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November 2000

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Sat, 11 Nov 2000

Guerrilla Tarot and VoteScam 2000

Jaye C. Beldo

The Presidential 'election'that has just taken place is surely one of the most entertaining, enlightening as well as revealing political spectacles in recent history. For the astrologically inclined amongst you, take note that the elections held on November 7, 2000 occurred during the very last day of Mercury Retrograde, where said planet deviously reverses its orbit for three weeks and scrambles up communications in the most unexpected, exasperating ways. (BTW: Mercury goes retrograde three times a year).

Even though Mercury has now gone direct, George W. Bush is still reeling from its deletrious effects, already declaring himself to be the next president, denying the potentially nefarious scandal in the making which points to him and his campaign staff. In order to clarify the matter, I thought I'd try to air out the plethora of skeletons in the Bush family closet using the Guerrilla Tarot method. I recently drew the QUEEN OF SWORDS from the deck to assist in the investigation of VoteScam 2000. I sat quietly, took a few deep breaths and meditated on the profiled Queen holding her sword upright and glaring imperiously over an unknown landscape far beyond the right hand border of the 2 dimensional card. I imagined the entire George W. Bush campaign staff in front of the queen, albeit off stage of course, begging for an audience with her as if to get the British monarchy to intervene on their behalf. However, the QUEEN OF SWORDS, traditionally known as a rather cold, distant, commanding archetype used her sword as a kind of lightning rod. I saw sparks of lightning crackle over the campaign staff as if catalyzing them to be more and more receptive to the emerging truth at hand. George W. couldn't hide his perturbation very well. After he fidgeted around in response to the truth lightning, his head came off and the Queen then put her head on his shoulders. Apparently she wanted to experience George W.'s body politic before making a decision on how to proceed further.

In response however, the Queen's sword lightning intensified and I consciously directed the bolts into every computer, fax machine, telephone involved in the George W.'s headquarters, directing the lightning to CIA headquarters, which the Bush family has had life long ties to, the Skull and Bones society and to Jeb Bush's Governor's Mansion, as well as the entire state of Florida in hopes that this would quicken the revelatory process now in the making.

I then imagined the green light of compassion (heart chakra) beaming out of the sword's tip and surrounding the campaign staff. I immediately picked up on just how afraid these people are of their closet skeleton's petrified shit hitting the media fan and broadcasting (like fertilizer) throughout the land. I could see them trying to stand their ground, getting on the phone and calling their PR people, but to no avail.

I then imagined the Tiara butterflys crowning the Queen's head multiplying, migrating to Florida and fluttering around the Bush campaign headquarters to break up the negative energy surrounding the place. (the group aura as is known in intuitive circles). I found myself relaxing more, realizing intuitively that it will be very difficult for George W. and Co. to dodge VoteScam 2000. I then made sure to call the QUEEN OF SWORDS energy back into the card. At first she was reluctant to return, reluctant to turn the lightning that came out of her sword off. But with my insistence, she agreed to return to her stated place in the realm of the Minor Arcana.

Perhaps insights such as described above reveal that the real birth of the new millenium is in the making and that the rich and powerful families who have had control for so very long will once and for all be brought out into the open for us to scrutinize. It is up to us whether we want to scrutinize with the cold calculation of the QUEEN OF SWORDS or with a higher level of understanding, one in which we can integrate the compassion we have for those in our immediate families. Or perhaps a combination of both would be most beneficial in addressing the disturbing developments to come in the months ahead.

Jaye C. Beldo is a writer, counselor and intuitive activist. He can be reached at:

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