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August 1998

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Matt Drudge Is A Homo!!!

(Not That There's Anything Wrong With That)

Update 08-30-98

Picture Courtesy of April

Info From Homo Drudge

Robert Sterling

I forward this as a partial explanation why I feel no guilt at outing Matt Drudge as a not-so-convincing closeted homosexual. The following is about the admittedly sleazy Bill Klinton's affairs with Monica Lewinsky. While this report is probably true, it hardly is illegal (unlike his perjury, not to mention Whitewater and Mena), and really has nothing to do with anything but sensationalism. I have no problem with that, but notice how Drudge, displaying a J. Edgar Hoover-esque feigned Puritanism, terms it a "shocking episode" - and "shocking details that have stunned all those who have heard them and investigated them -- details that now threaten to completely disgust and stun the American electorate." There's a reason why certain homosexuals - Hoover of course, as well as Drudge - talk with such lurid outrage about sexual activity, because they just aren't comfortable with their own desires, which by their own beliefs they find disgusting. It also really isn't too surprising there are so many repressed homosexuals who are rabid conservatives.

I am not anti-gay, but I am anti-hypocrisy, and the fact that Matt Drudge enjoys wallowing in sex gossip when he's got so much he wants to hide makes him a too easy target for me to avoid.

You know, Matt, I'd have more respect for you if you could at least come clean and admit you're a fag.






**Warning: Contains Graphic Description**


In a bizarre daytime sex session, that occurred just off the Oval Office in the White House, President Clinton watched as intern Monica Lewinsky allegedly masturbated with his cigar.

It has been learned that several major news organizations have confirmed the shocking episode and are now struggling to find ways to report the full Monica Lewinsky/Bill Clinton grossout.

Media Bigfeet are trying to reconstruct one sex session that reportedly took place as Yasser Arafat waited in the Rose Garden for his scheduled meeting with the president!

According to multiple sources close to the case, President Clinton allegedly masturbated as Lewinsky performed the sex show with his cigar in a small room off the Oval Office. It is not clear if Clinton or Lewinsky kept the cigar, or if Lewinsky testified on the specifics of the encounter before a federal grand jury this week. Lewinsky's testimony has been described as graphic, and included unusual practices.

The DRUDGE REPORT has now been briefed on these shocking details that have stunned all those who have heard them and investigated them -- details that now threaten to completely disgust and stun the American electorate.

The White House refuses to comment on any DRUDGE REPORT.


Filed by Matt Drudge

For breaks and steaks:

Reports are moved when circumstances warrant


Not for reproduction without permission of the author



Lee Harvey Oswald On Matt Drudge

C'mon Out Already!

Date: Monday, August 24, 1998 06:22:55 PM






I have no problem with homosexuals. But I too have problems with hypocrites. Why are you so "shocked" and "disgusted" by the events depicted? Are you just being sensational for the sake of sensationalism? Or are you a self-hating queer who can't come to terms with his own homosexuality? Either way, you appear to be a hypocrite. Either a gay who is disgusted by outside-the-mainstream sex or a sensationalistic reporter who purports to be sick of sensationalism in the mainstream media.

Robalini is right, Matt. You need to own up to reality. Your readers will respect you more for it. C'mon out already!




Thursday, August 27, 1998 01:00:20 AM

Drudge Abducted By Aliens!!!



Matt Drudge abducted by aliens while inputing the latest info on the Clinton/Lewinsky affair. He claims he was transferred to a cigar shaped craft and endured a peculiar back and forth motion which took place in mid-air. He was returned to his desk with the feeling of "missing time" and ranting something about cigars being utilized in sexual acts.

Sources also state that during the abduction, the aliens reportedly did a physical exam of Matt Drudge, which apparently included a rather lengthy anal probe sessions. It is believed that Matt Drudge enjoyed this very much.



Thursday, August 27, 1998 05:18:50 AM

Matt Drudge Is Gay - Allegedly and Not That There's Anything Wrong With That


This letter is for an aide to a rather well known commentator who I've been talking to about Drudge's alleged homosexuality - an allegation I am now no longer the lone wolf in reporting.

To begin with, I know I made a blanket assertion that "Matt Drudge is gay" without knowing 100% that it is true - although I've heard it from sources in the gay community and, well, JUST LOOK AT THE GUY!!! However, in previous pieces on it, I've always said it was an "allegation" with a snicker, and I assumed that those reading it were fully aware that I was saying it under that context. Needless to say, I am more confident that he is gay than that Tim McVeigh is the Oklahoma City bomber or that the people of Waco set fire on themselves - two things which are constantly repeated without "absolute" proof in the korporate media and accusations far worse than what I've said about Drudge. In fact, I find nothing wrong with his alleged sexual preference, though I find it interesting that many of his supporters do.

That is my main point: he's catering to a reactionary mentality that would be repulsed by his own alleged sexual behavior, a subject he clearly has no guilt about bringing up on others, as the cigar story and Peckergate clearly indicates. And what goes around, comes around, as Jimmy Swaggart learned (and now apparently so will Drudge.)

What's even worse is many so called "anti-establishment" folks read him, along with the New York Post, Washington Times and the American Spectator (as well as listen to Rush Limbaugh) and think they're actually reading and listening to something that's against the system. BULLSHIT!!! It is another korporate false choice, a fake option that allows people to delude themselves that they're thinking for themselves. Big Brother has all his bets covered, and the big money behind these blowhards (which are now backing the allegedly gay Matt Drudge) are no different than that behind the L.A. Times, N.Y. Times, Washington Post, and Time and Newsweek (as well as the better comparison for Matt Drudge, the tabloids, who regularly are used as intelligence assets to pump out propaganda.) Fascism comes in many flavors, and Matt Drudge is just a more fruity flavor of it.

That's my other point, which is completely contrary to the establishment's view of him, which you think has seduced me into being confused about Drudge. My opinion of him, even before he was slammed in the mainstream press, was that he was too much like them, using often dubious allegations from official sources whenever it served his own reactionary agenda. Drudge has stated he draws on "FBI people," an agency so rotten with pathological liars to be utterly untrustworthy. Another is Lucianne Goldberg, a woman with a history of deceit a whole book can be written about. And then there is George T. Conway III, who represented the Philip Morris Corporation at the same time as Ken Starr, both of whom prepared briefs for the attorneys of Paula Jones (Starr's involvement in this, incidentally, screams of "conflict of interest.) Conway is Drudge's big time source, right?

And for all this garbage of Drudge being a victim, HA! Sure, poor Matt has to worry about a meritless lawsuit brought by Sydney Blumenthal (which will be dismissed by any honest judge.) Still, Drudge now has his own cable show thanks to Fox News chairman Roger Ailes, former Bush insider and Rush Limbaugh mastermind. Yeah, I'd love to be a fucking victim like that. You then went on to say that media opponents of Bill Klinton are destroyed, including Chris Ruddy. Well, last time I checked, Chris Ruddy (whose work I do admire, by the way, as far as he goes) was still rather well-paid by Richard Mellon Scaife (who I have been aware of and writing about before the mainstream media touched on him, contrary to your claim of me buying establishment propaganda on him, and have gone further by pointing out his connections to the CIA and Operation Mockingbird, a fact the establishment will never touch.) Compare Ruddy and Drudge's treatment to Gary Webb, who was viciously attacked for reporting the truth - reports that, contrary to your claim, are "proven" to all who look at the facts and don't listen to dishonest CIA assets planted in the media (and yes, it is provable that the chief hatchet men are long-time CIA harlots.) Webb has since left journalism after settling out of court on the SJ Mercury's illegal demotion of him. Clearly, the Webb story is a "homer" and Peckergate is maybe a "double", as you put it, judged by the official response to it. Or how about James Sanders, who has been investigating TWA-800 from an angle the status quo doesn't like? The Justice Department went after him and even obtained private e-mail messages Sanders exchanged with his sources, all without a warrant. Sanders was indicted in January on charges that he conspired to steal seat samples from the 800 crash, samples which the Press-Enterprise reported on March 10, 1997 showed residue left by an anti-aircraft missile explosion. Odd you hear almost nothing about this but you hear the victimization whining from poor Matt Drudge.

And then there is the Tailwind story, which was viciously attacked not for the alleged truth or non-truth, but the implications. The people who contacted CNN about the report were Henry Kissinger, Colin Powell, Richard Helms, and John Singlaub, four people who are never interested in truth of reporting but spin. That's a strong sign that the CNN report was onto something. The unasked question is, "Why was there even an operation in Laos in the first place?" The answer of which, of course is the kind that only guys as honest as Gary Webb are foolish enough to answer. In any case, soon after the mean-spirited debunking, April Oliver was fired for the story after insisting to stand by it and her numerous (more numerous than the allegedly gay Matt Drudge uses) sources.

You'd think that Drudge would have sympathy for a supposed kindred spirit, a person unfairly attacked by the mainstream press, as he supposedly believes he is. What's more, the "First Amendment Lawyer" who debunked Tailwind, Floyd Abrams, had previously sniffed that Drudge "isn't a real journalist." But rather than defend her, he chimed in, crowing about the debunking, as it supposedly proved the korporate media was as incompetent as he is (it isn't, though it is equally dishonest):



7-2-98 Drudge Report


Veteran CNN Producer Says Kaplan Should Resign


"Yes, there was pressure to come up with a 'Big Story' for the debut of the new show," the veteran CNN producer explained.

"And I think the person really at fault here is [CNN President] Rick Kaplan. He should do the right thing and resign. [Producer] April Oliver should leave in shame. They've made a mockery out of this network. I feel paralyzed."

The CNN source continued: "[Kaplan] was convinced that we needed something big to launch the show, even if we didn't have it pinned down. He ignored warning signs on the nerve gas... [NEWSSTAND] has been his pet project since the day he arrived."


The DRUDGE REPORT has learned that Kaplan and Company are deep into production on a new 25-hour series looking at another chapter in American history, CNN-style.

Kaplan recently told an associate: "The series will change the way history is written about the Cold War."

Let me guess, Rick. The Russians won.


7-7-98 Drudge Report



CNN star Jeff Greenfield promised big things in his appearance on Imus in the Mourning on June 5. Greenfield was there to promote the CNN blockbuster story on Vietnam and nerve gas. The story that has turned to snow with last week's retraction.


Jeff Greenfield: "But the first story we've got Sunday night is going make news, real news, because it's about a black operation by the U.S. military during the Vietnam War. This stuff comes multi-sourced by people who were involved in the mission and all I can tell you at this point is that both the target of the mission and the means used to try to carry that mission out are really most disturbing."

Imus: "What kind of an operation?"

Greenfield: "Black, it was a black operation. I mean off the books super secret, you know deniability if it ever got out, because they were doing things, they were aimed at targets and using methods that, even now 28 years later, it's going to raise a lot of eyebrows about what the government, what the military was up too."


Hold the laugh track until the end.



Yeah, Matt Drudge really is fighting the establishment here.

Which is why David Horowitz ignores Webb, Sanders and Oliver, but defends poor lonely Matt Drudge. Despite his alleged personal deviancy, Matt serves the extreme right-wing cause that Horowitz espouses, which includes being an apologist-mouthpiece for the Pentagon and the CIA, two targets Drudge unsurprisingly never touches. I wonder if Horowitz was ever really a leftist and not just another provocateur/informant in the 60's rebellion working for the feds. (It would certainly explain his "conversion" as a propaganda outlet and his betrayal of the Black Panthers, which he conveniently ignores were infiltrated by the FBI and set up for crimes.) Then again, he is so clearly whacked in the head, the idea that he just switched from being a deranged left-winger to a deranged right-winger is possible as well. In any case, it turns out that a major financier of Horowitz is, surprise surprise, Richard Mellon Scaife. Do you see a pattern emerging?

I appreciate your thoughts and ideas, and rest assured, I would be masturbating right now instead of writing this if I didn't think your criticisms were worth responding to. If Drudge had at least stuck up for Oliver, or if he'd report on something beyond his limited and warped vision of reality (warped, perhaps, due to his own discomfort with his own alleged homosexuality) I'd have more respect for the guy. Instead, he just passes on a very slanted form of gossip, and if uncovering where Clinton has been sticking his pud is Drudge's idea of "news", well, he's dug his own grave.

Matt Drudge Is A Homo!!

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