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May 2001

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Jeff Canzona



New Book Contains New and Hidden Revelations about George W. Bush, John McCain, Columbine, the Cold War, Human Cloning, and CIA Drug-Running


New York, NY: You Are Being Lied To, edited by Russ Kick and published by Disinformation Books, is set to make headlines with its powerful mix of new information and buried revelations. Speaking directly to the majority of Americans who no longer trust their government and other powerful institutions, this huge book names the names and reveals exactly what's being kept from us. For example:

* President Bush once admitted that he might've met John Hinckley, the man who shot Ronald Reagan. Also, despite reports that Bush, as governor of Texas, never spared anyone from the electric chair, he did commute one lone death sentence--that of convicted killer Henry Lee Lucas, who murdered his own mother and violated her corpse.

* A former prisoner of war, John McCain seems a likely candidate to crusade for a full release of information about POWs and MIAs in Vietnam. As Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Sydney Schanberg reveals in You Are Being Lied To, McCain has actually led the fight to permanently seal all government records about the missing men, assuring that we'll never know the truth.

* Though we're told what supposedly happened during the Columbine massacre, the news articles published in the immediate aftermath tell a different story. You Are Being Lied To quotes the police as saying that many witnesses reported five to eight gunmen taking part in the shooting. Furthermore, the perpetrators supposedly killed themselves a few minutes after 12:00 PM, yet a Denver Post reporter on the scene wrote that, "By 3:45 PM, shots still rang out inside the school..."

* You Are Being Lied To cracks open the reams of Soviet files that were made available but are largely being ignored. The US government really was teeming with Soviet agents, including Alger Hiss and a US Congressman, from the 1920s through the early 1950s. In fact, a Vice President (Henry A. Wallace) sympathized with the Soviet Union and said that, if he became president, he would nominate two Cabinet members who--we learned much later--spent World War II giving classified information to Soviet spies. On top of that, Soviet sabotage teams hit targets along the US-Mexico border starting in 1966, and booby-trapped caches of weapons are still hidden around the US in preparation for a worldwide communist revolution.

* Stories about human cloning mention that such an event is certainly near, but 99.9% of them neglect to mention that humans already have been cloned (twice). You Are Being Lied To reveals exactly who did it, when they did it, and what they accomplished.

* Using neglected public records, You Are Being Lied To shows that the CIA itself has told Congress that it worked with and overtly supported individuals and companies involved in the drug trade. In at least one instance, the CIA has outright admitted that it shipped nearly a ton of cocaine to the streets of the US.

In addition to these revelations, You Are Being Lied To contains explosive information about terrorism, Alcoholics Anonymous, World War II, school textbooks, Kosovo, the Drug War, gay-teen suicide, and many other topics.

The unprecedented line-up of contributors includes Noam Chomsky, Michael Parenti, Douglas Rushkoff, Riane Eisler, Howard Zinn, Greenpeace cofounder Patrick Moore, Web pioneer Mark Pesce, Pulitzer-Prize nominee Judith Rich Harris, and Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporters Gary Webb and Sydney Schanberg, among literally dozens of others.

With 62 articles and 400 oversized pages, You Are Being Lied To To offers an unparalleled amount of groundbreaking secrets. No other book contains as much hidden, documented information.


For some early reviews please check out


You Are Being Lied To (ISBN 096641007-6) is published by Disinformation Books/RSUB and is distributed by Consortium Books. For a review copy or to interview You Are Being Lied To's editor, Russ Kick, please contact Jeff Canzona at (212) 798 6439 (tel.), (212) 473 3717 (fax) or


About The Disinformation Company:

As well as owning and operating the Web's leading alternative culture site, Disinformation (, recently nominated for a record fourth time for a prestigious Webby Award (, The Disinformation Company is the producer of the hit TV series Disinfo Nation (second season just concluded on Britain's Channel 4 network); and, with joint venture partner Loud Records, has released the definitive Moog Rock album "Best of Moog". The Disinformation Web site is a member of the critically acclaimed Razorfish Subnetwork (

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