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October 2001

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Heather is The Mole

Scott Rose

Based on my outstanding instinctive 1-for-1 ratio of picking out The Mole, I now state that after only one episode of the 2nd season of The Mole, I believe that Heather is The Mole.

Last season I picked out Kathryn as the mole BEFORE THE SEASON EVEN STARTED, just from reading her profile on the website that seemed like it was written by a professional production staff. This year, you can't tell from the profiles, so I'm basing it on what I saw in the first episode:

- There's no way that Heather would go off alone one-on-one and have private conversations all night with that fat chick, when she SHOULD be inside collecting data on everybody. The fat chick is stupid; Heather is not. Therefore, Heather (as a smart individual) would NOT RISK losing out on that crucial information -- unless she was the mole and had nothing to lose.

- Heather's heart rate never increased AT ALL on the tight rope event, showing that she was a calm as a cucumber b/c she had nothing to lose.

- When they first took off their blindfolds at the very beginning, Heather barely looked around the room at all -- she had no need to see who her competition was.

- Also at the very beginning, Heather was very quick to point the finger at a "natural leader" in the group -- she was trying "too hard" to fit in. Very subtle, but noticeable if you watch the very beginning.

- There was another moment near the end where Heather was "too eager" to fit in, and it just didn't strike me as genuine.

- In the opening montage of the players with their names/backgrounds, Heather has that "confident" look about her, as if she's part of the production... all the other players lack this. Once again, this is very subtle, but you can just tell that she's got that extra "sparkle" in her eyes that the other players do not.

These are my gut instincts -- and my gut instincts tell me that Heather is The Mole.

I'm sticking with that theory until I'm proven right! :p


Scott Rose

President, ScottWorld

Software. Speaking. Solutions. Since 1992.

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