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April 2002

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Priestly Pedophilia and Homosexuality

Acharya S


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The following are excerpts from The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold pertaining to rampant pedophilia and homosexuality within the priesthood, as we are seeing increasingly exposed.


As Aquinas said regarding the prohibition of prostitution, the repression of sex and the hatred of women have indeed led to one of the behaviors most outwardly despised by Judaism and Christianity: "sodomy" or homosexuality....

As noted, the early Christians had some intriguing secret initiation rites, as...evidenced by the fragment of a letter purporting to be from Clement of Alexandria to one Theodore...

The suggestion is, of course, that Christ and his followers were alleged to have engaged in homosexual rites....

In fact, considering how much emphasis is placed on the male in patriarchal religion such as Christianity, in which monks are "married to the Church" and passionate lovers of Christ, it is ironic that homosexuality is overtly considered a terrible crime... Because of the vicious mentality towards homosexuality, which is purported to originate from the Deity himself, homosexuals were driven to become monastics, in order to purify themselves of their overwhelming desires. This penitential sequestration has led to monasteries full of repressed homosexuals attempting to contain their urges but frequently failing... In other words, monasteries have served as "Communal closets."...

The orthodox Christian position has towards homosexuality has been that it is a seductive temptation to be resisted at all costs, an interesting attitude, because homosexuality would in truth be tempting only to those who are initially inclined thus. Furthermore, a number of the Christian historicizers and conspirators [those who made Christ and the gospel story into "history"] also had serious problems with sex and women, such that it would not be farfetched to suggest they were homosexuals, repressed, closeted or otherwise, like the purported secret, rich, closeted homosexual fraternity of today called "Gamma Mu." One can find clues as to the homosexuality within their Christian brotherhood scattered here and there in the various writings of the early Church fathers, in secret gospel and allegedly in at least one unexpurgated canonical gospel... In any case, it can be argued with 100 percent certainty that monastic brotherhoods have often been the site of homosexual activity.


The Christ Conspiracy, pp. 290-292


Can one understand why The Christ Conspiracy is vilified? Why certain individuals write libelous "reviews" on Amazon? Why I am called all sorts of names? If anyone would like to write a review at Amazon pointing out these factors, please feel free.

Nor is this behavior limited to the Christian priesthood. The following are excerpts from Dr. James Demeo's Saharasia.


Young girls and boys were procured to meet the sexual demands of the Buddhist clergy inside the temples, an dchildren eventually made to service the sexual appetites of the rules and bureaucrats of the Imperial palace.... Females were beaten in temples during "promiscuity confession rituals," where they confessed to sins. A special female "buttocks beating festival" evolved in Japan, persisting until the end of World War II. Women also continued to be murdered as grave sacrifices at royal funerals....

...Japan of the 1300s saw a debauched military with massive harems. Peasant women were bought, sold or given away as gifts; no woman was safe from kidnapping, rape and enslavement.... A husband had the right to decapitate his adulterous wife or concubine, or alternatively cut off her nose, fingers or breasts.... Buddhist priests were forbidden from sexual indulgence, and could be killed if they went into a home where a woman lived alone; when found guilty, such priests were targeted for the severest of tortures, involving skin flaying and molten lead. Under these antifemale and anti-heterosexual conditions, homosexuality flourished.


Saharasia, pp. 354-361.




The Christ Conspiracy



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