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December 2000

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GW Bush:

"It Would Be Easier If I Was Dictator"

Robert Lederman

It is now clear why a visibly nervous Dick Cheney is always looking over GW Bush's shoulder when his President-elect protege addresses the media without a carefully-worded script. Like a child, Dubya says the darndest things.

Take his photo-op with Congressional leaders on 12/18/2000. As broadcast on CNN and available in transcript on their website, a goofily-grinning GW managed to put the entire election controversy into a unique perspective. Standing besides bipartisanly-compromised Democratic Congressional leaders Dick Gephardt and Tom Daschle, GW - or as he is known within the Bush family, Dumbya - had this to say:

"If this were a dictatorship, it'd be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator."

See CNN transcript from 12/18/2000:

Since the sole difference between a dictatorship and a democracy is that the leaders are popularly elected by the masses of people rather than by seizing office by force, being appointed by an elite or by assuming power via a fixed election there can be no other way to describe the GW Bush administration than as a dictatorship.

The mechanisms whereby the Bush dynasty has seized power and the real agenda they mean to institute become more evident each day. Can conservatives see through the Bush propaganda and beyond their hatred of Clinton/Gore?

His cabinet appointees are so far without exception men and women whose entire careers involve being groomed by the military-industrial complex, his father's criminally-motivated business circles, far right think tanks with a history of CIA involvement or by the most corrupt channels of Texas oil politics. Rather than being an expression of bipartisanism, the Bush appointees far more closely resemble what police call, the usual suspects.

What conservatives don't yet fully realize is that the Bush family - including GW - are neither genuine Republicans nor are they genuine conservatives. What they are is genuine corporate-fascists.

If one examines the core beliefs of genuine conservatives-being against abortion, being for the right to own guns, being against Federal intervention in States rights, being against the UN or other multi-national organizations intervening in US affairs or challenging US sovereignty, being against welfare, being against illicit drugs and being against affirmative action-one will find little if anything that resonates with either the conservative agenda or with the ideologies of the prospective appointees of the new Bush administration.

The Bush family are long time advocates of family-planning, population control, sterilization of the poor, corporate welfare, increasing UN power, importing drugs into America, the New World Order and Eugenics.

Numerous members of the Bush family including his father and brothers and at least one of GW's prospective cabinet appointees-potential GW Bush Attorney General Marc Racicot-have a history of alleged involvement in drug running at the highest levels. We're not talking about buying drugs for personal use here but massive importations of heroin and cocaine with the full involvement of foreign dictators like George Bush pal Manuel Noriega and the Mafia.

The Contra arms/cocaine scandal was fundamentally a VP George Bush program. Little brother Jeb Bush is Governor of Florida, the cocaine-saturated State with more drug money at play in politics than any other. For articles on potential US Attorney General Marc Racicot and drugs see:


The recent election was no different than the phony elections held in third world dictatorships. At least four of the US Supreme Court justices who gave Bush the presidency were either appointed by his father, had sons working for law firms representing GW in the contested election lawsuits or had publicly stated that they had a strong personal commitment to making sure Gore never became President.

Justice Scalia said he'd resign if Gore became President. Justice O'Conner said she could not retire if Gore became President because a liberal Justice would replace her.

Both Justices Rhenquist and Scalia have sons working for Bush law firms involved in the election. Justice Thomas' wife works for both the far right Heritage Foundation and the Bush transition team. These Justice's flawed and highly partisan ruling trashed the entire idea of States rights - the very same conservative ideology they have so vigorously defended-not to mention the rule of law, equal protection and the idea of judicial impartiality and restraint.

Many of the men and women Bush is nominating for cabinet positions are direct beneficiaries of affirmative action and would arguably never have risen to their current status without it - a fact that Colin Powell proudly admits in public. The minimally qualified GW is a man whose entire career is based solely on his father being George Bush and all the helping hands that connection brought into play. GW could serve as a textbook example illustrating the conservative ideology that affirmative action leads to mediocrity.

While General Powell, Texas Supreme Court Justice Al Gonzales and Condolezza Rice may be excellent and highly qualified people, they are being nominated solely because of their ethnicity in order to offset the widely held belief that GW is a racist whose campaign disenfranchised African American and non-Cuban Latino voters. Getting a job based on your race is the textbook definition of affirmative action.

The Bush family have been using this same reverse-thinking ploy for decades. To offset their reputation as WWII traitors former President Bush joined the US airforce after the US Congress seized his father's banking assets in 1942 under the Trading with the Enemy Act. I would like someone to explain to me how to reconcile Bush family support for the NAACP with being Hitler's American bankers and longtime advocates for Eugenics - a pseudo science which believes African-Americans are inferior genetically and should be exterminated.

Republicans who make the argument that even if true this is tantamount to accusing GW for the sins of his ancestors, are deliberately ignoring a crucial fact. The entire idea of compassionate conservatism was invented for GW by the Manhattan Institute - a far right think tank in NYC created by former CIA director William Casey. This same Manhattan Institute spent eight years sponsoring social scientist Charles Murray while he wrote his influential work, The Bell Curve - a book which advocates that African Americans are inferior to whites in IQ as a justification for eliminating both welfare and affirmative action.

Murray's funding at the Manhattan Institute came from the Pioneer Fund, a far right group which has advocated Eugenics and the inferiority of minorities since the time it was a major supporter of Adolf Hitler in the early 1930s. [See ABC expose on the Pioneer Fund, Charles Murray and Eugenics.]

For many conservatives the idea that GW Bush is a born-again Christian may the most significant factor in supporting him, yet this too is a carefully-contrived propaganda ploy.

His CIA trained political handlers-expert as they are in the art of deception - understood that being an alcoholic, a drug user, an AWOL air force pilot, the inheritor of a fortune derived from running banks for Adolf Hitler and having membership in the ultra-elite atheistic power conspiracy, Skull and Bones were going to be major negative factors in how conservatives viewed a GW Bush candidacy. The beauty of representing oneself as a born-again Christian is that no one can ever prove you are not a born again Christian.

Convicted murderers, war criminals and former Watergate burglars have used claims of being born-again as a means to cleanse their record and deflect criticism. Even a number of the death-row inmates Bush has had executed made these same claims. Apparently, GW did not give them the same benefit of the doubt he would expect from us in this regard.

It is also a bit hard to reconcile the idea of being born again or claiming that Jesus is your favorite philosopher - as GW has - with being the US Governor who holds the Guinness record for ordering executions. On the other hand, enthusiastic support for the death penalty fits perfectly with the Bush family being long-time proponents of Eugenics. Christians may want to note that Hitler - who claimed to be a devout Christian himself - had millions of Christians imprisoned in concentration camps, gassed and used as slave laborers working for some of the very corporate interests which now support GW.

Notwithstanding my own very strong feelings about the Bush family legacy as Hitler's Wall Street bankers, as anti-Semites and as Eugenicists, even I would begrudgingly accept a GW Bush Presidency as legitimate if he had actually won the election. The problem is that we will never know who won.

Bush surrogates like New Jersey Governor and Bush cabinet wannabe Christine Todd Whitman are publicly advocating that all ballots be sealed - uncounted - for the entire length of the Bush presidency. This insures that his presidency will always be in doubt. Such a decision can only be understood in light of the Bush family knowing for certain that he did not in fact win in Florida and is therefore not a legitimate president.

In other words, Bush is a dictator in every sense of the word and must, as a gross violator of the US Constitution, be impeached. If not impeached, then let us stop pretending that everything is back to normal, that we will proceed with a bipartisan agenda or that this election was a playing out of the wonders of democracy and of our Constitution - as Fox, CNN and other media sources keep instructing us ad nauseum.

We now live in an open dictatorship organized by corporate interests and supported by both the Republican party and our cowardly Democratic party - which is anxious to get back to the business of fleecing the American public and collecting donations. Gore was a terrible candidate but Bush was even worse and the American people, as always, are screwed.

All hail our new American Furhrer, GW Bush and the real President of the United States, Mr. Dick Cheney. They are the best fascists money can buy.

If you would like to read detailed information by a very wide variety of writers and researchers from both the left and the right on the Bush family visit the following websites. I would advise downloading and saving anything you find of value and storing iton a disk rather than on your hard drive. This information is very likely to be censored out of existence in the near future. Possession of it may lead to your imprisonment or eradication. INDEX.html list.htm

(a pro-Nazi, pro-eugenics site)


Also see:

CIA, Nazis & the Republican Party


Washington Post

Friday, September 16, 1988 ; Page A16


"When Republican presidential nominee George Bush took the lectern before the B'nai B'rith convention last week, a damaging news release was being distributed to reporters in the rear of the hall detailing new charges that members of a Bush ethnic coalition had made anti-Semitic remarks and promoted revisionist views of the Holocaust."


Sarasota Herald-Tribune 11/11/2000

Head of Florida holocaust Museum links Bush family to Nazis



James Baker speaking to then Pres. Bush:




The World Socialist Web Site


Robert Lederman, President of A.R.T.I.S.T.

(Artists Response To Illegal State Tactics)

(718) 743-3722


Past articles by Robert Lederman can be found at:


West Nile Virus, Bush, Giuliani, Manhattan Institute, Eugenics


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