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KON4M 99
September 1999

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Woodstock '99

Wireless Flash Plugs The Konformist

I want to thank the folks at Wireless Flash for running this piece, which has my phone ringing like crazy from radio stations.

I've had a good relationship with Wireless Flash, and I think, all in all, they portrayed my opinion in a fairly accurate manner. And more important, they spelled my name, my number, and The Konformist name right.

For the record, however, I should add that it was a Wireless Flash writer who contacted me about this theory, not the other way around. I had not written anything about it before this contact, though I had wondered if there was more to the Woodstock story as I read the news reports. I then searched the net, and reported to her that the big promoter of the "Woodstock '99 Mind Kontrol" theory on the net was my pal John Quinn, who I had already informed her to contact over John-John's death (which she did.) The Wireless Flash writer then became interested in the reasoning behind the theory, and I explained to her the history of government agent provocateurs involved in riots (a notable recent example the L.A. riots, as detailed in Alex Constantine's excellent Blood, Carnage and the Agent Provacateur: The Truth about the Los Angeles Riots and the Secret War Against L.A.'s Minorities) and the extensive evidence behind the idea that the 60's counterculture music and drug scene was a social experiment promoted by the CIA, the Pentagon and British Intelligence. (In fact, the LSD craze was funded and promoted by the CIA's MK-ULTRA mind kontrol project.) I then explained the motivation for the Woodstock '99 riots as a mind kontrol experiment: to manufacture chaos and violence to condition people to accept and feel safe with authoritarian rule, to make Woodstock no longer be associated with peace and love but violence and destruction, and to further condition American society to accept the demonization of youth and youth culture to justify the categorical criminalization of an entire generation. The writer then asked if I believed this whole theory (which she personally stated sounded pretty credible), and I said it was entirely plausible and wouldn't surprise me. I then added, "Let's put it this way, if the CIA and Pentagon didn't create the Woodstock '99 Riot, they would certainly find it a damn good idea."

In any case, this is a good publicity coup, coming off the heels of The Konformist being heavily featured on Rivera Live on Monday over internet JFK, Jr. conspiracy theories. Hopefully the list of tragedies will only continue, as clearly when bad things happen to other people, I benefit tremendously.

Robert Sterling





LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- Here's one for the "I've Been Watching Too Many "X-Files" File:" a man in Los Angeles claims Woodstock '99 was actually a government mind control experiment.

Robert Sterling, publisher of "The Konformist," an online publication for conspiracy theory lovers, says secret government operatives may have been behind the fiery riots which broke out Sunday night at the closing of Woodstock.

Sterling says the government often creates controlled riots to make citizens distrust each other and feel they can't be safe without a strong police presence.

He thinks most of the rabble-rousers at Woodstock were in fact government agents whose mission was to make the youthful music-lovers look violent and dangerous to the public.

One reason Sterling is suspicious about the Woodstock fiasco is because it took place on a declassified military base -- which are often the sites of government mind control experiments.

CONTACT: Robert Sterling, ****; LA; (310) 737-1081

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