons" with the qualification that he discuss only up to classified. He claimed it was ALL unclassified. Well, okay.

Not wanting to be confrontational just after being seated, I ignored the opportunity to bring up electronic harassment technology (not publicly, anyway; I will provide the second example a little later). Not in any particular order: this is what I remember (not the exact words, but the flavor of) Alexander's comments regarding:

Area 51: "well, the Skunk Works are close by, I wouldn't be surprise at what they are flying out there." With regard to Norio's Area 51 March: "could be that they fly something really interesting over them."

UFOs: "that term means unidentified flying objects. That does not mean everything you see flying contains little green men." "Hah! Hah!" from the audience.

Roswell: "something happened there, but it had nothing to do with Mogul balloons." Roswell: Case Closed: "the Air Force really messed that one up didn't they." At this point, Alexander discussed the brush off letter Senator Schiff got from one of the Air Force brass. This means to me that Alexander is fully apprised of everything that is going on with regard to UFOs, etc.

Remote Viewing: a lot of the lecture time was time was devoted to remote viewing and Cleve Bakster's work with plants and oral leukocytes. The details of Bakster's work from the 70s which Alexander tested on himself.

Bakster is a contributing member of the CIHS therefore it was important that this work be included in Alexander's lecture, because CIHS must have formulated some type of agreement to have Alexander lecture at their facility. Bakster's work is included in Thompson's "Secret Life of Plants."

I will not present any details of the oral leukocyte testing here. Perhaps, BB will.

One of the points Alexander tried to make at the beginning of the lecture was the amount of controlled studies done in the area of parapsychology; claimed 85% as opposed to medical at 5% or 6%. He did not provide the number of studies contained in the statistical model; therefore, to me it was just numbers. We (the press people) were provided a copy of two studies, one involving muscle control utilizing self-generated mind control; Jerry Livesay was the co-investigator, Dean of Academic Affairs for CIHS. I am presuming to back up the claim that parapsychology is being studied in a scientific manner using blinded control protocols.

The Slide Gels: I noticed that the gels were of uneven quality. Some of the gels looked as if they must have been used for military briefings; they were not left showing for very long (to keep the program moving? to keep people from copying down the information?); I am a usually a fast note taker, but I had trouble copying the info off the slides/gels.

An Example of Remote Viewing: a video of Joe McDoneagle(sp?) on one of the TV shows which focuses on paranormal interviewed and set-up a session with Joe. The type of session involved a field remote (an individual unknown to Joe at the site to be remoted) who looked around while the viewer concentrated (Joe back at the studio). Very impressive. Much was made over the fact that Joe picked up on a large riverboat, which moved into the river front scene during the session.

The Remote Viewing Lesson: a double slipped envelope was placed on the blackboard easel (Alexander stated that he had picked 5 images, but would only use one), music to meditate to was turned on, we were told to relax and just let it happen. I vowed not to participate but to just listen to the nice music. I got images anyway, and noted them. I was happy when the chosen envelope was opened and I had not remoted it. I was feeling like I could still have command over my subconscious. I was shocked when someone in the audience asked for the other four envelopes and one of the images turned out to be one that I had remoted. Good thing I kept my mouth shut, and pretended I had "failed." Who knew what was really going on with that session.

Private Conversation with Alexander: During the break I went into the hall to buy The Warrior's Edge and found Alexander talking with people. I went up to him, and the other people moved off. I took a "half face" stance to show non-confrontational in controlled body language; I sometimes turned my eyes off into the distance to emphasize; then, I asked the following:"Are you really the father of non-lethal weapons?"

"Yes, I am." Very clear, very direct, no hesitation, no backing down stance.

"Yes, you are the father of non-lethal weapons. Tell me how the idea came to you, came about."

"Sometimes you need a way to protect people who put themselves into dangerous situations; people who are doing peaceful type missions."

"Like Rwanda."

"Like Rwanda, but there is the potential for danger to the people. You want something to keep the danger away from them."

"Like controlling a crowd of people."

"Yes, that but also rubber bullets, things like that."

"How about psychoaudiotronics. Would you use psychoaudiotronics?"

"We're testing that now."

"Are you testing it in the field unwittingly on humans?"

He just stared at me, so I volunteered, "Like the radiation testing on unwitting humans?"

"What are you talking about? When did that happen?"

"I don't have my notes in front of me. But the President's Commission discovered testing that was done."

"No, no. The kind of testing we're doing is up at Capistrano . . . ."

"Well, I am concerned about human subjects because I was on the staff of the Human Subject Protection Committee at UCLA."

"I've got to get back into there . . . " Then, across the hallway to me, "there's too much protection of human subjects, it has swung too much the other way."

"That's because there were so many abuses."

We entered the lecture hall at the same time through different doorways.

For the next few minutes, every time I looked over at Alexander he was staring at me. And, let me know he was sizing me up, doing an on the spot remote of me.

- - - - - - -

P.S. Melinda Leslie (organizer of Orange County UFO lecturer series in Anaheim) came barreling up the driveway just after most people had left the institute. She breathlessly asked for Alexander; asked if he had brought up the Special Investigation Committee. I remembered that he had under the subject of the SAB (scientific advisory board) topic and stated that the project had been put on hold. Hmmmm! After Melinda had escorted Alexander to his car, pressing the question on the Special Projects/Investigation Committee, she came rushing back to state that the project was on hold.

Who knows whether the project is on hold or not. Maybe, Bigelow (the money behind Alexander's projects) has run low on money.

- - - - -



To find out more about the CIHS:


California Institute for Human Science

Graduate School and Research Center

701 Garden View Court

Encinitas, California 92024

Phone: (760) 634-1771

Fax: (760) 634-1772




Thanks to John Alexander and Jerry Livesay for their time, information, and support.

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