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JFK, The CIA... & Lambchop


Tuesday, August 11, 1998 07:35:08 PM

Kenn Thomas (

Steamshovel recently received the following forwarded post, originally sent 8/10/98 by someone identified as "Rich D", but apparently emerging from work by famed JFK assassination photo expert Jack White:

A few weeks back, on we entertained the Lamb Chop/stuffed dog topic, and eventually beat it to death. :o) The issue stemmed from Jean Hill's [Hill is an assassination witness] report that she saw Jackie holding a dog or a stuffed dog or a puppet in the presidential limo. She has been ridiculed for years in an attempt to discredit her entire story of seeing a gunman on the knoll and also seeing Jack Ruby running from the area around the TSBD [Texas School Book Depository] to the GK [Grassy Knoll].

We have discovered photographic evidence that might, in fact, show that Jean was correct and that Jackie was holding a puppet/stuffed animal. The other issue this raises is: if Jean could see Jackie holding up the item, why can't we see it on the Z [Zapruder] film?? Is this another example of Z film alteration??

Steamshovel Debris: Interesting that this discussion has returned in JFK circles just after the death of Lambchop creator Sherry Lewis. The vibrant and healthy-looking Lewis died of a fast-acting cancer of the uterus. Her husband was Jeremy Tarcher, who published Timothy Leary's book Flashbacks in 1983, where Leary first reported the role of his freind Mary Pinchot Meyer in introducing JFK to LSD. Readers should not overlook the possibility that the Lambchop doll may have been a visual cue in an elaborate, drug-induced mind control operation.

Kenn Thomas

Steamshovel Press

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