The Konformist

January 2002

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The Poetry of Cathy O'Brien


2001 Collection


A Hunting We Will Go

by Cathy O'Brien


A hunting we will go

for Cheney and USAma

we haven't seen either one

since the 9-11 trauma.


Who's running this war anyway?

Rumsfeld should let u.s. know

he's on TV all the time

spinning New War Order control.


Who's caved up and who caved in?

Where is our hunting hero?

Who's hunkered in a bunker

deeper than ground zero?


A hunting we will go

there's no place to run or hide

could it be the terrorist

has already fled or died?


-This poem somewhat describes the absoluteness of mind control. Its time we evolve with the knowledge. Just think, people could actually think-out-of-the-(TV)box and peacefully add a new dimension of thought/wisdom that could keep u.s. from being so easily led and manipulated by emotion.


John Walker's Shoes

by Cathy O'Brien


Having survived MK Ultra

mind control in Wash DC

I recalled the unthinkable

and with truth became free.

My tortured existence

was simply their excuse

to control and extend

effects of sexual child abuse.

Tortured out of my mind

I became compliant

and followed orders on which

my mind became reliant.

Sex became a welcome excape

from trauma I endured

while through dissociation

government secrets were secured.

I could not think for myself

or see beyond the hear and now

I lost awareness, track of time,

and moved like a plastic doll.

Mind control is absolute

mankind has Need-to-Know

it runs so deep it regulates

breathing and blood flow.

National Security

still covers up mind crimes

since its used with special forces

and by spies in these times.

Now I see how secrecy

has affected our whole nation

while terror reaps compliance

through PTSD dissociation.

Those of u.s. who still think free

see beyond TV's polls and news

Lucky me, I'm glad I'm free,

and not in John Walker's shoes!


-One last light one.



by Cathy O'Brien


Bits and pieces of insight

rearrange and change

within earth's kaleidoscope

while soul remains the same.


The only way to see clear

is to rise above the spin

look through soul's eyes of love

and trust in truth again.


Truth never goes away

and reality stand strong

strenghten and refocus now



Wishing you peace and laughter in 2002 with love always!



"If only one person knows the truth,it is still the truth"


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