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February 2001

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Heal On This

bush's opening acts show no attempt to "heal" nation


In Washington, "president" bush has recently been heavily engaged in a full-on "charm offensive" aimed to win over Democratic members of Congress; but voters and political organizers and leaders nationwide get their impressions about the new phony "president" largely from his actions and from news reports.

Around the country, all kinds of people, as well as politicians (especially those at state and regional/local levels), say they were taken aback by how rapidly "president" bush staked out his positions on several controversial and potentially divisive issues like abortion, school vouchers and a $1.6 trillion tax cut.

The incredibly close election of 2000, which usurper bush actually LOST, highlighted some sharp divisions in the U.S., which bush pledged to heal both during his campaign and in his inaugural address.

bush's move Monday to bar U.S. funds to international family planning groups involved with abortion and his order to review the government's approval of the RU-486 abortion pill caught MANY people's attention more than any of his false, wimpy and insincere comments about "UNITING" the country.

Certainly, Arizona state lawmaker Chris Cummiskey was surprised at the speed with which "president" bush brought up issues like abortion and school vouchers after his inaugural message on "HEALING" the country.

"The things you don't lead with if you're trying to build a bipartisan coalition is Roe v. Wade and school vouchers, said Cummiskey.

San Diego administrative assistant Kathleen Kenneally said Bush's first efforts to roll back abortion rights happened "way too quickly."

New Hampshire political organizer Kathy Sullivan said she's been hearing from people surprised by the "in your face" quality of bush's first days in office.

"Some people are saying he didn't run like this, ran more middle of the road, slightly to the right," said Sullivan, state Democratic chair in New Hampshire. "If they had read the stories and listened to him speak, they would have known what they were getting."

Some of the surprise and distress, particularly in Democratic circles, may have to do with the vast and INTENTIONAL discrepancy between bush's "aw-shucks" style and the actual CONTENT and INTENT of his utterances and positions.

"Bush got away with excessive abstraction," said Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader. "Nobody ever said, 'What do you mean when you talk about compassionate conservatives? What does it mean when you say you want to favor taxpayers?"'

Four in 10 Americans in several polls have consistently said Bush did not win the presidency legitimately.

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