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Volume 1
April 1998

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O.J. O.J. O.J.!!!

The Wasz (Not Was) Document 

Robert Sterling


To View The Wasz Fax

Bob Kardashian Is Such a Kidder!

While most of the korporate media has been feigning their usual shock and outrage against O.J.'s rather tasteless stab at humor (a little tip to the Juice: keep away from banana jokes), a document has finally come forward that provides some important info on the June 12, 1994 Bundy double-slaying.

I received the following via email on April 22. I may add that immediately knew that the attached picture of the original document was real, as I had been told about this document months ago from numerous sources.

Please note that my name is second on the list, being only behind my nemesis Matt Drudge. I am sure Matt Drudge likes me being behind him. (Not that there is anything wrong with him liking that.)


Date: Wednesday, April 22, 1998 12:05:58 AM


Subj: Contract to Murder Nicole Brown Simpson - Attorney Proffer



Dear Editor:


Enclosed in this email is a document that claims proof that there was a conspiracy to kill Nicole Brown. I'm sending you a text version of the document followed by a scanned graphics file of the actual document. My identity has to be secret because I don't want to get anyone in trouble. But I don't trust the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office to properly investigate this information. They've known about this for too long without doing anything. It's time for the truth, whatever it is, to come out.

I don't know whether this information will end up proving that O.J. Simpson was innocent of killing Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman or whether it will prove that he was part of a conspiracy to kill Nicole. Either way, this information proves that the criminal prosecution of Simpson was botched.

The document contains the name and address of the writer and the recipient. It's up to you to see that the claims made in this document are investigated, and either proved false or verified.

Because of security worries, I will not be responding to any messages sent to the email account I'm sending this to you from.

Yours truly,

Whistle Blower



7871 W. Manchester Ave.

Suite E

Playa del Rey, CA 90293

(310) 457-3911

Fax: (310) 457-0145


March 16, 1998



Mr. Curtis A Hazell

District Attorney Office

210 West Temple Street

Los Angeles, CA 90012


Re: Attorney Proffer of William Benson Wasz


Dear Curtis:

Pursuant to your request I would like to make an attorney proffer for your consideration. It is my understanding based upon my conversation with you that you might be interested in information my client could provide in regards to a solicitation to commit murder of Nicole Brown Simpson by Robert Kardashian.

I have spoken to my client and I believe that he would cooperate with the District Attorneys Office in connection with this investigation.

In the fall of 1993, Bill Wasz came into contact with Paula Barbierti, Robert Kardashian and O.J. Simpson. The contact with these individuals was made at the Roxbury in West Hollywood.

Just before the New Year, Robert Kardashian met with Wasz in his home in Encino and offered him an assignment. The purpose was to follow Nicole and take pictures of her with any man whom she might meet with romantically. The surveillance of Nicole took place on January 6th and 7th, 1994. This information was documented in a Notebook- the notebook is currently in the custody of the LAPD. The three phone numbers in the book belong to O.J., Kardashian and Barbieri.

On about January 14 Bill Wasz met Robert Kardashian again in his Encino home. At this meeting Kardashian offered Wasz $ 15,000 if he would kill Nicole with a 25 caliber bullet to the head.

Robert Kardashian also told Wasz he was to steal Paula Barbieri's car and use it during the murder. The murder was to take place at the Rockingham and not at Nicole Simpson's home on Gretna Green.

On January 24 at approximately 10 AM, Kardashian called Wasz at his room at the Saharan Motel on Sunset Blvd. In Hollywood, Kardashian told Wasz to steal Barbieri's car from a parking garage in Beverly Hills between 3 and 4 O'clock while she was having her hair done.

After Wasz stole Barbieri's car he drove to a Mall in West Valley where he met Kardashian. While at the mall Wasz took an envelope containing $7,500, which was to be partial payment for the killing.


Page 02


If you desire to interview my client in regards to the above information please contact me as soon as possible.


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call me.


Very truly yours,







To View The Wasz Fax 



A call by David M. Bresnahan (of to Joseph Bosco, who did the best coverage of the Simpson case of anyone through the pages of Penthouse Magazine (, confirmed that this was indeed a real document, which yours truly already knew. William Benson Wasz was brought to Lawrence Longo by Bosco. Bosco's excellent book on the case is titled A Problem of Evidence: How the Prosecution Freed O.J. Simpson, in which Bosco claims the prosecution "bungled" the case. It's interesting to note that, though the book title implies that Bosco believes that O. J. is guilty, the book itself explores both options very well, providing perhaps the most non-biased investigation of a case that is littered by biased reporting. I suspect the second part of the title was added by the publishers and was not Bosco's idea. In private, Bosco is rather well-convinced that Simpson is indeed innocent, but keeps his private opinion to himself, in part to be as non-biased as possible in reporting (an admirable trait), and perhaps partly to evade the ridicule of his peers who lack his knowledge and expertise on the case (which is not so admirable, and why I am outing Bosco as a kloset "O.J. was framed" kamp member. Sorry about that, Joe.)

"Very early after the murder, Mr. Wasz appeared across the radar screen, and very early both sides put out that he was just bogus," said Bosco in the phone interview. "So we all forgot about it. A couple years later I find out the information both sides put out wasn't true. So I started visiting Mr. Wasz in prison, and I've been doing so for about a year. And I've been talking to some of my people at the District Attorney's Office who are friends of mine."

A spokesperson for Longo verified to Bresnahan that the letter in question was genuine and not a hoax.


The less intelligent will take this document as indication that O.J. got Kardashian to hire Wasz on the hit as proxy, before apparently doing the job himself. A closer inspection of the facts indicate this explanation makes as little sense as anything put up by Marcia Clark and the prosecution. If O.J. wanted Nicole bumped off, why steal Paula Barbieri's car? And why have the murder happen at the Rockingham estate, and not at Nicole Simpson's home on Gretna Green?

The more logical explanation is that Kardashian was hiring Wasz because he - or more likely someone else - wanted to frame O.J.

Who could that someone else be? In Donald Freed's Killing Time, a source in the LAPD stated that an organized crime figure had ordered the killings. Freed's book did not state who the crime boss was, but it does discuss the most likely suspect in another area: Joey Ippolito. Alex Constantine's Virtual Government (in the deliciously-titled chapter "The Hollywood/Florida Mob Connection, the CIA and O.J. Simpson") develops this theory rather persuasively. Furthermore, INDEPENDENT of Constantine, Stephen Singular, in investigation for his excellent book on the case, Legacy of Deception, had heard from good sources that it was indeed Ippolito was Mr. Big in the Bundy slayings. He didn't include the information in his book, as his book was more on LAPD corruption than on organized crime, but did pass it on to a stunned Freed.

Who is Joey Ippolito? As Constantine reports, he is second generation Mafia, one of the most powerful crime bosses going. His father, Joseph Ippolito, Sr., was tight with Meyer Lansky and Sam "the Plumber" DeCalvacante, two of the more powerful members in the history of the Mafia syndicate. Lansky helped arrange the alliance between the Combination and the WWII intelligence establishment of Uncle Sam, a union that never ended. Ippolito is the prime suspect in numerous "unsolved" mob-related murders, and, according to organized crime investigator Steve Bertellucci, a "principal player in major narcotics trafficking." Charged with cocaine trafficking, among other crimes, with Ronnie Lorenzo (a member of the Bonnano crime family), he "escaped" from a minimum security prison three weeks before the murders. The informant who helped nail Ippolito, Robert Franchi, freaked out when he heard the news, and asked the feds how Ippolito could have escaped. The FBI replied they had "allowed Ippolito to escape," and "tracked his movements" to "learn who his contacts might be." The feds insisted they knew his whereabouts at all times and traced all his phone calls. On August 24, 1995, Ippolito was "recaptured" in New York, only to released from custody and turned into an FBI "informant".

How powerful is Joey Ippolito? As Gary Webb and others have exposed, big time drug operations (not the least of places in Los Angeles) are usually tied in to the Central Intelligence Agency, and the tale of Ippolito certainly echoes the crimes and "punishment" of drug baron-Contra fundraiser-CIA asset Daniel Blandon. During the trial of Ippolito and Lorenzo (the two were tried together), the Los Angeles Times had reporters covering the entire thing, and yet, strangely, the news reports only mentioned Lorenzo by name. In a Spy magazine article titled "Cafe Nostra", by John Connolly (who had the best early investigative coverage of Danny Casolaro's death and what is now known as The Octopus), Ippolito was mentioned by name. The story, about the strong connections between the Mafia and major players in Hollywood, was listed as "Part I in a series of articles." The issue, from March 1994, was the last issue before the sudden unexpected shut-down of Spy, which happened almost immediately after the publication of the issue. The official reason was money, but there was no warning signs of financial problems, and the magazine was as popular as ever. Spy returned a few months later under new ownership, a pathetic shell of what it once was, providing glib satire without bite. The other parts of the series of articles by Connolly were, unsurprisingly, absent from the new Spy.

When the original pamphlet version of Constantine's "Hollywood Mob Connection" was being printed, all the window's on the street of the printing press were shot out EXCEPT for those of the printers. Some more paranoid people would take this as some kind of warning.

When Ippolito "escaped" from prison, he was seen being driven away in a car driven by an African-American male. Who was this Negro? A logical suspect would be an African-American male who had been a bodyguard and driver of Ippolito, as well as a friend for up to 20 years. This perfectly matches the description of Al C. Cowlings, O.J. Simpson's car chase pal, as reported in an AP August 1994 report. When Ippolito was arrested, he was with A.C.

Apparently, A.C. isn't the only fellow tight with Joey. According to Franchi, the FBI told Ippolito, after his "escape", made numerous calls to Simpson, and even had a sit-down meeting with the Juice two weeks before the Bundy slayings.

In February 1995, Tracy Alice Hill, a 32-year-old Santa Monica stripper, was booked in northern California after being found by police with a suitcase stuffed with 40 pounds of cocaine. She had a vial of pills prescribed to Al Cowlings, and it was stated by a neighbor that she was his girlfriend. Her computerized address book listed the phone numbers of Cowlings and Simpson.

In a May 6, 1996 edition of the New York Daily News, it was reported that on April 23, squeezed among his three days of questioning in the wrongful-death civil suit against Simpson, Cowlings appeared before a grand jury probing Southern California's largest sports gambling ring. Certainly, the possibility of grand jury investigation couldn't have tainted his civil suit testimony.

The grand jury also wanted to speak to Robert Kardashian. According to Donald Freed, the grand jury also believed the gambling ring was involved in drugs, prostitution, and kiddie porn. And deep sources claim that Kardashian is more heavily involved in this ring than either Cowlings or Simpson.

What does this all mean? Maybe Kardashian, far from being the loyal friend he is often portrayed as being, was double-crossing his pal from higher up orders, and knocking off a potential trouble-maker in the process. Nicole Simpson was not known for her wise judgement, and she certainly would be a likely stool pigeon with her loose lips. Potential squealers are treated like squealers in the Mafia. As for O.J., it is clear he isn't a saint, but it certainly looks like he was long being setup for a frame (boy, he sure must have pissed somebody off.)

To do some truly wild dot-connecting, it is curious to note that the author who first got Kardashian (before his 20/20 broadcast) on record as "questioning" O.J.'s innocence, Lawrence Schiller (who first got close to the O.J. camp by co-authoring his I Want to Tell You), had previously provided very slanted information on both Lenny Bruce's life and death and on the JFK assassination. On last report, he was working on, of all things, a book about the JonBenet Ramsey case.

Of course, it is possible that Wasz is lying, though Bosco is convinced he is telling the truth. And maybe on June 12, O.J., despite his strong Mafia connections, said to himself on the fly, "What the hell, I'm going to murder my wife myself rather than hire someone else to do it."

Maybe. But don't expect any real investigations from the LAPD and D.A.'s office over this one soon. As noted in Brian Redman's Conspiracy Nation 11.44, Joe Domanick, author of To Protect And To Serve, called O.J. detectives Vannatter and Lange some of Gate's "Golden Boys" at the end of the Simpson trial. This group, the LAPD Secret Police, gathered intelligence of a political nature on politicians, city council members, the mayor, even other higher ups in the police department, not to mention entertainers and, yes, sports figures. This info was often used to blackmail and gain influence for the LAPD. The LAPD intelligence apparatus also has a long career of incest with the CIA, the intentionally bungled "investigation" of the RFK assassination merely the tip of the iceberg.

And don't expect Jay Leno to have any smirking jokes about how it turns out, O.J. was likely framed, any more than Leno would joke that John DeLorean got his coke money from a crooked S&L run by his patron Johnny Carson. And certainly don't expect the korporate media to do any real investigation of this, any more than they did with Webb's "Dark Alliance" series. Even Jonathan Vankin, a normally good investigator from, has a rather limp piece in his latest "The Big Book of Scandal!" on the case, a piece that basically ignores all the more interesting evidence, using as sources such discredited "investigators" as Vincent Bugliosi, Christopher Darden, Hank Goldberg (another prosecutor in the case), Mark "Nazi" Fuhrman, Lange and Vannatter, Schiller, and former Ollie North "investigator" and "prosecutor" Jeffrey Toobin (who somehow forgot to mention North's cocaine dealing in his book on the case), not to mention O.J.'s own mob-linked lawyer Robert Shapiro.

About the only place you're likely to find anything is The Konformist, and rest assured, you will find it here.


To View The Wasz Fax


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