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December 2001

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Black Sun

Book Review

Jaye C. Beldo



The transfixing qualities of Adolph Hitler's mystique have remained intact as evidenced by the plethora of hate groups around the world who still pledge total allegiance to the man. The perennial fascination with the failed tyrant covers a rather broad and dubious spectrum, ranging from the lofty, esoteric erudition of the Italian fascist mystic Julius Evola down to the more gutter level echelons of trailer trash White Power/Survivalist movements concentrated mostly in errant states such as Idaho. In spite of the presence of such a suspect bandwidth in which evil can manifest itself through a multi-varied bewilderment of cults, orders, and other related sectarian heresies, the fundamental trappings of Nazi inspired racism and its violent repercussions remain the same. In the book Black Sun by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, the author meticulously documents how the virus of Nazism has promoted itself using unconditionally willing hosts such as Hardcore Skinhead punk bands, various 'New Age' and Christian Identity groups, the World Wide Web, holocaust deniers, and various other cretinous conduits of the Quasi-Übermensch fringe. Clarke paints a most chilling picture of just how entrenched, networked and proactivated these groups are within the pathologized meshes of our social fabric. No longer are these renegade outcasts at odds with the majority of society (I recommend checking out the documentary Hate.Com or Blood in the Face if you think otherwise). Rather, they have insinuated themselves into various power structures, in unassuming and suavely clandestine ways. Their methods deserve the kind of unforgiving scrutiny that Clarke offers in his much welcome book.

According to some would be fascist hopefuls documented in Black Sun, Hitler is still alive in the Hollow Earth, hobnobbing with other Aryan underworld émigrés who tan themselves by taking advantage of the earth's inner sun. Others, nearly not quite as delusional opt for more street level strategies in which to worship their hero, like having 'most Aryan woman' contests and Aryan weddings (and hopefully nonstop Aryan funerals to come) to insure the continuance of the endangered master race into a much anticipated, post-mongrel future free of racial inferiors of all persuasions. Most intriguing in Black Sun is the authors exposé of Savitri Devi, the Hitler worshipper who was convinced that the Führer was a divine embodiment of Lord Vishnu, the Hindu God of preservation. After her visionary experiences of what she assumed was the Aryan avatar, she compelled herself to travel to India to have her convictions verified by a variety of suspect gurus more than willing to bolster her hopes of Hitler's inevitable, incarnational return. In fact, after the war, she traveled to various sites such as Hitler's Eagle's Nest retreat, Wewelsburg Castle (which housed Heinrich Himmler and the ilk of his inner SS) and other places as if they were holy pilgrimage sites. As I read the chapter describing the erroneous metaphysics of Ms. Devi, I intuited that she is trapped on the lower astral plane, as evidenced by her disturbed, discarnated presence flitting about in my living space, which seemed to be pleading for help. Many of these disembodied Aryans, from Heinrich Himmler to Dietrich Eckhart roam the lower astral plane and adhere to spiritually inept people, using them as vehicles in attempts to further promote their lost cause. When a person is in a state of suspended animation/fascination, they are more susceptible to being influenced by entities and other third rate, ethereal gutter snipes such as these. This certainly was/is the case with Hitler and his league of worshippers. In fact that was Hitler's role all along, in the esoteric scheme of things: merely to entrance and let the titanic powers do all the rest. A master of entertainment (the word literally means: to hold between two states) , Adolph not only spellbound a nation, but encouraged a form of mass demonic possession amongst its citizenry as well. Carl Jung recognized this phenomena in its basic form, but could have elaborated on his intuitive perception much further than he actually did. There were very few who had the ability to break free of the ongoing trance inducements during the holocaust. Only the spiritually, morally and intellectually evolved managed to escape the seductions intact.

In spite of such precarious allurements that these various hate groups and their leaders take advantage of, Clarke manages to keep his personal sanity intact via a patented kind of scholarship which enables him to maintain a safe distance from his subject matter. A wise strategy considering how easy it is to fall prey to Aryan promises of superhuman power and inevitable world domination no matter how skeptical one is. I found myself pouring over the photos in the back of Black Sun, depicting various hate mongers such as Matt Koehl, the Reverend William Butler and Miguel Serrano, the Chilean fascist poet who knew both Herman Hesse and Carl Jung. I found it hard to break free of the gravity of such fascinating icons as George Lincoln Rockwell who successfully enraged discontented, middle class whites with promises of an inevitable overthrow of the lesser races, races who threatened job security and available housing amongst other things. Francis Parker Yockey, another fascist albeit Ivy League charmer, who was arrested in the early sixties for his attempts to unite the extreme right in a most relentless, international fashion is also covered in Black Sun. (see the book, Dreamer of the Day by Kevin Coogan put out by the dubiously equivocal Autonomedia Press).

Black Sun should awaken us all to the real possibility of a fascist dictator coming to power in America, hiding behind the bland guise of a so called 'democratically elected' president. One only need to consider the degree of disorientation, fear and malaise amongst the American populace in the wake of the 9-11 tragedy, a strange socio-political brew very much similar to the one fermenting in Germany prior to the rise of Hitler, to see the likelihood of such a thing happening. Perhaps it already has. Fortunately, works such as the one offered by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke may very well keep such political aberrations as our current 'president' in much needed check.


©2001 Jaye C. Beldo

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