The Konformist

July 2002

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The Flamethrowers

Check out the Website for the hottest act in Hollywood, The Flamethrowers fire dancin', fire eatin' and burnin' ta ta's show!



(aka Kelly, aka Morticia Stewart)

SKILLS - Multi-media artist- specializing in erotica.

HEIGHT - 5'7"

BUST - Hot!

HIPS - Bootylicious.

AMBITIONS - To set the world on fire!

TURN ONS - Cartoons, bicycles, Bushmills, Benicio Del Toro, Sun City Girls, Nikola Tesla, Joe Coleman, Philip K. Dick, Gina Gershon, Sam Fuller, R. Crumb, Eartha Kitt, Anton LaVey.

TURN OFFS - Wind and rain.


HOBBIES - Everything fire - eating, spinning poi and clubs, dreaming up new areas of my body to set ablaze.

FEARS - Satanica fears nothing!!!!!

WORDS TO LIVE BY - "...that fairyland of lightness and alacrity, animation and vivacity, where the muses linger in a languor of love." Sam T. Jack on burlesque.

I JUDGE A MAN BY- The size of his torches.

Mistress Satanica is a versitile artist who turned to eating fire when she found it was easier than working for insane directors in the movie industry. When asked she said that "3rd degree burns are nothing compared to a director and 3 producers screaming at you that if they don't have a giant foam hamburger on set by 7am the shot won't happen and the giant hamburger will then be shoved up your ass." Satanica lives high in the hills above Los Angeles with her sweet pussy and her collection of book matches and liquor bottles.



was born into fire sometime after the turn of the Twenty First century.

Her past before that matters not.

She eats.

Spins clubs.

Twirls staff.

And grills a wicked T-Bone.



She'La is a flexible DJ currently spinning under the Chicks in the Mix and Spundae banners.


CARMIN MONOXIDE me a drink, and I'll tell ya!



Little is known about Mr. Sin, and that's just the way he likes it. Suffice to say that he's never been convicted of a felony, although there's always hope. Mr. Sin really enjoys being sent free drinks by angry young Asian girls and bitter cynics who think men are no good (Mr. Sin hates to disappoint).

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