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April 2002

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The Steve Blake - Tim McVeigh Connection

Those of us who are college basketball fans at The Konformist were delighted to see the University of Maryland win the NCAA championship. (Konformist editor Robert Sterling was born in Silver Spring, Maryland.) But one thing that caught our eye was U of M playmaker Steve Blake.

Blake, it turns out, looks suspiciously like alleged Oklahoma City bomber Little Timmy McVeigh.

We suspect Timmy wouldn't be hugging like this on his visits to Elohim City.

Curiously, there are reports in conspiracy circles of Timmy having doubles, in order to set him up as the scapegoat.

Blake is a fairly good three-point shooter, which would qualify him as a "mad bomber".

Likewise, Lee Harvey Oswald had doubles of himelf which were used to set him up.

In fact, some people believe that Oswald was part of some bizarre CIA cloning operation.

Which leads to the question: is Steve Blake part of a diabolical CIA operation? And how does this effect the Terrapins' chances to repeat?

We're not sure, but here is a page dedicated to The Konformist new favorite college basketball star and Illuminati scapegoat lookalike.

Steve Blake Stats 2001-02

Games: 35

Minutes: 1153

Points-per-game: 8.0

Rebounds-per-game: 3.8

Assists-per-game: 7.9

Offensive Rebound: 20

Defensive Rebounds: 117

Total Rebounds: 137

Assists: 286

Steals: 56

Blocks: 16

Turnovers: 116

Personal Fouls: 72

Field Goals Made: 91

Field Goals Attempted: 238

Field Goal Percentage: .382

3 Point Field Goals Made: 44

3 Point Field Goals Attempted: 128

3 Point Field Goal Percentage: .344

Free Throws Made: 61

Free Throws Attempted: 74

Free Throw Percentage: .824

Points: 287

Season Point High: 21

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