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January 2002

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Ruffin Prevost On Bill Cooper

Ruffin Prevost is the editor of Parascope

Aside from Charles Overbeck and also my dad (a longtime follower of para-politics and closet conspiracy theorist) William Cooper was the biggest single influence in getting me interested in the field. Some friends and I heard him while in college speaking on a local radio show, which got me tuning in to "The Hour of the Time" on shortwave, which in turn got me reading Behold, A Pale Horse. Say what you want -- and there's plenty to say -- about Cooper's credibility, or even his sanity, but it was his intense passion and jaw-dropping claims of the impossibly terrifying that got me hooked into conspiracy research.

Sadly, I haven't kept up with him very much at all over the past several years, except for learning bits and pieces now and then of what seemed like his steady slide into repetitive patterns of prevarication, inebriation and antagonistic confrontation. As for the specifics of his death, I read the account from the Apache County Sheriff's Department (which his web site confirms as accurate), and it sounds like they tried -- albeit in typical hamfisted manner -- to serve an arrest warrant for aggravated assault without it turning into an armed seige while he was in his house.

Perhaps the deputies' tactics (and maybe even their motivations) were less than optimum, but it's doubtful anyone would have died, cops or Cooper, if he had allowed himself to be booked and bailed out. He would have had the moral high ground at that point, and been in a better position (not the least of which includes being alive) to fight whatever nonsense the cops might have been harassing him with.

So much of what I heard from Cooper over the last few years was so full of bitter hatred and dreadfully paranoid animosity that it doesn't surprise me at all that it ended this way. He was always talking about going out guns-a-blazing. Live by the sword, die by the sword. Armed resistance (ostensibly in self-defence) is a last resort, and one I don't think Cooper had the moral authority to exercise in this instance. Jack-booted dramatics by overzealous cops in the name of self-aggrandizing power is never a good idea. (I don't know the details of Apache County's deputies, but Waco is a great example.) However, I don't think being a violent martyr over an aggravated assault warrant is such a great idea either.

If it was a bogus arrest, better to let it happen and then sue and use the publicity to expose the abuses of power. He would have better served his cause(s) if he had lived to speak, write and inspire another day. That's how Cooper got me started, and it's a shame he won't be doing anything like that ever again.

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