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October 2001

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How to Fuck (with) Skull and Bones


Jaye C. Beldo



Has This Man Been Skull Fucked by Bonesmen?


One of the more unsavory occult organizations we should proactively attempt to subvert is the Skull and Bones society located at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. Revenantly speaking, the society's membership list includes such sleazy notables as Prescott Bush, Grandfather of CIA Director and U.S. "president" G.W. Bush. Apparently S and B is a spin off of an even older organization located in Germany and was imported back to America in the early 1800's by one General Russell of Opium smuggling fame. For more information on the Skull and Bones, including an extensive membership list, I recommend checking out the following website:

S and B's most famous transgression to date, indigenously speaking, has been the ransacking of Geronimo's grave at Fort Sill, Oklahoma and the hauling of the Apache Chief's skull back to headquarters in 1918 where it is used to this day in their perverted rituals in attempts to maintain occult control of the masses. There was even an attempt initiated by Ned Anderson, the Tribal Chairman of the San Carlos Apache tribe to have the skull returned to its rightful place, apparently to no avail. However it would be most heartening to see these efforts renewed and intensified.

Considering the pervasive degree of perversion involved, it is imperative that we investigate S and B using a form of proactive imagination, rather than the follow the well trodden paths of the usual fear and passive fascination based approaches to conspiracy. I would like to share a psychnique I originally devised over fourteen years ago called Integrative Dream Narration (IDN) as I sense that it is a most effective way of countering the malefic influence of secret societies such as the S and B. IDN combines the dreams of individual participants into a collective, ever evolving meta-narrative that has many symbiotic healing properties within it, once the dreamscape created through the psychnique is actively explored.

The spontaneous dream combinations IDN affords, enhance a sense of shared consciousness, group telepathy and a deepening of intuitive perceptions on many levels,which can then be responsibly applied in a variety of insightful, constructive, even entertaining ways. In IDN workshops conducted at such places as the Institute of Noetic Sciences, the Theosophical Society, Pathways, Unity Church and elsewhere, I have introduced into the imaginal dreamscape created through the merged dreams such spiritually entropic institutions as the CIA, Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House in Britain) Tavistock, the Heritage Foundation, PR agencies such as Burson Marsteller and Hill and Knowlton, as well as transnational media venues such as ABC and Time/Warner. IDN participants are then encouraged to use the barometer of the group intuition created through the merged dreams, as a means to see through the spin doctored smokescreens and other propaganda tricks perpetually generated by these institutions to distract us or keep us entranced and incapacitated to take any meaningful and effective action to counter their effects. Participants claiming they have little intuitive or psychic ability begin responding to the imaginal presence of these organizations in creative and empathetic ways, mostly beyond the scope of their own individual selves/egos. It is natural that the institutions that are investigated using IDN respond in a similar, empathetic fashion to such inquiries, although this may not be obvious at first. (it is recommended to try IDN as described in the above mentioned article before attempting to investigate occult organizations. See the link to the IDN article below). Cultivating such perceptive abilities helps ward off the negative effects of these institutions and the entities controlling them, which are basically founded on the same guarded principles and practices employed by the Skull and Bones and helps us reclaim our sense of self, essence, presence and most of all, integrity. Also such a creative approach to institutions encourages the strengthening of the aura around our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, essential to preventing psychic attack as well as warding off the astral Gestapo currently policing the lower astral plane of the conspiracy world in general.

For instructions on how to perform the IDN psychnique, please refer to the following article on the ViewZone website before reading what follows below:

Employing the IDN psychnique, I would like to now imaginally investigate the Skull and Bones society, not from any adversarial position which would only serve to perpetuate the illusion of dualism which privileges them to hide behind, but from the flexibly multiplex perspective which IDN so naturally encourages. For this session, I have chosen to integrate the dreams of some notable historical figures (I believe their dreams are now in the realm of Public Domain and can be freely used, but any one wanting to point out possible dream copyright infringement please contact me and I'll consult my Oneiro- Attorney).

Dreams used in Skull and Bones IDN

1. I experience strong winds blowing me away from a church building toward a group of people who don't appear to be affected by the gale.

2. ...the atoms were gamboling before my eyes. This time the smaller groups kept modestly in the background. My mental eye, rendered more acute by repeated visions of this kind, could now distinguish larger structures, of manifold confirmation; long rows, sometimes more closely fitted together; all twining and twisting in snake like motion. But loo! What was that? One of the snakes had seized hold of its own tail, and the form whirled mockingly before my eyes. As if by the flash of lightning I awoke....let us learn to dream, gentleman.

3. The rushing noise (of swiftly flowing water) formed itself into a musical sound, the chord of E Flat Major, whence developed melodic passages of increasing motion.

4. A tall man with a big red mouth appeared from the east. The solid earth bent under his steps as though it was a marsh. He said, "I have pity on you. You shall never live to see your own grey hairs, and those of your children. You shall never be in danger if you make yourself a war club such as I have and always carry it with you wherever you go. When you are in trouble, pray to me and offer me tobacco. Tobacco is what pleases me."


After writing down the above dreams, I then meditated on each one, not focusing on anything in particular but rather allowing what elements wanted to been seen/heard to come forth on their own accord. I then set a timer for ten minutes and spoke what came to me into a microcassette recorder without censoring. Here is the IDN story/dreamscape created, with virtually no premeditation, at least consciously anyway, through the above listed dreams. I recommend tuning into the following story intuitively, checking your physical body to see how it responds:


Tobacco is what pleases me. I smoke a pipe and listen to the rushing noise of swiftly flowing water. I look into the water and see atoms gamboling before my eyes. Across the bank I see a tall man with a big red mouth who appears from the east. The solid earth bends under his steps as though it was a marsh. He then points to the atoms and shows me that they are snakes twining and twisting. He points to a snake that seizes its own tail. The snake rises out of the water and spins, generating a musical sound . Several other snakes rise out of the water, developing melodic passages of increasing motion. The snakes sound a chord in E Flat Major. The man on the other bank sings in the same key, "You shall never live to see your own grey hairs and those of your children. " Behind my back I feel a strong wind blowing . I turn around and see that the wind is coming from a church building. A group of people standing near the church don't appear to be effected by the gale. at all. The wind drowns out the chorus in E Flat Major. The snakes let go of their tails and fall back into the water. I offer tobacco to the man with the big red mouth as he wades across the river towards me. He tells me that if I make a war club and carry it with me wherever I go, I won't be in danger. Just by thinking about it, a war club appears in my hands. I stand up, turn around, walk through the wind, past the group of people. I do not look at them. I go into the church building and there I see Prescott Bush holding the skull of Geronimo in his hands. I hold the war club up to him. He tries casting a spell on me. But a hologram of the entire lineage of the Bush family appears over his left shoulders, showing their obvious pedigree ties to Nazi Germany. The group of people walks into the church and sit in the backmost pews. Prescott climbs up on the altar, the snakes biting their tails appear again, spinning in mid-air. The chord of E Flat Major resonates through the church as if played through wind instruments The tall man with the big red mouth walks up to Prescott and says, "I have pity on you." I turn around and see the group of people, the entire Skull and Bones society past present and future. Yet, they are in shadows and I cannot see their faces. Only corporate logos on their lapels reflect the light coming through a north window. I no longer regard them with dread. A coffin is rolled out, Prescott still clutching the skull of Geronimo circles the coffin. I walk in and hand tobacco to Prescott. He drops the skull in the coffin. The tall man covers it with marsh earth. He wheels the coffin out and the snakes follow, spinning. The group of people are mortified. They've lost their prized possession. Prescott then circles around, imitating the snakes. G.W. Bush appears...he starts spinning out of control like a whirling dervish. Soon all the S and B members are spinning around, generating a multi-colored aura that permeates the church, much against their will. The E Flat Major chorus gets louder and louder. G.W. runs out of the church, catches up with the man wheeling the coffin towards the west. G.W. climbs in it and the coffin is nailed shut. It is deposited into the flowing waters and we watch it float down stream.


At this point, I check in with my physical body. I sense that I'm alert yet relaxed, not at all threatened by the imaginal presence of the S and B society I've invited into the dreamscape. Since they are, in a holographic sense, in this multiplex IDN matrix with its own undefinable, ever changing laws, they cannot control it with their usual means. The dream elements are too resilient, symbiotic and adaptable to various conditions. I believe we have within our unconscious minds such adaptogenic psychic properties which we can use to ward off the occult effects of Skull and Bones once we fully integrate them into our consciousness. I return to the narration:


G.W.'s coffin goes down stream and Wagner's Das Rheingold resounds throughout the river valley causing a rainbow to arch across the sky. I turn around and see that the church is gone. The Skull and Bones men are in a group shivering, naked, they work their way to the river, one by one and jump in. The timer beeps.

This concludes this ten minute IDN exercise. Thank you dream elements for allowing yourselves to be integrated into this dreamscape.


(I always thank the dreams for their cooperation and contributions)


I made sure to ground myself after coming out of the pleasantly altered state of consciousness brought on by the integrated dreams and the humorous reaction of the Skull and Bonesmen.

Shortly after writing the above, I felt myself being psychically attacked. I started thinking negatively about myself and others and couldn't concentrate on anything. I grounded myself once again and could feel the presence of a negative energy that tried plugging into my third eye, the Ajna chakra or 'command center' of consciousness. I found myself panicking a bit but then reached for my copy of Das Rheingold, put it on my Boom Box and cranked it. I grabbed my guitar and strummed an E Flat Major chord and imagined shattering the negative energy with the war club. The malefic miasma which surrounded me vanished instantly and I returned to a calm and relaxed state. It since then has not returned and I sense that my aura is strong enough to ward of the S and B creeps.

The above Integrative Dream matrix can be utilized in a nearly infinite number of ways when inquiry into the Skull and Bones or any other occult society, corporation, governmental institution, celebrity presence is desired. If you at all feel bothered by certain aspects of the Skull and Bones society or are under psychic attack from such an organization, imagine the card carrying members walking into the dreamscape created above and see what happens. You can even invite such entropic Free Radical entities as John Ashcroft, Dick Cheney and a plethora of other compassionate corrosives into the dream forum. Pay attention to how your body feels while doing this as it is the most reliable truth barometer you have. Call upon dream elements to help you out, especially if you feel you are under psychic attack from the lower astral plane forces that govern the occult policies of the Skull and Bones. Make sure you exit the dreamscape and dissolve the integrated dreamscape using your mind's eye prior to carrying on with your daily life.

By the way, here are the dreamers who so graciously offered up their dreams to be integrated into the healing IDN Matrix, in the same order as they appear above.


1. Rene Descartes


2. August Kekule


3. Richard Wagner


4. Dream of a Menonmini Indian after fasting for eight days


Another fun thing to try would be to invite the above dreamers into the dream matrix their individual dreams helped to create. See how they interact with the Skull and Bones men and what is revealed in terms of weakness and vulnerability once the menacing facade of these occult buffoons is torn away once and for all.


Jaye C. Beldo is a writer, intuitive counselor and activist. For more information on Integrative Dream Narration and how to participate, please contact him at:

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