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May 2004

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Da Vinci Code Decoded

Anne Sullivan

For immediate release

Contact Anne Sullivan, 212-691-1605


The Disinformation Company is pleased to announce the release of DA VINCI CODE DECODED, the most comprehensive, affordable and unbiased guide to that modern-day publishing phenomenon, The Da Vinci Code.

In his introduction, The Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown told us that "all descriptions of documents and secret rituals ... are accurate." But are they? Many scholars and theologians have attacked the book and the "facts" on which it is based. Some claim that Brown is anti-Catholic. Book clubs, reading groups, dedicated web sites and countless reviews and articles in magazines and newspapers worldwide have fueled the fire, making The Da Vinci Code not only the most successful book ever of its kind, but also the most controversial.

Now Martin Lunn, an expert historian and author of DA VINCI CODE DECODED, reveals the truth behind Dan Brown’s research in The Da Vinci Code. Among the many topics he covers:

* the reality of Catholic offshoot Opus Dei

* the hard facts about the bloodline of Christ and King David

* the shocking secrets of the Holy Grail

* the origins of the Knights Templar and the infamous Priory of Sion

* the mysteries of Temple Church and Rosslyn Cathedral - and much more

The book also features an extensive photo section featuring everything from rare Priory of Sion documents to photographs of buildings featured in The Da Vinci Code such as Chateau Villette, the pyramids at the Louvre, L’Eglise de Saint-Sulpice and Westminster Abbey.

Martin Lunn’s DA VINCI CODE DECODED also provides some sorely needed perspective on the controversial religious history presented in Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ. A recognized expert in the Davidic bloodline and other issues presented in The Da Vinci Code, Lunn has a Masters degree in History and an extensive background in journalism. He has lived throughout the Far and Middle East, the US and several countries in Europe, currently residing in Barcelona.

Priced at $9.95, DA VINCI CODE DECODED is the most compelling companion book for fans of The Da Vinci Code. A limited number of copies are now available to the media. Please contact Anne Sullivan, 212-619-1605 or, for a review copy.


Martin Lunn

Da Vinci Code Decoded

192 pages + 16 page photo insert, 0-9729529-7-7, $9.95

The Disinformation Company

Publication date: May 2004

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