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June 2001

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Jenna Fine, Jenna Jameson, and now Jenna Bush.


The Jenna Jackoff Page

After five months of the George W. Bush "presidency", we at The Konformist have finally found something positive to say about this sorry excuse for a man: he sure has hot daughters.

There is no question about it, Jenna and Barbara Bush are two fine tartalicious babes. More important, they like to drink (as does at least one boy that Jenna has dated) and it appears that Jenna enjoys smoking pot as well. (No word on Babs, but we suspect she tokes up as well.)

Perhaps it's unfair to generalize, but as a good rule of thumb, girls who like to drink and smoke pot tend to be what is known as "good sports".

In a predictably hypocritical twist, the mainstream media has jumped on the tasty twins' problems with the law, reporting on their troubles with a voice of outrage, making their "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" routine into personal indictments of their character.

Dancing with Satan.

Of course, there is a story here: the zero-tolerance underage drinking law that has the foxy duo in Texas jeopardy was signed into law by Shrub himself, as part of his campaign to "restore traditional values" and "get tough on crime."

But it's one thing to fault George Jr. for his hypocritical and repressive laws, it's another thing to slam two young hot party girls. If the korporate media was as tough on Dubya for swindling an election as they have been on Jenna and Barbara, he never would've been able to steal the presidency.

So, we at The Konformist have had enough. We are declaring ourselves a "Bush Daughter Bash Free Zone" and promise not to have any comments critical of their behavior. In fact, we want to encourage them to drink and smoke pot even more. We believe that if they do that, they can encourage other young woman to do the same, and then they can become true role models.

Who knows? Maybe the girls can cash in on their notoriety and become bubblegum pop star pseudo-sluts like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. (As far as The Konformist is concerned, the Spears-Aguilera trend is one we can only hope doesn't die.)

But we see a glimmer of something even more in the eyes of Jenna. Perhaps it's just because her name is the same as two of our favorite porno sluts (Jenna Fine & Jameson), but Jenna seems ready to dive into something deeper, harder and nastier.

We can only hope that she will. It would be the perfect way for her to redeem herself and her evil genetic line, to declare herself free of the legacy of villainy which flows through her twisted DNA.

"Her non-evil genetics come from me!"

In the meantime, to encourage her to reject the Dark Side of the Force that her family represents, we have created this page in honor of both her and her sister. We encourage all readers to use these pictures to jack off to Jenna , and we encourage you to pass on the URL when you're through. Do your part to save the next generation of the Bush Klan. Oh yeah, and while you're at it, pass the vaseline.

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