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October 2001

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October 2001


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Q: What is an Apex Predator?

A:Think Zoologically.


Q: Do you smoke?

A: I used to smoke, until just recently when a severe asthma attack landed me in hospital. Plus I save over $200 a month by not smoking, so....but I may still do a photo here or there...I just won't inhale (wink). I guess I'll just have to satisfy my oral fixations with cocks from now on.


Q: Did you do any smoking pics when you did smoke, and are they inside your members area?

A: Yes, I did many and there are quite a few smoking pics inside my members area of me smoking cigarettes and cigars. I used to smoke Salem Slim Light 100's, Sampoerna Xtra clove cigarettes, Philly blunts, Swisher Sweets and Black and Milds.

Q: What are your favourite sexual positions?

A: 'O great Cry of Woman','Monkey's Attack', 'Approach to Monkey's Attack', 'Mounting Tortoise','Splitting the Cicada', 'Rabbit Sucking its Hair', 'Fluttering Phoenix'.


Q: What do you like in a friend?

A: Usually my tongue. I like to use my fingers as well!


Q: Where do you dance?

A: At a club called 'Racers', in Sparta KY, right by the Kentucky Speedway, and I love it; It's full contact grind-o- rama as opposed to that staying away teasing BS. I like my to leave traumatised.

Q: Do you answer your own email?

A: Absolutely, albeit a little slowly...I'm a terrible typist of the hunt-and-peck variety.


Q: Do you do custom videos?/Webcam shows or sell stuff?

A: I'm considering doing Webcam shows in the future, and very soon I'm going to have CD-ROMs and Videos and currently I'm auctioning off some of my old costumery at:


Q: Will you send me some free pics?

A: No. I simply don't have the time to keep track of all that and it isn't fair to the people who join my club...if the free pics at Southern-charms aren't quite enough, why not check out my free Yahoo club, Das Girlstapo and check out my sneak previews of upcoming pics of myself, my sister Naomi, and my friends BJ, Ivy and Damiana who are all on SC2 as well:

Q: Do you have any pets?

A: A menagerie is more like it! Everything from a rescued bird,wild rabbits, lizards and turltes to chinchillas. I just can't say 'no' when it comes to abandoned or injured critters!


Q: Do you masturbate?

A: Yes, I like to the car, public bathrooms, just to make me go to sleep sometimes.


Q: Is Naomi really your sister? Are you really as close as it seems? Do you have any vibrator pictures with her?

A: Yes, my sister and I are very close...very close indeed...We love doing couch dances together at's great making a sister sandwich out of helpless men! We've done vibrator pics each separately and have been talking about doing some together...would you be interested in seeing that? I'm sure if a bunch of people email each of us (She's on SC2) and ask, we'll get it arranged!


Q: Are your nipples very sensitive and do you ever wear clamps or chains on them?

A: Yes, my nipples are large, very sensitive and stay hard a majority of the time...from my constant naughty thoughts! I do wear nipple clips and have done pics wearing them and I also enjoy my nipple chain as it swings and tugs them so nicely!


Q: I just plain want to fuck you !!!!! So what will it take?

A: Divine intervention!!


Q: Do you liked to be spanked?

A: I love being spanked while getting fucked from behind! I like my hair pulled too.


Q: Do you work out or have a special diet?

A: No, my job is very physical, so I can pretty much eat what I want...but if I ever stopped dancing....let's not think about that!


Q: What are your hobbies?

A: Becoming a budding Porn Starlet and taking care of my animals. And don't forget sex. It's my favourite.

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