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October 2002

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The Free American

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Free American Expo



October 1, 2002


Maybe it was just luck. Maybe it was just a matter of being in the right place at the right time. Or maybe God is smiling as he puts us all together.

From every corner of the country, people who love liberty, love their freedom and love their country are coming together in Atlanta on November 8, 9, and 10, 2002.

The Sawgrass Rebellion is winding its way across the nation. From Klamath Falls and the Upper Darby, through Nevada and New Mexico where farmers are fighting to preserve their way of life, to converge on Florida in support of the people who are being flooded out of their land by the Federal Government. The organizers, Jay Zane Walley, Henry Lamb and Tom DeWeese will share their stories with those who attend the Free American's Home & Land Security Expo.

Bob Shultz, who challenged the Federal Government to debate the legality of the Income Tax and was ignored and lied to, organized Freedom Ride 2002, to lead thousands of peaceful protesters to Washington, D.C. One contingent will be leaving from the Free American's Home & Land Security Expo in McDonough, GA. You can sign up for the trip there. Also speaking on that subject will be long time activist Red Beckman and Dr. Robert Clarkson of Georgia.

At a time when the Federal Government is warning us about growing health problems and the threat of bio-chemical warfare, unconventional, naturopathic doctors and nutritionalists like Dr. Cass Ingram, Dan Junker, Denie Hiestand, and Dr. Judy Kay Gray will be telling you how to prepare and stay healthy through it all.

When the legal system seems to be working against us all, experts like Mike Brown, David Wynn Miller and Austin Gary Cooper are coming to Atlanta to show you how you can beat them at their own game.

At a time when our government seems hell-bound to take us deeper into a war that no one wants, while plunging us into a police state here in the United States, there are those with a deeper understanding of what is really happening and why. Hear Eustace Mullins, Ralph Epperson and Documentary filmmaker Alex Jones explain what is happening and why.

Mark and Cathy O'Brien, authors of Trance Formation of America will tell you the true story of life as an MK Ultra mind Controlled slave and how the lessons learned could be turned against the American people.

Larry Pratt, founder of Gun Owners of America, will tell you why it is imperative we band together to keep our right to bear arms. Learn how the National Rifle Association has dropped the ball.

William J. Gill of the American Coalition for Competitive Trade will tell you why NAFTA and GATT has brought us to the point of economic collapse and what you can do to reverse the trend towards Globalization

Investigative Reporters like Pat Shannon and Clay Douglas will fill in many of the blanks left out of today's stories by the Mainstream Media.

Robert Pelton will instruct you on how to survive in both Urban and Wilderness emergencies.

And there will be scores of vendors showing their wares. From electrical alternatives, food stuffs, Miracle II soap, potassium iodate, coral calcium, air purifiers, herbal remedies, handy gadgets, short-wave radios and thousands of books and dozens of authors, this is an event you cannot afford to miss. There may never be another time when this many knowledgeable Americans have gathered together to disseminate the knowledge gathered over hundreds of collective years of research. There may never be a time, in America, where you can get so much information so quickly, in one location. There may be a time, very shortly in the future, when we will not be allowed to disseminate this information or be given this chance to prepare. Don't wait for the government to pass out vital antidotes on Walmart parking lots.

Get your advance tickets from the Free American now. Three days for only a twenty dollar bill. Ten dollars per day at the door at showtime. There are a few booths still available but they are going fast. If you have a product to sell, a book to distribute or an organization you need to network, this is the time and the place.


The Free American Home & Land Security Expo and Book Fair


November 8, 9 & 10

Showcase Event Centre

155 Mill Road

McDonough, Georgia

Exit 221 off I-75 just 15 minutes south of Atlanta's Hartsfield Airport

Call 877-423-3250 for advance Tickets or Booth info

Go to for hotel and travel directions and more information

Pass on this information to everyone you know.

Call for posters to put up in your neighborhood.


PLEASE Take Notice of the New Date! Due to the NASCAR races there were NO hotel rooms available in October.

Pass it on!


More Info and a downloadable Poster can be had at


Hear the show anytime here

Free American Hour


The FREE AMERICAN Newsmagazine

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