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October 2001

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The Poetry of Cathy O'Brien


2002 Collection

Robalini's Note: Cathy O'Brien is probably the most famous alleged CIA sex slave ever, thanks to her autobiography Trance Formation of America. That said, she is (along with Brice Taylor) the most controversial. Controversial, because she names names and make allegations, most of which have yet to be publicly verified.

It is because of this controversy that Adam Parfrey of Feral House asked me to write an article for Apocalypse Culture II, titled "Uncle Ronnie's Sex Slaves". Likewise, it was this book which inspired a review of TFOA by Jaye Beldo for The Konformist.

Recently, Mark Phillips, the husband of Ms. O'Brien, had found out about the review by Beldo, and sent him an angry letter threatening to have him put in jail and sodomized. Naturally, neither Jaye nor myself were amused.

But after I cooled down a couple weeks later, I realized that Phillips was being flippant and perhaps a tad unwise, but I couldn't say it was something I would be too far above. I sent him an email offering to talk, and we soon did. (I would also speak to Cathy over the phone as well.)

One thing I did do was apologize for any negative characterizations I had personally presented in my writings. They are there, and you can read them, but I feel I should've asked him about the allegations against him before I wrote about him in any negative manner. To Mr. Phillips credit, he accepted my apology, and, more important, never asked it nor expected it.

I also offered to publish any writings of Cathy or himself he'd like to see in The Konformist. They have taken up my offer by including some poetry by Ms. O'Brien which follows below.

Needless to say, we welcome more information from Ms. O'Brien, Phillips or any of their supporters. At the time of the Beldo review or my piece in Apocalypse Culture II, I felt there wasn't enough skeptical criticism of note available on the subject of the books by O'Brien and Taylor. I can now safely say that is not an issue. I can only hope that others will then continue in informing the readers of The Konformist with various opinions on this (and other) subjects.

Dirt on Donkey Dick Cheney


Trance Formation of America: Mark Phillips Replies

Trance Formation of America: The Lone Nutter Replies To Mark Phillips

Choices come with free thought - something I'll never take for granted. Even after deprogramming the past, it took some time for my brain to be able to make choices since I had only followed orders for over a decade. Mark and I literally exercised my brain so that I could get past the "black hole" left in my brain from mind control so I could begin thinking on my own. (This is the kind of information we spoke out about to mental health- who earned educational credits listening to us speak- back in the early 90s.)

I really appreciate your expressed depth of insight and for caring to know about mind control. It has been a long and precarious process surviving to even reach this point, and I know you can relate to the difficult task of making truth heard above these tumultuous "daze" of deliberate misinformation. Compound that by the fact that we are revealing a truth folks don't want to believe anyway, and they'll find any excuse, diversion, superstition, etc. to close their eyes to the reality of mind control... until it hits home. Thank you for choosing to keep your eyes, mind and heart open ... and for understanding Mark's position under the circumstances. I am loved for who I am true-to-soul (pretty phenomenal all in itself for anyone!) and the absoulute love Mark and I share keeps him fiercly protective, made it possible for me to fully recover, and further validates my personal belief in universoul justice and balance! As discussed yesterday, truth can't come to light fast enough- it would have to be retroactive- and still we strive diligently toward that goal through every means possible. Those of us on the front lines of this mind war must stay focused on our goal rather than pointing at each other like the media conditions u.s. to do. Divided we fall. By being united in cause rather than by force makes a world of difference.

Following are a few of the many poems I've "vented" that certainly reflect the way I think now that I am free to think for myself. I look forward to meeting in person, and regret that finances have prevented it thus far. Hopefully folks will wake up and real-eyes that financial support of u.s. who have a voice will ultimately give voice to them.

Truth prevails and love wins allways,



Cause of Terrror

by Cathy O'Brien


Mind control is absolute

no free thought, will, or soul

terrorized into compliance

to do only as told.


Mind control's evolving with

advanced computerization

manufacturing terrorists

to erode our civilization.


Terrorists reflect a cause

that has no heart or soul

mind controlled and focused

to dehumanize our globe.


Kamikaze airplane pilots

following terrorist instruction

shook u.s. awake and to our knees

with death and mass destruction.


Bewildered by the inhumane

Americans are terror-eyesed

we learn our country's own secrets

on mind control when we ask "why".


We cannot counter terrorists

when we're kept in the dark

Let's bring mind control to light

and freedom to our heart.




by Cathy O'Brien


Sounds of silence fill the skies

and echo in my head

like a pause

for the cause

of thousands of u.s. dead.


Air traffic has ceased now

there is no airplane vibe

the only sound

is below ground

reverberating terror-eyes.


There's no cause for terrorists

there's no cause for war

at high cost

lives are lost

through means we can't ignore.


Mind control breeds terrorists

Terrorists breed mind control


is set free

by this truth they Need-to-Know.


Perspectives and priorities

change as truth's brought to light


terror dies

when the world, with cause, unites.



Collective Consciousness

by Cathy O'Brien


Collective consciousness will raise

as truth is brought to light

empowering people everywhere

with wisdom and insight.


When people lead, leaders follow

its time they step aside

and we emerge in peace and truth

and put aside false pride.


People all around the world

are seeking the same things

peace and love and happiness

that only wisdom brings.


There's strength in numbers and within

its time we find a voice

and stop the few from mass destruction

while we still have a choice.



There is No Box

by Cathy O'Brien


What may affect the future

could be passed as a present

since knowledge in a box

appears complete and pleasant.


But truth doesn't fit in a box

and still allow for us to grow

There is no box big enough

to hold all we Need-to-Know.


To package up our knowledge

and label it absolute

stops us from looking further

and growing with the truth.


Life is full of questions

answered with conclusions

that may lack crucial factors

and be drawn from masked illusions.


The first piece of a puzzle

won't reflect the whole

just as personal projection

won't always reflect the soul.


No one really knows it all

though some may think they do

They pack their thoughts up in a box

and present it "all" to you.


Keep your eyes and mind open

unchain mental locks

grow with increasing knowledge

and know there is no box.



Globally Correct

by Cathy O'Brien


The human condition

has been conditioned wrong

socially engineered

and divided all along.


Disjointed we are weaker

so refocus and connect

by Internet in cyberspace

as the new Globally Correct.


Drawing on our heritage

we each know something more

lets combine our wisdom

and learn what love is for.


With love there is no question

wisdom outthinks a criminal mind

its time to bring truth to light

and merge as humankind.


We're stronger than the elite few

who's social engineering plan

can e-merge into free thought free will

in a giant step for man.


Peace on earth, of life and mind

is natural evolution

for those attuned to love's vibe

as the global soulution.


Don't comply with New World Orders

connect through techknowledgey

be the new Globally Correct

and with love become free!



Peaceful Noncompliance

by Cathy O'Brien


Peaceful noncompliance

and alternate soulutions

will overcome war and strife

through natural evolution.


Stop social engineering

its easy to rise above

when we expand our vision

and look through the eyes of love.


Stop racial social violence

its really not our war

diversion and division

is what we've been conditioned for.


Stop genetic engineering

its gone on far too long

support the numerous scientists

who know its logically wrong.


Stop fighting in the name of God

when God is known as love

religious semantics

have controlled us long enough.


Stop the noise of HAARP's vibe

support scientists who care

Keep the CIA off drugs

if your really "dare".


Stop corporate domination

don't comply with their wealth

reclaim our right to free enterprise

our economy and health.


Stop the rape of Alaska

don't buy Bush-Cheney oil

support those who will provide

without exploiting our soil.


Stop global education

that's targeting our youth

by altering our history

let's reinstate the truth.


Stop injustice in our courts

before it is to late

lawyers use subliminals

to control and manipulate.


Stop terrorsts programmed with hate

terror begets mind control

this is a vicious cycle

that is threatening our soul.


Stop mind control in its tracks

by arming others with insight

Knowledge is our only defense

lets bring this truth to light.


Peaceful noncompliance

combined with viable soulutions

will place our leaders behind u.s.

through our conscious rEvolution.




by Cathy O'Brien


Overcome PTSD

through psychoLogical ways

heighten your awareness

and depart from terror's daze.


Beware of what you see and read

when trauma terrorizes

it's a known fact after trauma

your suggestibility rises.


Emotion dealt with logically

allows you to freely think

analyze what's going on

arm yourself with insight and blink.


Avoid repetitious programs

shut off TV and then

arm yourself with logic

by using paper and pen.


Shift emotion to logic

by writing out your pain

simply moving a pen uses

the logic part of your brain.


Blink and move eyes side to side

reassociate through math

even balancing a checkbook

will rebalance your brain's path.


Gather your wits and stay aware

strengthen true-to-soul

re-prioritize what counts

then study up on mind control.

arms you with wisdom to make sense

of these daze of mind control

-knowledge is our only defense.




by Cathy O'Brien


Intelligence without wisdom

provides insight with no soul

how can spies be above reproach

under mind control?


Intelligence agencies

mind controlled today

extend to our militaries

NSA and CIA.


Exisiting in the moment

robotically programmed

they can't think to judge their foe

or think to give a damn.


Programs under mind control

are always justified

by handlers who keep tallies

of how many spies survive.


Visual acuity

and having "no time to bleed"

equips our special forces

with combat survival needs.


Photographic memory

that spies can't think to bring to mind

serve to secure secrets

and leave their past behind.


With no conscious awareness

its hard to recognize

who's programmed for u.s. or them

and who will terrorize.


The only way to combat terror

is stop using mind control

free thought is a prerequisite

to look behind the eyes to soul.



Exert Evolution NOW

by Cathy O'Brien


The glitch is in the matrix

exert evolution now

learn to think past what to think

and evolve with knowing how.


How to think is mind expanding

what to think is what we're told

its time to think beyond the box

and rise above media mind control.


We've been socially engineered

for genocide through revolution

wisely rise above program

and exert peaceful evolution.


When people lead, leaders follow

it's truth that makes u.s. free

arms you with evolution's key.


(c) Cathy O'Brien

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