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June 2002

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Dear Friends,

The Institute for Policy Research & Development (IPRD), a think-tank based in Brighton, UK, is honoured to announce the publication of a powerful new study of the September 11th terrorist attacks, by Executive Director, Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed:


How and Why America was Attacked, September 11, 2001

This study is a public interest initiative of the IPRD, published by Media Messenger Books, an imprint of Tree of Life Publications, in cooperation with the Media Monitors Network (MMN) in Los Angeles.

In the weeks before the 9/11 attacks, warnings poured in from the world's intelligence agencies, but U.S. officials did nothing.

Instead, our intelligence agencies were reined in, air interceptors grounded - and the attacks exploited to launch a devastating war on Afghanistan. The results: a U.S. corporate takeover of Central Asia's oil and gas - a wealthier Bush family - and more censorship.

Was the attack on America to open the door for a more aggressive U.S. foreign policy - and uncurbed surveillance of the American people? Compiled from hundreds of newspapers, experts and official documents, "The War On Freedom" is the definitive account of how and why America was attacked.

Who blocked investigation of known bin Laden associates?

What happened to U.S. defense measures?

When was the Afghan offensive first conceived?

Where does the real blame lie for the World Trade Center devastation?

Why did America not protect its own?

"What did this administration know, and when did they know it?"

U.S. Representative, Cynthia McKinney, (D) GA.

"The War on Freedom" rips apart the veil of silence surrounding 9/11, and lets readers look at the facts for themselves.

This book was featured on national Canadian TV in the investigative documentary series 'The Great Deception: The War on Terrorism - An Alternative View?' Vision TV, 4 February 2002.

Read Chapter 4, 'Did Bush Know? Warnings Signs of 9-11 and Intelligence Failures', at:

Copyright © Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed - All Rights Reserved.

Selected Reviews

“In my opinion the most comprehensive, factual, resourced book available on 9/11… The book is a must read… An excellent source of legitimate news stories put together in a clear puzzle pattern pointing to a deliberate failure to act by the powers that were supposed to protect us on 9/11. Get the book and make up your own mind. Americans deserve the truth and have a patriotic right to ask these questions.”

Meria Heller, Host, The Meria Heller Show, Net Radio Live

Hear Meria Heller’s explosive interview with the author of “The War on Freedom” Nafeez M. Ahmed


“This is a nicely comprehensive and well-organized report. Nafeez is to be commended on his work… The weight of circumstantial evidence still tends to confirm the hypothesis that I and others cleave to - that the U.S. had foreknowledge and likely let it go forward for the purpose of using it to do what they are now trying to do. This remains a legitimate line of inquiry, and the response to it has been absolutely overwhelming. People’s eyes are opening to the fundamental failure of legitimacy, by its own stated standards, of this regime… I hope Nafeez and others will continue on this line of inquiry.”

Stan Goff, (Rtd.) U.S. Army Special Forces Master Sergeant, Tactics Instructor at the U.S. Army Jungle Operations Training Center in Panama, Lecturer in Military Science and Doctrine at the U.S. Army West Point Military Academy; involved in operations in eight designated conflict areas from Vietnam to Haiti


"This riveting and thoroughly documented study is a ‘must’ resource for everyone seeking to understand the attack on the World Trade Center of New York on September 11, 2001 and ‘America’s New War’ since. It connects together over 10 years of relevant covert actions and decisions by top-level U.S. security-state operations, and organizes the whole into a coherent and devastating exposé of the real meaning and construction of the historic turn of ‘the war against terrorism’ now rewriting laws and constitutions across borders. For those who have seen or filed facts on these matters from web-disclosures and scattered revelations of newspapers, this volume provides the detailed documentation in a definitive and masterful record."

Professor John McMurtry, Department of Philosophy, University of Guelph, Ontario; Fellow at the Royal Society of Canada; Chair of Jurists, War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity Tribunal at the Alternative World Summit in Toronto, 1989 (Canada)


"The most complete book I know of, summarizing the relevant background and foreground intersecting upon the events of September 11, 2001... A tour de force in every respect: organization, methodology, timeliness, clarity of purpose and of scope, activist commitment to more inquiry, evenness, relative comprehensiveness… I can’t say how much I admire this work. It must be seen by as many people as possible all over the world as soon as possible."

Barry Zwicker, Producer and Host, MediaFile, Vision TV Insight; award-winning journalist on CBC-TV and CTV (Canada)


"The material you have collected is immensely important and useful. You look at the right subjects and report a number of things I had missed entirely… We need more people doing the important research that you have done."

Professor Peter Dale Scott, Co-Founder of the Peace and Conflict Studies Program, University of California, Berkeley (United States)


"Powerful, disturbing, and interesting indeed. Your excellent research on the background of Sep 11 should become known to a larger audience."

Professor Arno Tausch, Institute for Political Science, University of Innsbruck (Austria)


"A meticulous investigation of circumstances, events and circumstantial evidence of what really happened before and on September 11. There aren’t many people who still take the task of following the trails of their own doubts… Your excellent report goes deep into what really happened and what the American defense machinery had let happen."

Peter G. Spengler, Editor, Contemporary Studies (Germany)

Please use this information as best you can in the struggle against injustice worldwide. We would greatly appreciate it if you forwarded this announcement to your friends, family and colleagues in an effort to generate public awareness.


Institute for Policy Research & Development

Suite 414, 91 Western Road, Brighton,

East Sussex, BN1 2NW, United Kingdom.

Tel: +44(0)1273 32 95 30

Fax: +44(0)1273 70 60 30



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